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Fiber Laser Engraver Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to DIY a fiber laser engraver kit or coming up with an idea to buy an affordable fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel, aluminium, silver, gold, titanium, platinum, tungsten, brass, carbide, chrome, nickel, copper, plastic, polymer, silicon, rubber, ABS, PBT, PS, fiberglass, leather, ceramic, carbon fiber, tungsten, carbide, and more materials in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India or other countries from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania? Review 2022 best fiber laser engraver buyer's guide for machinists, operators and beginners, we'll offer you 2022 cheapest fiber laser engraving machines with expert customer service to fit your business plans & projects.

What Is Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber laser making machine is a new type of CNC laser engraving system that uses fiber laser generator to etch a permanent mark on 2D & 3D surfaces of metals, nonmetals, and metalloids, which is used in hobbyist, small business, small shop, home use, home business, school education, commercial use, and industrial manufacturing. It uses a high-energy 1064nm laser beam to remove excess parts on the surface of the substrate and engrave permanent photos, patterns, or text. Its professional for fine metal engraving with high precision, high quality, and high speed. With a rotary attachment, it can etch on cylinders such as pens, rings, tools, cups, mugs, and tumblers. With the MOPA laser source, color engraving can be performed on stainless steel and titanium. The higher laser power allows deep engraving of metals and even cutting of thin metals.

How Does Fiber Laser Engraver Work?

A fiber laser engraver is an automatic laser marking machine composed of bed frame, laser generator, power supply, computer control system, field lens scanning system, galvanometer scanning system, laser head, beam combiner, focusing system, laser software, control card, red light indicator, power filter, and more parts & accessories. The laser generator emits a laser beam to galvanometer scanning mirror. Combined with marking software, the generator and scanning galvanometer will start to engrave permanent patterns, texts, photos, or your custom designs on the surface of an object.

The working principle is that a laser beam with extremely high energy density is irradiated to the surface of the substrate to be marked under the control of a computer, and the desired pattern or text is ablated.

Optical fiber lasers have become a hot topic in laser physics research in recent years. The laser generator is composed of a working medium and a pump source enclosed in a pump cavity. The pump source "pumps" the working medium from the energy ground state to the excited state.

The laser generator introduces the 1064nm high-power laser directly into the processing surface through a soft single-mode fiber with a sheath, and the spot size after collimation and focusing reaches tens of microns or less, which is close to the diffraction limit. It can be used for marking, etching, burning, printing, or engraving various materials.

Technical Parameters - Specifications

Laser SourceFiber Laser
Laser GeneratorIPG, Raycus, JPT
Laser Power20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 100W
Marking MaterialsMetals, Nonmetals, Metalloids
TypesHandheld, Portable, Desktop, Mini, 3D, MOPA, Flying
Price Range$3,500.00 - $28,500.00

How Much Does A Fiber Laser Marking Machine Cost?

If you want to buy an optical fiber laser engraving machine, you may wonder how much does it cost? how to get a final price?

Based on different machine configurations, you will get the fiber laser engraver cost from $3,500.00 up to $28,500.00. The 20W laser costs from $2,600.00 up to $6,800.00. The 30W laser costs from $2,900.00 up to $9,800.00. The 50W laser costs from $3,800.00 up to $11,800.00. The 60W lasers cost from $5,200.00 up to $12,800.00. The 100W lasers cost from $19,800.00 up to $22,000.00. The costs of MOPA types start from $4,200.00. The prices of 3D types start from $8,000.00. The mini handheld types are priced from $3,000.00 to $9,000.00. The portable types are priced from $2,800.00 to $8,800.00. The desktop types are priced from $2,900.00 to $13,800.00. The industrial online flying types are priced from $2,600.00 to $5,600.00. If you have an idea to buy a fiber laser marking system overseas, the fee of customs clearance, tax, and shipping costs should be included in the final price.

Parts & Accessories

A fiber laser engraver uses the light beam as the medium, which features with good heat dissipation, high power, and fast speed. It uses an air-cooled laser diode as a pump source, which enables pulsed and continuous engraving, and is easy to use. However, do you know how many parts & accessories are needed to assemble it?

1. The laser generator is the component that generates the light beam, which uses a rare-earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium, so it is the core part of the engraver. It is used in a wide range of applications including marking, engraving, etching, cutting, welding and cleaning. The most common fiber laser brands on the market are JPT, Raycus and IPG.

2. The galvanometer is designed according to the ammeter, and the lens is used instead of the needle. The most common galvanometer is the 10mm spot.

3. Field lens is also known as F-θ lens, scanning lens, focusing lens or scanning lens, which is used to focus the light beam from the galvanometer on a plane.

Tips: When purchasing field lens, you should pay attention to indicating the marking range, and determine according to your own needs.

4. The marking card is also known as the control card, which is used to convert the text or pattern designed in the computer into analog signals or digital signals, and then transmit them to the galvanometer.

5. The red light indicator (red light pen) is used to indicate the light path and is installed in the red light beam combining frame.

6. The beam combiner (laser combiner) is used to overlap the visible 650nm laser with the invisible 1064nm laser, so the light of 1064nm is at the position indicated by the red light of 650nm.

7. If an engraver is compared to a house, then the control cabinet is the frame of the house, and all other accessories are installed in the house.

8. The industrial computer is a common PC in the market. Because the marking card adopts a USB interface, you can also use a laptop as an industrial computer, which is an important reason why it can be made into a portable engraver.

In addition to those listed above, there are also power supplies, master power control boxes, red beam combiner frames, and some optional accessories such as rotary attachment, XY moving table, conveyor belt.

Pros & Cons


Typically, a laser marking system consists primarily of a highly flexible, controllable laser source coupled to a high-speed, precise motion system through software and hardware. In addition to being able to engrave, it also has machining capabilities such as cutting, drilling, polishing, scribing, and scraping.

Compared with the inkjet method, the laser marking system is more environmentally friendly and economical. The long-lasting marking will not be easily erased. The non-contact and non-destructive marking will not damage the substrate. The printing accuracy is precision. The long service life is more than 100,000 hours with continuous engraving. The cutting speed is high with low operationg costs, and a 2D code can be completed in less than 1 second. There is no obvious touch on the top, manual operation is easy and fool-like engraving.

1. Fiber laser technology will meet a variety of metal and non-metal materials. In particular, it is more advantageous to mark materials with high hardness, high melting point, and brittleness.

2. It is a non-contact engraving tool with good marking quality, no damage to the substrate, no mechanical tools required.

3. The light beam is thin, the marking material consumption is small, and the marking heat-affected zone is small.

4. High engraving efficiency, high speed, computer control, easy to use and realize automation.

5. The best way to engrave metals without mechanical tools.

6. Low operating costs with higher cutting speeds.


The marking area is too small to do large-format engraving, and it is not as professional as CO2 laser in marking non-metals such as wood, cloth, plastic, acrylic, glass, crystal.

Novices or beginners like to stare at the marking process. Long-term staring is harmful to the eyes and tingling. Most manufacturers will provide appropriate eye protection glasses. The harmful element (ZnSe) in the focusing lens should not be in constant contact with the lens. The discarded lens should be specially disposed of, and should not be thrown away.

What Are Fiber Laser Engravers Used For?

Fiber laser marking machines are widely used in all walks of life, as long as they need to be marked.

From an industry perspective, these types of engravers are widely used in computer accessories, integrated circuit chips, clocks and watches, industrial bearings, electronic components, auto parts, aerospace devices, home appliances, molds, wires and cables, hardware tools, food graphic and text markings in jewelry, packaging, credit card, military, tobacco, and more fields, as well as industrial mass production, assembly line production, and high-end ultra-fine printing.

From a functional point of view, it can do:

1. Black Marking on Alumina.

This adopts MOPA laser generator with an adjustable pulse width to mark black on alumina.

2. Color Engraving on Metal.

This requires some adjustments and attempts on the parameters according to the material. Various colors can be printed on stainless steel.

3. Black Marking on Metal.

Not to mention this, it's almost the same as the second point.

4. Online Flying Marking.

What does this mean, that is to combine the engraver with the assembly line, marking while feeding, so that we can greatly improve our work efficiency for production lines, for some needs to be placed on the assembly line marking is an absolute boon for marking items that are generally inconvenient to move manually.

5. Portable Marking.

This type of engraver is small and does not take up space, which can meet the basic marking needs. For customers with low marking requirements, the portable marking machine is very suitable.

In general, fiber laser engravers are loved by all walks of life for its price and usage cost, efficient production capacity, and powerful functions. I believe that in the near future, the marking opportunities will be more popular. The industry is even accepted and applied by the general public.

How To Use A Fiber Laser Engraver?

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand and use optical fiber laser engraver in various industries. But for people who are new to this type of engraver, they may not even be able to operate the most basic "turn on" operation. Although most manufacturers can provide machine training, there are some who do not provide training, or are workers who have been transferred to the position of operating this equipment, so let me explain the most basic operation method for everyone.

Just enter the text or pattern to be marked in the software of the engraving system, confirm the size of the marking, the running speed of the light beam and the number of repetitions so that the engraver can mark a beautiful pattern. We can design 2D codes and barcodes for the patterns required in marking, or import them through digital cameras and scanners. Of course, we can also download floor plans from the internet. Use these patterns to convert into digital signals, and then convert them into current control signals after CNC programming and calculation, and then input them into the driver to form the corresponding control signals and control the high-precision servo motor operation through the D/A card, and then control the X-direction and Y-direction separately. The galvo mirror deflects the viewpoint to engrave the desired pattern.

Step 1. Turn on the main control box of the machine.

1.1. Correctly connect the laser and control card and power supply, turn on the power switch.

1.2. Turn on the key switch of the main control box.

1.3. Ensure that the emergency stop switch is not turned on (that is, the switch bounces up, which is a self-closing state).

1.4. Turn on the power switch of the control box.

1.5. Start the computer and turn on the computer monitor.

1.6. Start the power switch of the control galvanometer.

1.7. Start the red light switch.

1.8. Open the software in the computer to adjust the relevant parameters of the software for marking. At this time, ensure the working focal length (that is, the distance from the working to the marking head).

It should be noted that if you do not turn on the key switch of the control box first, the galvanometer and the red light will not respond if you press it.

Step 2. Brief Guide of laser software adjustment.

2.1. Generally, when using the machine, the user only needs to adjust the "speed"/"current"/"frequency" in the parameter column.

2.2. Marking speed: the speed required by the user.

2.3. Laser Power: Set the percentage power from 1% to 100% adjustable by software.

2.4. Frequency: Set the laser output frequency to 10 to 100 KHZ through the software.

How To Buy A Fiber Laser Engraver Online?

When you are considering to purchase a new or used fiber laser engraver from the internet, you need to make all the critical steps in your online buying process from the researching & shopping process. Here are 10 easy-to-follow steps on how to buy a fiber laser engraver online.

Step 1. Plan Your Budget.

Before you shop an engraver online or in any way, you should make a budget plan. It's hard to make your choice if you have no idea on what you can afford.

Step 2. Do Your Research.

After you plan your budget, you need to understand what is the right engraver for yourself? What will you use it to do? Once you assess your needs, you can compare different dealers and models by checking expert reviews online.

Step 3. Request A Consult.

You can consult with our sales manager online, and we will recommend the most suitable laser marker to you after being informed by your requirements.

Step 4. Get Free Quotation.

We will offer you with our detail quotation based on your consulted engraver. You will get the best specifications and the affordable price within your budget.

Step 5. Sign A Contract.

Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details (technical parameters, specifications and business terms) of the order to exclude any misunderstanding. If you have no doubt, we will send you the PI (Proforma Invoice), and then we will sign a contract with you.

Step 6. Build Your Machine.

We will arrange the machine making as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about building will be updated and informed to the buyer during the manufacturing.

Step 7. Inspection.

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be inspected to make sure they can work very well before out of factory.

Step 8. Shipping.

Shipping will start as the terms in the contract after your confirmation. You can ask for transport information at any time.

Step 9. Custom Clearance.

We will supply and deliver all the necessary shipping documents to the buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.

Step 10. Support & Service.

We will offer professional technical support and free customer service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also offer door-to-door service in some areas.

Care & Maintenance

A fiber laser engraving machine has a solid work table, high load-bearing capacity, and is sturdy and durable. The profile-type integrated lifting frame is strong and stable, and has strong seismic performance. It has strong versatility and is suitable for use in any industry. It has its own scale and ruler, and the marking and positioning are simple and accurate. It can realize continuous and uninterrupted marking in a large range.

The location environment of the machine should be clean, free of dust and oil, vibration and electromagnetic interference, and leave a certain space for operation and maintenance. The ambient temperature should be controlled at 5-35°C, and the humidity should not be greater than 65%, otherwise an air conditioner must be installed. The power supply capacity and wire of the machine must meet the equipment requirements, the voltage fluctuation should not be greater than 10%, and there should be a reliable grounding wire. Machines using cooling water should ensure that the water quality of the cooling water is clean. It is best to use pure distilled water or deionized water for cooling water, but for semiconductor lasers, pure distilled water should be used instead of deionized water, and the cooling water should be replaced once a month.

During operation, if the engraver can be well protected, its service life can also be extended. The following tips will help you to understand how to maintain it in daily use.

1. Laser scanner maintenance: Clean the guide rails with gasoline regularly, and add appropriate amount of lubricating oil after drying. It is recommended to do this work once every two weeks.

2. CNC controller maintenance: After turning off the power of the controller, open the outer cover of the box, and use clean air for friendship games to blow away the dust inside. Pay more attention to the dustproof work on the outside of the chassis.

3. Computer maintenance: After the computer runs for a long time, a large number of junk files will also be generated in the system. If it is accumulated for a long time without cleaning, it will directly affect the normal operation of the software.

4. It is necessary to ensure the air circulation around the machine to avoid the problem of overheating.

5. Do not move the machine while marking, as this will damage the service life of the engraver.

6. When the engraver fails to work, you need to turn off the power first to avoid problems with the power switch, resulting in unstable voltage or excessive current, and damage to components such as generators.

7. When the engraver is not in use, please cover it with a hood. Remember to cut off the power supply. It is recommended that the bottom of the machine be cushioned to prevent flooding.

8. After each marking project is completed, the workbench of the machine needs to be covered to prevent the lens from being contaminated and affecting the light beam, which will lead to insufficient laser energy and affect the quality of marking.

9. If the project that is engaged in laser marking will cause dust, it is best to equip a vacuum cleaner, because once the dust is attached to the focusing lens, it will affect the laser power and energy output, affect the quality of marking, and even cause the lens to break due to excessive heat absorption, so if you find that the marking effect is not good, you should check the problem of the lens first, and clean it once it is found to be contaminated.

In order to allow users to better use the fiber laser engraver, and extend the service life of the laser marking machine at the same time, inspection, care, and maintenance should be carried out on time.

Fiber Laser Engravers for Sale

(20 Items)

50W Fiber Laser Deep Engraving Machine for Metal


$3800.00 - $4200.00

Deep laser engraving machine for metal with 50 watt fiber laser source is the best way for deep engraving metal (guns, firearms, parts, tools, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass) and nonmetal surface. The fiber laser engraving system can also cut thin metals. Now the fiber laser metal engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

Affordable Fiber Laser Engraving Machine for Color Marking


$4200.00 - $5800.00

Affordable fiber laser engraver for color marking is designed to etch black, white, grey, and colors on metals of stainless steel, titanium, and chromium. Now the best rotary color laser engraving machine for sale at cost price.

Portable Laser Marking Machine with JPT Fiber Laser Source


$2800.00 - $4000.00

Portable laser marking machine with JPT fiber laser source is used to engrave tools, parts, jewelry, watches, phone case, keypad, rings, tags, electronic components with metal and plastic. The portable JPT laser marking system is compact and easily carried or moved like the handheld type, now the portable fiber laser marking system for sale at affordable price.

Laser Marking Machine with CCD Visual Positioning System


$7800.00 - $9000.00

Looking for a laser marking system for mass production with diversified and complex projects? Review this guide to 2022 best laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system. You will get an affordable fiber laser engraver with best budget.

2022 Best Laser Engraver for Gun Stippling & Grip Texturing


$3800.00 - $11000.00

2022 best budget laser engraver for gun stippling and grip texturing is equipped with IPG fiber laser generator for 2D/3D color engraving or deep engraving on gun grip, PMAGs, gun barrel, gun stock, gun magazine, gun magazine holder, gun muzzle, and gun cylinder of metals, carbon fibers, polymer plastics. Now the best fiber laser gun engraving machine for sale at affordable price with 24/7 customer service and support.

Top Rated 3D Laser Marking Machine for Surface Texturing


$14500.00 - $18600.00

2022 top rated 3D laser marking machine for surface texturing is a type of 5 axis laser texturing system used for etching on various 3D curved surface, and mold textures deep engraving. Now the 3D fiber laser marking machine for sale at cost price.

Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20W/30W/50W/100W


$3000.00 - $9000.00

Mini handheld laser marking machine with 20W/30W/50W/100W fiber laser source is small and portable to be operated while being held in the hand for engraving metal, plastic, leather, alloy, jewelry, medical devices, mobile case, electron components, and more plans. The handheld fiber laser engraver is portable with mini size. Now the portable handheld mini laser etching system for sale at affordable price.

Color Laser Marking Machine with MOPA Fiber Laser Source


$5000.00 - $6800.00

Color laser marking machine with MOPA fiber laser source is used to engrave white, black, grey and colors on metals of stainless steel, chromium, and titanium. Now the best MOPA laser marking system for sale at cost price.

3D Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment for Sale


$8500.00 - $11000.00

Dynamic focusing 3D fiber laser engraver with rotary attachment is used to etch & engrave on 3D curved surface of metals and nonmetals. Compared with the ordinary fiber laser engraving machine, it can make rotary engraving and 3D embossing projects. Now the best 3D rotary laser engraver for sale at affordable price.

100W IPG Fiber Laser Metal Engraver Cutter for Silver, Gold, Copper Jewelry


$19800.00 - $22000.00

100W IPG fiber laser metal engraver cutting machine is used to make personalized jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches, cufflinks and other personal ornaments with stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, alloy, silver, gold with names, logos, signs, letters, numbers, patterns or photos. Now the best metal laser cutter engraving machine for sale at an affordable price within your budget.

2022 Top Rated Deep 3D Laser Engraving Machine for Sale


$4800.00 - $6200.00

2022 top rated 3D laser engraving machine with fiber laser source is especially used for deep etching to realize the 3D surface of metal & nonmetal, and the 3D laser engraver has enclosed structure for safe protection. Now the affordable 3D laser etching machine for sale at low price.

Desktop Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal & Polymer Plastics


$2900.00 - $6800.00

Desktop fiber laser engraving machine is a deep laser marking system for stippling metal, polymer plastics, which is a laser etching machine to personalize, customize or DIY credit cards, PMAGs, guns, signs, parts, tools, arts and crafts.

2022 Best Pen Laser Engraving Machine for Sale


$3000.00 - $4500.00

Looking for a pen laser engraving machine for pen blanks, metal pens, acrylic pens, wooden pens, and more pen making projects? Review the 2022 best laser engraver for pens with industrial assembly line production, and buy a laser pen marking machine to start your business with pen engraving plans.

2.5D Fiber Laser Engraver for Relief Engraving with EZCAD3


$6500.00 - $7800.00

2.5D fiber laser engraver is a relief laser engraving system based on 2D laser marking machine, which is equipped with motorized Z axis auto focus system and EZCAD3 software to make metal relief engraving projects.

2022 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraver with XY Moving Table


$6600.00 - $8200.00

2022 best budget fiber laser engraving machine with XY axis moving table is used to DIY, custom, personalize, repair or refurbish iPad, iPhone, and mobile business, you can engrave numbers, letters, signs, logos, names, patterns, or IMEI on the shell, case, accessories, or parts of iPhone, iPad, and more mobiles and pads.

Online Flying Fiber Laser Marking System for Parts & Tools


$2600.00 - $3600.00

20W online flying Raycus fiber laser marking system is used for marking on the fly (MOTF) in industrial mass production and assembly line production with metal parts, tools, tags, signs, wire, electron components. Now the online flying industrial fiber laser printing system for sale at affordable price.

Rotary Fiber Laser Engraver for Cups & Tumblers on Sale


$5200.00 - $6800.00

2022 best rotary fiber laser engraver is a new type of MOPA laser marking system with rotary attachment to DIY custom patterns with black, white, colors on cups, mugs, and tumblers made of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass, gold, silver, and plastic.

Cheap Fiber Laser Engraver with Cyclops Camera System


$4000.00 - $4500.00

30W cheap fiber laser engraver for intelligent mark positioning (IMP) with cyclops camera system is a new type of technology for laser marking system. The image from the camera can be displayed on laser marking software in the computer. Now the cheapest 30W fiber laser etcher for sale at cost price.

On-The-Fly Industrial Fiber Laser Marker for Assembly Line


$3800.00 - $4600.00

Online flying industrial fiber laser engraver is designed for marking on the fly (MOTF) in mass production with assembly line of parts, tools, crafts, pens, knives, tags, wire, and signage, review On-The-Fly industrial fiber laser marking system to meet your custom engraving plans, ideas and projects.

Hobby Fiber Laser Engraver for Small Business, Home Shop


$4800.00 - $11800.00

Hobby fiber laser engraver with full enclosed cover to keep the smoke in the protection case for health and safety. 2022 best hobby laser engraving machine has advantages of healthy, environmental and user friendly, which is suitable for small business and home shop.

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