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2021 Buyer's Guide to ATC CNC Routers

2021 Best ATC CNC Routers & Reviews

Are you looking forward to DIY or buy affordable ATC CNC routers with automatic tool changer? Check out the 2021 new ATC CNC router buyer's guide for CNC machinists, fabricators, operators and beginners, we'll offer you the best ATC CNC machines with automatic tool changer of 2021 with custom CNC machining service to fit your CNC projects, CNC ideas and CNC plans.

What Is Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)?

ATC is refer to automatic tool changer. ATC CNC router is a type of CNC machine with automatic tool changer spindle, the spindle usually carries tools magazine of 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The CNC router tools can automatically change according to the working requirements when the CNC router ATC works, no need of manual operation, which will improve the working efficiency greatly. There are two types ATC CNC router machines, which include linear ATC CNC router and Disc ATC CNC router.

2021 Best 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale

Model: STM1325-5A

$100000.00 - $110000.00

2021 best 5 axis CNC router is designed for 3D modeling and 3D mold making, including automotive foam mold, ship model, building model, metalloid moulds, 3D surface carving and 3D shape cutting of large-scale instruments.

ATC CNC Router with Automatic Tool Changer Spindle

Model: STM1325D

$18000.00 - $23000.00

ATC CNC router machine adopts automatic tool changer spindle with tool magazine of 10 cutters, the tools can automatically change to fit different works according to your requirements. The ATC CNC machine is mainly used for 2D/3D machining of woodworking, cabinet making, door making, mold making, wood arts, wood crafts.

Automatic Tool Changer CNC Machining Center for Woodworking

Model: STM2130D

$20800.00 - $27000.00

Automatic tool changer CNC machining center is equipped with carousel tool change magazine of 12 tools to improve the working efficiency. All the CNC machining tools can be changed automatically in the working process.

5x10 CNC Router Table with Linear Automatic Tool Changer

Model: STM1530C

$14200.00 - $18000.00

5x10 CNC router table with linear automatic tool changer and 60x120 inches table size is mainly used for woodworking, cabinet making, wood door making, wood furniture production and wood crafts, now the best 5x10 CNC router table for sale at a low price.

4 Axis CNC Router for Woodworking with ATC System

Model: STM1325D-4A

$22800.00 - $35000.00

4 axis CNC router for woodworking with ATC system is used for carving, cutting, milling and drilling, the 4 axis CNC machine adopts HSD automatic tool changer spindle with 8 position rotary carousel tool holder, which is suitable for machining on different surface.

Disc Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router STM1325D with ATC system

Model: STM1325D-ATC

$18000.00 - $23000.00

Disc automatic tool changer CNC router STM1325D with 8 tools ATC system has no need to change tools manually during machining, the ATC CNC router is Intelligent to operate the working process with disc automatic tool changer.

Linear ATC CNC Wood Router with SYNTEC Control System

Model: STM1325CH

$20000.00 - $25000.00

Linear ATC CNC wood router with SYNTEC control system is used for decorations, musical instruments, wood crafts, wood furnitures, wood door making, cabinet making, windows, tables, etc. Now the best linear ATC wood CNC router for sale at an affordable price.

Moving Table CNC Router Machine with Automatic Tool Changer

Model: STM1325D

$20000.00 - $30000.00

Moving table CNC router machine with 16 pieces automatic tool changer is used for high precision engraving and cutting on wood, brass, aluminum, plastic, acrylic, MDF and other similar materials.

SMALL CNC Router 6090 with ATC System

Model: STM6090C

$6000.00 - $20000.00

Small CNC router machine with ATC system (Automatic Tool Changer) is designed for someone who needs multiple tools for CNC machining projects without enough space for a larger CNC router machine.

Affordable Linear ATC CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer

Model: STM1325C

$13888.00 - $18800.00

Affordable Linear ATC CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer is mainly used in furniture making industry, furniture decoration industry, wood craft industry, wood decoration industry, automotive tooling industry, solid wood furniture, classical furniture, decoration material, door cabinets, wooden kitchen furniture, wood materials and other materials processing such as Aluminum, Acrylic, MDF, PVC.

3 Axis CNC Machining Center with ATC System for Woodworking

Model: STM1325D2

$20000.00 - $26000.00

3 axis CNC machining center with ATC system for woodworking adopts double disc tool holder including 16pcs different tools, the CNC machining center for woodworking is especially used for wood furniture production.

Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router with Carousel ATC system

Model: STM1325D

$18800.00 - $22800.00

Automatic tool changer cnc router with carousel ATC system is suitable for wood, MDF, plywood engraving, cutting and milling. It is designed with 12pcs carousel automatic tool changer.

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