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What You Need To Know About CNC Machines

CNC Machine

Are you looking forward to DIY CNC machine kit plans or coming up with an idea to buy affordable new CNC machines at lower prices than used CNC machines for wood, metal, foam, stone, plastic, acrylic, leather, fabric, textile, glass with small business, home use, school education, hobbyists or industrial manufacturing? Check out the 2021 new CNC machine buying guide for CNC machinists, CNC machine operators, beginners, wood fabricators, metal fabricators, stone fabricators, foam fabricators, woodworkers, metalworkers, and stoneworkers, we'll offer you the best CNC machines of 2021 with expert customer CNC machining service to meet your custom CNC projects, ideas, and plans within your budget.

What Is A CNC Machine?

A CNC machine is a type of Computer Numerical Controlled machine tool with multifunctions of cutting, carving, engraving, milling, drilling, grooving, turning for hobbyists, small business, small shop, home business, home shop, school education, and industrial manufacturing. A CNC machine is composed of machine frame, CNC controller, spindles, gantry, CNC operating system, CNC software, motor, driver, T-slot table or vacuum table, ball screw, guide rail, power supply, collet, vacuum pump, limit switch, rack, and pinion. CNC refers to an idea of controlling a machine tool via computer instead of manually controlled by a machinist. New machine tools in CNC programming have enabled the industry to consistently produce parts to accuracies undreamed of only a few years ago. The same part can be reproduced to the same degree of accuracy any number of times if the CNC program has been properly prepared and the computer properly programmed. The operating commands which control the machine tool are executed automatically with high speed, high accuracy, high efficiency, and repeatability. A CNC machine is also known as CNC machinery, computer numerical controlled machine, computer-controlled machine tool, C and C machine, CNC machining tool, CNC kit, CNC maskiner, CNC equipment, CNC power tool, CNC cutter, digital machine, CNC cutting machine.

How Does A CNC Machine Work?

CAD: Computer Aided Design, that is, computer-aided design. 2D or 3D workpiece or stereo design.

CAM: Computer Aided Manufacture, that is, computer-aided manufacturing. Use CAM software to generate G-Code.

CNC: Computerized Numerical Control, CNC machine tool controller, read G-Code to start processing.

In modern computer numerical control systems, the design of workpieces highly depends on software such as computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). The computer-aided manufacturing software analyzes the design model and calculates the movement instructions during the processing. The movement instructions and other auxiliary instructions required during the processing are converted into a format that can be read by the numerical control system through the post-processor. The generated file is loaded into the computer numerical control machine tool for workpiece processing.

After inputting the program instructions into the memory of the CNC system, the computer compiles and calculates, and through the displacement control system, the information is transmitted to the driver to drive the motor to cut the designed parts.

Step 1, Design a 2D or 3D drawing via CAD software.

Step 2, Convert the CAD file into G-code via CAM software.

Step 3, Setup CNC kits.

Step 4, Start CNC programming.

Step 5, Start machining.

How Many Types of CNC Machine?

By type, there are 5 most common types of CNC machine that can be found in manufacturing: CNC milling machine, CNC router machine, CNC laser machine (laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser etching machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine), digital cutting machine, CNC lathe machine, CNC plasma cutting machine.

By end-use, there are two basic types of CNC machine: home CNC machines, hobby CNC machines (mini series, small series, benchtop series, desktop series, tabletop series, portable series), and industrial CNC machines (wood, stone, metal, foam, plastic).

By function, there are 10 common types of CNC machine: CNC cutting machine, CNC milling machine, CNC routing machine, CNC carving machine, CNC engraving machine, CNC turning machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC grooving machine, CNC sanding machine, and CNC nesting machine.

By material, there are many types of CNC machine: wood CNC machine, metal CNC machine, foam CNC machine, stone CNC machine, and so on.

How Much Does A CNC Machine Cost?

According to different machine configurations, you will get the CNC machine price range from $2,000.00 to $260,000.00. If you want to buy an used or new CNC machine overseas, the fee of shipping costs, tax, and customs clearance should be included in the final price. CNC router machine cost is from $2,580.00 to $150,000.00, CNC milling machine cost is from $3,000.00 to $120,000.00, CNC laser engraving cutting machine cost is from $2,400.00 to $260,000.00, CNC lathe machine cost is from $2,800.00 to $11,180.00, CNC plasma cutting machine cost is from $4,000.00 to $30,000.00.

What are CNC Machines Used For?

Computer numerical control is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical movements and working processes. Numerical control equipment is a mechatronics product formed by the penetration of new technologies represented by numerical control technology into traditional manufacturing industries and emerging manufacturing industries. Computer numerical control technology and equipment are the enabling technology and the most basic equipment for the development of emerging high-tech industries and cutting-edge industries. National defense industries such as the information industry, the biological industry, aviation, and aerospace in various countries around the world have widely adopted numerical control technology to improve manufacturing capabilities and levels and to improve their adaptability and competitiveness to the market. Industrialized countries have also listed numerical control technology and numerical control equipment as national strategic materials. They not only vigorously develop their own numerical control technology and their industries but also implement a blockade and restriction policy in terms of "highly sophisticated" numerical control key technologies and equipment. Therefore, the vigorous development of advanced manufacturing technology with CNC technology as the core has become an important way for the developed countries of the world to accelerate economic development and improve their overall national strength and national status.

CNC machine tools are mechatronics products that integrate mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics, and information technologies. It is a working machine with the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation, and high flexibility, stable and reliable processing quality in mechanical manufacturing equipment. The technical level of CNC machine tools and its percentage in the output and total ownership of metal CNC machine tools is one of the important indicators for measuring a country's national economic development and the overall level of industrial manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

Table Sizes2' x 2', 2' x 3', 2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 10', 6' x 12'
TypesCNC Router, CNC Laser, CNC Mill, CNC Plasma, CNC Lathe
FunctionsCarving, Engraving, Marking, Cutting, Turning, Drilling, Milling, Grooving
ApplicationsHobbyists, Small Business, Small Shop, Home Business, Home Shop, School Education, Industrial Manufacturing
Capability2D Machining, 2.5D Machining, 3D Machining
StylesMini, Small, Benchtop, Tabletop, Desktop, Handheld, Portable, Large Format
Price Range$2,000.00 - $260,000.00

Features and Advantages

The operation and monitoring are all completed in the CNC unit, which is the brain of the CNC machinery. Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machines have the following features:

1. Strong adaptability to the machining object and the characteristics of single-piece production of molds and other products, providing a suitable machining method for mold making.

2. High precision and stable quality.

3. CNC machine can run multiple coordinates linkage and can make parts with complex shapes.

4. When the machining parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, which can save production preparation time.

5. The CNC machine itself has high precision and high rigidity, and can choose a favorable processing amount and high productivity (generally 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machine tools).

6. The high degree of machine tool automation can reduce labor intensity.

7. Conducive to the modernization of production management. They use digital information and standard codes to process and transmit information, and use computer control methods, laying a foundation for the integration of computer-aided design, manufacturing and management.

8. Higher requirements for the quality of the operating personnel and higher technical requirements for the maintenance personnel.

9. High reliability.

Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machines have the following advantages.

1. Highly flexible.

The machining parts of CNC machine tools depend on the CNC program. It is different from ordinary machine tools. It does not need to be manufactured. Many molds and fixtures need to be replaced. It is not necessary to readjust the machine tool frequently. Therefore, it is suitable for the occasion where the processed parts are frequently replaced, that is, suitable for the production of single parts, small batch products and the development of new products, thereby shortening the production preparation cycle and saving a lot of cost of process equipment.

2. High processing accuracy.

The machining accuracy is generally up to 0.05-0.1MM. They are controlled in the form of digital signals. When the CNC device outputs a pulse signal, the moving parts of the machine tool move a pulse equivalent (generally 0.001MM) The reverse error of the transmission chain and the average error of the screw pitch can be compensated by the CNC device, so the positioning accuracy is relatively high.

3. The processing quality is stable and reliable.

Processing the same batch of parts, using the same tool and processing program under the same machining conditions, under the same processing conditions, the tool path of the tool is exactly the same, the consistency of the parts is good, and the quality is stable.

4. High productivity.

CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the processing time and auxiliary time of the parts. The spindle sound speed and feed range are wide, allowing the CNC machine to perform powerful cutting with a large cutting amount. They are entering the era of high-speed machining. The rapid movement and positioning of moving parts and high-speed cutting processing have greatly improved productivity. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the tool magazine of the machining center to realize the continuous processing of multiple processes on one machine tool, reducing the inter-process turnaround time of semi-finished products and improving productivity.

5. Improve working conditions.

CNC machine is adjusted before processing, enter the program and start, the machine tool can automatically and continuously process until the end of the process. All the operator needs to do is input, edit, load and unload parts, prepare tools, observe the machining status, and inspect parts. The labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the labor of machine tool operators tends to be intellectual. In addition, machine tools are generally combined to be both clean and safe.

6. Take advantage of the modernization of production management.

The processing of CNC machine tools can accurately estimate the processing time in advance, the tools and fixtures used can be standardized, modernized management, and it is easy to standardize the processing information. It has been organically combined with computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). It is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

How to Buy A New or Used CNC Machine?

1. Consult:

We will recommend the most suitable wood CNC machines or metal CNC machines to you after being informed by your requirements.

2. Quotation:

We will offer you with our detail quotation according to the consulted computer numerical controlled machine tool. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and the affordable price.

3. Process Evaluation:

Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details (specifications, technical parameters and business terms) of the order to exclude any misunderstanding.

4. Placing an order:

If you have no doubts, we will send the PI (Proforma Invoice) to you, and then we will sign a contract with you.

5. Production:

We will arrange the CNC machine production as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and informed to the buyer during the production.

6. Quality Control:

The whole machine production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete CNC machine will be tested to make sure they can work very well before out of factory.

7. Delivery:

We will arrange the delivery as the terms in the contract after the confirmation by the buyer.

8. Custom Clearance:

We will supply and deliver all the necessary shipping documents to the CNC machine buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.

9. Support and Service:

We will offer professional technical support and free service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.

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