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Affordable Stone CNC Router Machines for Sale

Last Updated on Jan 09, 2024 at 00:05:26

A CNC stone router machine is a fully automatic computer-controlled machine tool capable of carving and cutting marble, granite, ceramics, ink-stone, jade, headstone, tombstone, artificial stone, glass, quartz, blue stone, natural stone to make cabinets, arts, crafts, inscription, Buddhas statues & sculptures. It is compatible with a variety of CAD/CAM design software. It is equipped with professional router bits and a bidirectional tool cooling system to effectively improve tool lifespan. It adopts computer numerical control system to realize 3D dynamic simulation display. It can do stone lettering, relief carving, shadow carving, line carving, stone cutting, and stone hollowing in home improvement, advertising, and industrial decorations.

Table of Contents

CNC Stone Cutting & Polishing Machine for Granite & Marble
4.9 (39)
$32,800.00 - $36,800.00

CNC stone cutting & polishing machine is used for cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone, granite, marble carving, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving.
4 Axis CNC Bridge Saw for Kitchen Countertops & Vanity Tops
5 (2)
$14,800.00 - $17,800.00

Need a CNC bridge saw to cut quartz, granite, marble to make custom kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops? Buy this 4 axis bridge saw stone cutting machine.
5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Bridge Saw for Granite & Marble
4.8 (29)
$29,800.00 - $30,800.00

5 axis CNC stone cutting bridge saw is an automatic infrared stone cutter to make custom slabs and countertops for kitchen & bath with granite, marble, quartz.
4+1 Auto Stone CNC Bridge Saw for Sink Cutout In Countertop
4.8 (8)
$15,800.00 - $21,800.00

Need an automatic sink cutter for countertops? Review this 4+1 stone CNC bridge saw for bathroom & kitchen sink, stove, faucet hole cutouts of quartz, granite.
2x3 Desktop Small CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale
4.9 (30)
$2,800.00 - $3,500.00

STS6090 2x3 desktop small CNC stone carving machine is used for engraving stone, marble, jade, wood, acrylic, metal. Now the desktop stone CNC machine on sale.
New Design Stone CNC Machine for Marble, Granite and Quartz
4.8 (72)
$5,000.00 - $9,800.00

New design affordable stone CNC machine STS1318 is used for carving & cutting marble, granite, and quartz. Now the CNC stone router for sale at low price.
Best Budget Affordable 3 Axis 4x8 Stone CNC Router for Sale
4.8 (52)
$6,680.00 - $9,980.00

Best budget affordable 3 axis 4x8 stone CNC router is used to carve marble, granite, blue stone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, headstone.
2023 Best 5x10 CNC Stone Carving Machine for Sale
4.9 (25)
$7,000.00 - $9,000.00

2023 best 5x10 CNC stone carving machine STS1530 is the best choice for the owner in the business of stone machining, decoration, sign making, woodworking.
Automatic 4x8 Stone CNC Machine for Headstone & Tombstone
4.8 (48)
$8,500.00 - $11,300.00

Automatic 4x8 stone CNC machine STS1325H is used for headstone, memorial stone, tombstone with CNC bits for letter carving and laser head for photo engraving.
Stone CNC Machining Center for Cutting and Polishing
5 (28)
$20,000.00 - $40,000.00

Stone CNC machining center is suitable for cutting and polishing natural marble, granite, quartz, blue stone, tombstone, headstone.
4 Axis Stone CNC Machine for Buddhas Statues & Sculptures
5 (68)
$18,500.00 - $21,500.00

4 axis CNC stone carving machine is a vertical 3D CNC machine for making Buddhas statues & sculptures, balustrades, crafts, artwork with all types of stones.
Small CNC Jade Carving Machine for Sale at Cost Price
4.9 (55)
$2,000.00 - $2,800.00

Small CNC jade carving machine STS4040 is used to engrave jewelry and jades with water tank. Now the mini jade engraving machine for sale at affordable price.
Industrial 3D Stone CNC Machine with Dual Spindles for Sale
4.8 (67)
$6,800.00 - $10,800.00

Large format industrial 3D stone CNC machine with dual spindles is used for 2D/3D stone carving. Now the 3D CNC stone carving machine for sale at low price.
Linear ATC Stone CNC Carving Machine for Sale
4.8 (57)
$12,800.00 - $20,000.00

Linear ATC stone CNC carving machine STS1325C is used for carving stone, marble and granite with linear automatic tool changer of 6 tools.
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What To Consider When Purchasing CNC Stone Router Machines In 2023

Stone CNC Machine

Looking to buy an affordable stone CNC machine to carve personalized relief sculptures for you custom business, or create 3D Buddha head statues using a rotary attachment as works of art? Having an idea to get an automatic stone carving machine to make headstones & gravestones in memory of your family and friends, or start a new tombstone business? Need to purchase a 3 axis, 4 axis or 5 axis CNC bridge saw to custom kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops to upgrade your home improvement business? Here is the right place for your needs and budget. STYLECNC is the most trusted manufacturer & maker to provide all types hobby & industrial CNC machines for stone carving, engraving, cutting and polishing. You'll get a cost price for your machine tools and free expert customer service & support from STYLECNC. Let's start understanding the super practical buying guide to all stone fabricators.


A stone CNC machine is an automatic power tool with computer numerical controller for hobbyists and industrial manufacturer to make custom stone machining for artwork, decorations, souvenirs, gifts, crafts, tombstones and home improvement. It is capable of carving, engraving, cutting, polishing for basalt, granite, quartzite, limestone, marble, onyx, jade, travertine, alabaster, sandstone, slate, soapstone.


Stone Industry

Granite, marble, quartzite, slate, sandstone, alabaster, basalt, jade, limestone, travertine, artificial stone, tombstone, headstone, cemetery, and memorial.


Slate countertops, artificial quartz countertops, artificial marble table top, ceramic tile, and kitchen decorations for sink, oven, cooktop.


Stone crafts, gifts, jewelry, wall decoration, building decoration, portrait, Buddha statue, and some exquisite stone arts.


Chair, door, window, bed, cabinet, kitchenware, redwood classical and antique furniture, exquisite european furniture, sculpture.

Mold Making

Copper, aluminum, building models, shoes, badge, embossed mould, biscuit, candy, chocolate mould, artificial marble, plastic, PVC, wood, foam.


Billboard, signage, badges, logo, company plate, signs, emblem, badge, display panels, fair signs, building numbers, decoration, 3D character.


ModelSTS4040, STS6090, STS1318, STS1325, STS1330, STS1420, STS1530, STS2513, STS3113
Table Size2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 8', 5' x 10'
MaterialsAll types of stones
Axis3 axis, 4 axis, 4th axis, 5 axis
Capability2D Machining, 2.5D Machining, 3D Machining
Control SoftwareType3, UcanCAM, ArtCAM, AlphaCAM
Operating SystemMach3, Nc-studio, Syntec, DSP, Siemens, Nk200, Nk260, NK300
Price Range$2,800.00 - $34,800.00

How To Use?

Step 1. Before turning on, we need to check whether the machine tool is connected to the computer normally, turn on the power and the computer, start the program, and enter the operating system.

Step 2. Select the menu of returning to the origin in the control system to correct the origin coordinates.

Step 3. Load the required processing program, select the open menu, and a standard file operation dialog box will pop up, from which you can select the drive, path and file name where the file to be opened is located. After clicking the open button, the processing program is loaded into the system.

Step 4. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually move the X and Y axes to the predetermined position on the workpiece, select the menu of setting the current point as the origin of the workpiece, or clear the coordinate value of the current position in the coordinate window. In this way, when executing the processing program, it will start processing with the current position as the starting point.

Buyer's Guide

1. Consult:

We will recommend the most suitable stone CNC machine to you after being informed by your requirements. You should tell us the material you want to carve, the max size of the stone (Length x Width x Thickness).

2. Quotation:

We will offer you with our detail quotation according to the consulted CNC stone router. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and the affordable price.

3. Process Evaluation:

Both sides carefully evaluate the details (including technical parameters, specifications and business terms) of the order to exclude any misunderstanding.

4. Placing Order:

If you have no doubts, we will send you the PI (Proforma Invoice). Then we will sign a contract with you.

5. Production:

We will arrange the CNC stone cutting machine production as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and informed to you during the production.

6. Quality Control:

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete CNC stone cutting machine will be tested to make sure they can work well before out of factory.

7. Delivery:

We will arrange the delivery as the terms in the contract after the confirmation by the CNC stone carving and cutting machine buyer.

8. Custom Clearance:

We will supply all the necessary shipping documents to the buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.

9. Support and Service:

We will offer professional technical support and service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.


1. Before using the machine, be sure to check the lubrication of the accessories and whether the protection device can meet the processing requirements.

2. During the operation, be sure to observe whether there are signs of looseness in the accessories. If signs of looseness are found, the machine should stop running immediately to prevent damage during the stone processing process and bring unnecessary losses to the business.

3. After the speed of the machine reaches a certain height, attention should be paid to the surrounding environment to prevent unnecessary collisions.

4. Stop working immediately after encountering abnormal noise from the machine, and check whether it is caused by itself.

5. In the process of stone machining, the machine itself cannot stack some tools and workpieces casually, and it is forbidden to touch the rotating accessories when rotating.

6. After the operation is completed, wipe the machine carefully, and after cleaning the work site, disconnect the power supply.

7. Stone carving usually refers to relief, and the power is generally set higher. If you encounter hard stone, the color of the carved figure may become darker. If you want to make the color of the carved stone lighter, you can properly increase the carving speed and perform the operation several times. Because of the different stone materials, some stones will wear out some oily fume and stick to them when carving, which can be carefully wiped off with a wet rag. If there is no paint on the stone, it may not be wiped clean when wiping. The surface is defaced, affecting sales.

8. When cutting stone, the cutting depth is generally not very deep. If cutting very thick stone, you can properly slow down the cutting speed and cut in layers, which may cause the knife to break. During the specific operation, the cutting can be carried out by repeated cutting.

What Our Customers Say?

Don't take our words as everything. Find out what customers say about our CNC machines they have owned or experienced. Why is STYLECNC considered a credible brand and manufacturer to buy a new CNC machine? We can talk all day about our quality products, 24/7 excellent customer service and support, as well our 30-day return and refund policy. But wouldn't it be more helpful and relevant for newbies and professionals alike to hear real-life customers experience what it's like to purchase and operate an automatic machine tool from us? We think so too, which is why we've collected tons of genuine feedback to help bring transparency to our unique CNC machine buying process in-depth. STYLECNC guarantees that all customer reviews are real evaluations from those who have purchased and used our products or services.

From United Kingdom
5 out of 5
I purchased this automatic bridge saw to cut granite countertops and slabs for my kitchen cabinet business. Got it in 45 days, easy to assemble, plug and play. Easy to cut through stone like butter featuring with a fully automated process. Fast, safe, versatile and durable with much less effort. So far I have created about 100 sink cutouts at any angle in granite and all the edges were smooth and clean without chipping. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. No polishing or sanding required. Powerful 5-axis CNC. Somewhat expensive but well worth it.
Jan 10, 2024
Ash Stock
From Australia
5 out of 5
A safe and fast CNC stone cutter to cut out granite countertops for undermount sinks. This bridge saw can cut any shape of sinks and faucet holes out of granite countertops, which is faster than any other tool that I have used. Moreover, the CNC controller is easy to use and everything is done automatically. I am not a professional masonry but I own a one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and perform home improvement. This machine has sped up my work so far.
Jan 08, 2024
Joshua Paul
From Canada
5 out of 5

I researched many types/brands of bridge saws for cutting quartz countertops. Finally decided to give the ST3220S-5A from STYLECNC a try. After assembled and adjusted, easily made my first cut with no issues. Worked like a champ. Did everything I needed it to do and more. Good saw for industrial use, precision and stability are the best way to cut stone with this automated machine tool. Great price for this well built item. For first timers, you'll need to follow the instructions came with it and understand how to properly attach the blade. Be careful to install it correctly and use the tool provided to lock the blade on the spindle.

Feb 26, 2023
Todd Sumrall
From United States
5 out of 5

I have been in home improvement for almost 10 years and I've used a variety of handheld masonry saws to cut granite for making personalized kitchen countertops and this thing is great for the simple stuff. I needed an automatic bridge saw to grow my business and this didn't let me down. It can easily cut through the natural slab granite, like a hot knife through butter. Great CNC stone cutting machine. Well worth the money saved in time alone.

Feb 22, 2023
From Germany
4 out of 5

Sehr beeindruckt von der Qualität dieser CNC. Wirklich so, dass es erweiterbar ist. Die Montage war ziemlich einfach. Sehr gut verpackt. Alles in allem eine sehr empfehlenswerte Maschine. Für den Preis glaube ich ehrlich gesagt nicht, dass Sie einen besseren CNC-Fräser finden können.

Jun 03, 2022
Roger Lambdin
From United States
5 out of 5
I was surprised by the quality of the CNC bridge saw for the price paid, and so far this machine has worked very effectively. Having said that, the machine itself has performed very well. The accuracy is good and I like that it is self contained for the countertops I do.
Oct 08, 2021
Debra J Strauss
From United States
5 out of 5
It is a very nice design, easy to put together, all be it in about 2 hours. I am attempting to use the CNC router for stone relief carving. Still learning the best configuration for this, but it looks promising.

My CNC recently developed a fault, which I reported to STYLECNC under its guarantee scheme.

I have been very pleasantly surprised with the speed, courtesy and and friendly customer technical support. Having emailed proof of purchase and pictures/video of the nature of the fault, involving an email dialogue with a STYLECNC support engineer. A replacement part is being sent to me from China at no cost to me. If only other companies provided this level of customer service.
Mar 22, 2021
Owen Poad
From New Zealand
5 out of 5
I bought this stone cnc router in November and love it very much. It arrived way ahead of schedule. The machine is rock solid and the spindle operates quietly, not like a router in my old unit. I just finished a stone engraved and am happy with the outcome. I had some interaction with the vendor and she has replied to my e-mail promptly and in a professional manner. I would recommend this machine and vendor highly on any purchase.
Dec 26, 2020
Drew LaMarca
From United States
5 out of 5
I purchased this cnc jade carving machine mostly for the purpose of cutting pearl inlay for guitars, for which I think it will perform perfectly. It is a solid machine with a good design for many uses. If you need a machine for smaller projects it is an excellent choice. The 40cm x40cm work area is large enough for a lot of things. I see that this machine is becoming very popular, especially in Russia. I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and I was happy to find that the STYLECNC staff were readily willing and available to offer assistance. I'm excited to see what all I can do with this machine.
Dec 20, 2020
Trevor Furoy
From Canada
5 out of 5
Absolutely AMAZING! I am new to the CNC world and this cnc router machine is incredible for beginners. As a Process Engineer by trade, I can totally give credible feedback in the instructions and assembly process. Perfection! Thanks for making this so easy for me to get into the CNC world.
Nov 01, 2020

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