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2021 Buyer's Guide to CNC Plasma Cutter

Are you looking forward to DIY plasma cutter plans or coming up with an idea to buy an affordable CNC plasma table for metal fabrication? Check out the 2021 new CNC plasma cutter buying guide for metal fabricators, metalworkers, CNC plasma machinists, operators and beginners, we'll offer you the best CNC plasma cutting machines of 2021 with custom plasma cutting service to fit your plasma cutter projects, ideas and plans.

What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

CNC plasma cutter is a type of machine tool for metal fabrication with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that adopts plasma torch to cut different metals to different shapes and profiles, such as steel, aluminium, copper, brass, iron, galvanized sheet, etc. A CNC plasma cutter is composed of CNC controller, plasma torch, plasma power, blade plasma table or sawtooth plasma table, motor, driver, CNC plasma software, CNC operating system, ball screw, guide rail, machine frame, optional parts and consumble parts. CNC plasma cutter is also known as computer numerical controlled plasma cutter, computer-controlled plasma cutter, C ad C plasma cutter, CNC plasma table, plasma cutting table, CNC plasma machine, plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutting system, CNC plasma cutting equipment. The most common CNC plasma tables include 4x4 table size, 4x8 table size, 5x10 table size, and 6x12 table size.

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

Plasma cutting is a machining method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to melt at a metal workpiece, and to eliminate the molten metal by high-speed plasma momentum to create a slit. Plasma cutters send an electric arc by using gas like oxygen, nitrogen or compressed air. This turns the gas to plasma, as well as it promptly blasts through metal to cut it with broadband. A flame cutting torch works by adding a blast of oxygen to the flame which oxidizes the metal and turns it into slag. The plasma torch moves with a tool path directed by a computer. The term "CNC" means "Computer Numerical Control", which implies that a computer is used to control the plasma cutter motion supported G-code in a program. Compared to handheld plasma cutters, CNC plasma cutters realize automatic machining with high efficiency, high speed, and high quality.

What is a Plasma Cutter Used For?

Plasma cutters are used for cutting sheet metals, square and round metal tubes, including iron, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy, bronze, aluminum, titanium. Plasma cutting machines are widely used in the industries of machine tool manufacturing, petro-chemical equipment, light-industrial machinery, pressure vessel, shipbuilding, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure, etc. Plasma cutters can be applied to hobbyists, home shop, home business, small shop, small business, school education, industrial manufacturing.

Technical Parameters

ModelSTP1212, STP1325, STP1325R, STP1530, STP1530R, STP3000-G
Table Sizes4'x4', 4'x8', 5'x10', 6'x12'
Cutting ModesPlasma Cutting | Flame Cutting
Power SupplyHuayuan Plasma Cutter | Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
Cutting Speed0-10000mm/min
Price Range$4,000.00 - $30,000.00

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is an efficient cutting method for sheet metal and metal tubes, which has made it to be widely used in many different industries. You can get many benefits from plasma cutting. Plasma cutting has 10 best advantages of fast cuts, ease of use, lower cost, safe to use, multi-tasking, expanded versatility, wide range of material and thickness, eliminated plate warping, raised inside piercing speed, and diminished dross.

How Much Does a Plasma Cutter Cost?

According to different configurations and requirements for CNC controller, plasma power, plasma torch, blade plasma table or sawtooth plasma table, driver, motor, CNC operating system, CNC plasma software, machine frame, ball screw, guide rail, optional parts and consumble parts, CNC plasma cutter has a price range from $4,000.00 to $30,000.00. If you want to buy a cheap CNC plasma table overseas, the fee of shipping costs, tax, and customs clearance should be included in the final price.

How Many Types of Plasma Cutter & Plasma Table?

The common types of CNC plasma table kits include 4x4 plasma table, 4x8 plasma table, 5x10 plasma table and 6x12 plasma table in feet, someone may call the table kits as 48" x 48" CNC plasma table, 48" x 96" CNC plasma table, 60" x 120" CNC plasma table in inches, someone may call the table kits as 1212, 1325, 1530, 2040 in millimeter (mm). The common types of plasma cutter include hobby plasma cutters, portable plasma cutters, desktop plasma cutters, benchtop plasma cutters, tabletop plasma cutters, and industrial plasma cutters. The most common plasma power supplies include Huayuan plasma cutter and Hypertherm plasma cutter.

Plasma Cutting Capacity

CapacityChinese Huayuan Power Supply63A0-8mm
USA Hypertherm Power Supply65A0-12mm

How to Use a Plasma Cutter & Plasma Table?

1. Manual Non-Contact Cutting.
a.Touch the torch roller to the workpiece, and adjust the distance between the nozzle and the plane of the workpiece to 3 ~ 5mm. (When the host machine cuts, the "Cut Thickness Selection" switch is upscale).
b. Turn on the torch switch to ignite the plasma arc. After cutting through the workpiece, move to the cutting direction at an even speed. The cutting speed is based on the premise of cutting through. Too slow will affect the quality of the incision and even break the arc.
c. After cutting, turn off the cutting torch switch and the plasma arc goes out. At this time, compressed air is sprayed out at a delay to cool the cutting torch. After a few seconds, the ejection stops automatically. Remove the torch to complete the entire cutting process.
2. Manual Contact Cutting.
a. The "Cut Thickness Selection" switch is at the low level, and it is used when cutting thinner plates by a single machine.
b. Place the torch nozzle at the starting point of the workpiece to be cut, turn on the torch switch, ignite the plasma arc, cut through the workpiece, and then move uniformly along the cutting direction.
c. After cutting, open and close the torch switch. At this time, the compressed air is still spraying out. After a few seconds, the spraying will stop automatically. Remove the torch to complete the entire cutting process.
3. Automatic Cutting.
a. Automatic cutting is mainly suitable for cutting thick workpieces. Select the "Cut Thickness Selection" switch position.
b. After removing the torch roller, the torch and the semi-automatic cutting machine are firmly connected, and the attachment is provided in the random accessories.
c. Connect the power of the semi-automatic cutting machine, and install the guide rail or radius rod according to the shape of the workpiece (if it is a straight-line cutting rail, if you cut a circle or arc, you should choose a radius rod).
d. If the torch switch plug is turned off, replace the remote switch plug (prepared in the accessories).
e. Adjust the appropriate walking speed according to the thickness of the workpiece. And set the "up" and "down" switches on the semi-automatic cutting machine to the cutting direction.
f. Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 3 ~ 8mm, and adjust the center position of the nozzle to the starting strip of the workpiece slit.
g. Turn on the remote control switch. After cutting through the workpiece, turn on the power switch of the semi-automatic cutting machine to cut. In the initial stage of cutting, pay attention to the cutting seam at any time and adjust to a suitable cutting speed. And pay attention to whether the two machines work normally at any time.
h. After cutting, turn off the remote control switch and the power switch of the semi-automatic cutting machine. At this point, the entire cutting process is completed.
4. Manual Cutting Circle.
According to the material and thickness of the workpiece, choose the single or parallel cutting method, and choose the corresponding cutting method. Tighten the cross bar in the random attachment to the screw hole on the torch holder. To the required radius and tighten, then adjust the distance from the tip to the torch nozzle according to the length of the workpiece radius (the width of the slit must be considered). After adjustment, tighten the center fastening screws to prevent loosening, and loosen the cage to tighten the knurled screws. At this point, you can cut the workpiece.

How to Buy the Best Plasma Cutter & Plasma Table?

1. Consult:
We will recommend the most suitable plasma cutting machines to you after being informed by your requirements.
2. Quotation:
We will offer you with our detail quotation according to the consulted CNC plasma cutting table. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and the affordable price.
3. Process Evaluation:
Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details (specifications, technical parameters and business terms) of the order to exclude any misunderstanding.
4. Placing an order:
If you have no doubts, we will send the PI (Proforma Invoice) to you, and then we will sign a contract with you.
5. Production:
We will arrange the CNC plasma table production as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and informed to the buyer during the production.
6. Quality Control:
The whole machine production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete CNC plasma table will be tested to make sure they can work very well before out of factory.
7. Delivery:
We will arrange the delivery as the terms in the contract after the confirmation by the buyer.
8. Custom Clearance:
We will supply and deliver all the necessary shipping documents to the CNC plasma cutter buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.
9. Support and Service:
We will offer professional technical support and free service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.

CNC Plasma Cutters for Sale

(10 Items)

Affordable 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutting Table for Sale

Model: STP1325

$4680.00 - $22580.00

Affordable 4x8 CNC plasma cutting table STP1325 is an entry level CNC plasma table equipped with 4x8 table size, which is used for cutting iron, brass, steel, aluminum, copper, alloy and other sheet metal fabrication. Now the best 4x8 CNC plasma table for sale at affordable price, free CNC plasma cutting service and support.

2021 Best 4x4 Hobby CNC Plasma Table for Sale

Model: STP1212

$4280.00 - $12000.00

2021 best 4x4 CNC plasma table is a small entry level CNC plasma cutter with 4x4 table size for hobbyists of sheet metal fabrication in small business or home shop, now the best 4x4 plasma table for sale at cost price.

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Model: STP1530

$4880.00 - $5880.00

High definition CNC plasma cutter is used for sheet metal cutting of aluminum, steel, copper, iron, alloy, which is applied in machinery, automobile, metal parts, ship building, war industry, metallurgy, and other sheet metal manufacturing.

5x10 Hypertherm Plasma Cutter for Sale - Sheet Metal & Pipe Cutting Tools

Model: STP1530R

$6080.00 - $7880.00

5x10 Hypertherm plasma cutter is a CNC metal cutting tool applied to both sheet metals and metal pipes, the best 5x10 plasma table adopts hypertherm plasma power supply to get fine cutting on metals, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. The rotary device sizes of Hypertherm plasma cutter for metal tube have 200mm, 300mm or customized sizes for option.

2021 Best 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Model: STP1325

$4780.00 - $9000.00

2021 best CNC plasma cutting machine with 4x8 table size can cut steel, copper, brass, aluminum, alloy, iron and other custom sheet metal fabrication. Now the best 4x8 CNC plasma cutting table for sale at low price.

Square/Round Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for Sale

Model: STP1530R

$16880.00 - $30000.00

Square/Round tube CNC plasma cutting machine is a professional CNC plasma equipment which is used for cutting metal pipe/tube automatically. Now the CNC plasma tube cutter for sale at affordable price.

Portable Gantry CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine for Sale

Model: STP1325

$4000.00 - $5000.00

Portable gantry CNC plasma flame cutting machine is designed for heavy metal plate fabrication, The portable CNC plasma and flame cutting machine adopts gantry structure with double-driven system, the working size can be customized upon your requirements.

Industrial CNC Plasma Table with Flame Cutting Torch for Sale

Model: STP1325R

$6680.00 - $24080.00

4x8 industrial CNC plasma table with flame cutting torch is a commercial plasma table used for sheet metals and metal tubes, if the metal thickness is less than 10mm, you should cut with plasma torch, if the metal thickness is more than 10mm, you should cut with flame torch.

Cheap CNC Plasma Cutting Drilling Machine with Flame Torch

Model: STP1325

$6880.00 - $16200.00

The cheap CNC plasma cutting drilling machine is equipped with a plasma cutting head for metals cutting, a drilling head to drill holes on metal, a flame torch for cutting carbon steel, low alloy steels, and cast irons with more thickness.

Industrial Large Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine for Sale

Model: STP3000-G

$6800.00 - $15600.00

Industrial large gantry plasma cutting machine is designed for sheet metal fabrication, the industrial plasma cutting machine is used to cut mild steel with flame cutting and cut high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal with plasma cutting. Now the industrial plasma cutter for sale at cost price.

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