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  • 1What factors affect the CNC router price?
  • CNC router price

    CNC router price has been reduced, the price is more transparency, competitiveness is also growing, but the overall price range just expanded , rather than changes to the low price . CNC router configuration is still the same high price will be high , the standard configuration of the CNC router will be relatively lower . So , you buy a CNC router , then consider whether their production requires high-profile CNC router, whether low profile CNC router to meet their production needs , and that in the end how much does a CNC router cost? what factors affect the CNC router price?

    1. The configuration of different influence prices.

    2. The technical level on prices.

    3. The service impact of price.

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  • 2Laser cutting machine error: type data error limit exceeded
  • In the working process of laser cutting machine, the panel display "type data error limit exceeded", the machine will stop working?

    1. the machine and the computer must have a good grounding.

    2. open the cutting software, click the file menu, communication settings to receive and send the buffer time is changed to 5 or 10.

    3. the replacement of the data line or motherboard.

    According to the same direction of the panel button, the laser cutting machine appears to be turning and reversing and motor power can not be locked?

    1. first disconnect all power supply, the high pressure head with cotton cloth to wipe clean. (gentle scrub)

    2. cut off the broken pipe, re received the laser tube. And bundled with a tie.

    3. the high voltage line. (high pressure line with 7 silver thread, one less)

    4. the fan will dry high pressure wet place, after half an hour, and then boot.

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  • 3Can fiber laser marking on non-metal materials?
  • Maybe there are so many customers have fiber laser marking machine,mainly used to mark on metal materials.But there are will customers want to know can fiber laser marking on non metal material.Last week in STYLECNC,there are a customer like to engrave a photo on double color board by fiber laser marking machine.So our operator made a sample for him as follows.

    I know that fiber laser marking machine can mark on non metal material before because we ever tried for customers.But it is first time for me to see fiber laser marking on double color board with so good performance.We can see from the picture,the photo marked on double color board by SF200F fiber laser marking machine is clear.And if you were in our factory at that time you can see fiber laser marking on non metal material with fast speed.

    At the end,do you have a fiber laser marking machine ? Or do you need a fiber laser marking machine to work on metal and non metal material ? if you need a fiber laser marking on non metal and metal material,please have a try of ST200F fiber laser marking machine!

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  • 4Why the laser of a laser engraving machine becomes weaker than before?
  • 1. Focus Lens for contamination: Clean focusing mirror.

    2. Focus relief laser engraving machine equipment whether changes: re-adjust the focus.

    3. Light path is offset: careful adjustment of the optical path. .

    4. Reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace the reflective lenses.

    5. Laser power is energized: Checking laser power supply circuit so that it is normal.

    6. Laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube.

    7. Laser power supply is damaged: Replace the laser power.         

    8. Cooling water is circulating flow: clear cool water.

    9. The cooling water temperature is normal or not: Replace the clean cooling water to the temperature to normal.

    What I tell you about the laser weaker of laser engraving machine? we have to know how the above problems to be fixed, and welcome to our online support with laser engraving machine.

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  • 5Normal problems of Laser engraving machine software
  • Laser engraving machine

    1. When laser engraving with gradient, double phenomenon.

    This phenomenon occurs when the slope of words carved smaller, usually the reason is "wide" setting slope too large, cause calculation errors, please set "wide" little slope. 

    2. If you only can move a graphic with one direction, please click "Shift" or "Ctrl" to recover. 

    3. PLT format cannot to engrave.

    There are two reasons, one is the graphic is not closed, the other is graphic double. Please detect this phenomenon with "data detect" tools.

    4. The size is not same with laser engraving & cutting samples. Open the item "laser engraving machine set", adjust the pulse.

    5. The edge is irregularity when laser engraving.

    The edge is irregularity maybe happen when you use the DSP5.3 laser engraver software, that means "burr", this is mainly caused by mechanical return clearance, this is the solution.

    a) Draw a box (rectangular or square), set work mode for the laser engraving machine, the sculpture is 0.5 mm instead, then see laser engraving effect, theoretically, should be aligned, namely the odd interlaces did edge should be aligned, even did edge also should be aligned, only the odd and even did not have a little. 

    b) When you open" set laser engraving parameters", the parameters for different. laser engraving speed can be seen, the reverse gap is"0",you should adjust it as the matter of fact. 

    c) You can chose" single-track light" when best laser engraving effect needed. Not to chose the draw of "dual-engrave", but when you chose it, the efficiency would be lower. 

    6. The X-axis or the Y-axis not move.

    a) Stir knob to chose the DC 5V, test the voltage between PULX(or PULY)and GND. Take Y axis as example, click the button of „up‟ or „down‟, the normal voltage is 2.8V, if it is not, we could confirm the controller was broken, please change the controller. If it is, please go to next step. 

    b) Exchange the output terminal of the two drivers, then press " Up" or "Down" button; if X axis works normal, it means there is something wrong with the motor on Y axis, please change a new one; if X axis doesn‟t work, it means there is something wrong with the driver on Y axis, please chance it.

    7. X Axis and Y Axis work in only one direction.

    a) Test the voltage between the DIRX and GND after pressed the  multimeter into grade 5V; take the X Axis for example, press " left", then press " right" to see if there is some change on high level (>2.8V) and the low level(<0.8V); if not, the control card is broken and need to change a new one.

    b) if with change, please check the driver; if works normal, please change the driver on Y Axis.

    Laser engraver machine

    8. NO ray.

    Test the voltage between the LAS and GND after pressed the  multimeter into grade 5V; press "fixed fire" in the control panel, to see if there is some change on high level (>2.8V) and the low level(<0.8V); if not, the control card is broken and need to change a new one。 Also set up the time of fixed fir as 0 millisecond, which is in the PAD03 menu.  

    Adjust the power from 0%~100%, enter and press "fixed fire" button, then test if any change between the DA1 and GND from 0V to 5V; if not, the control card is broken, please change it; if both with, it means there is something wrong with the laser power supply.  

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  • 6CNC router spindle usual failures
  • CNC router spindle

    1. CNC router spindle rotation sound is not normal

    ① The drive is set incorrectly;

    ② Check whether the cooling water circulation;

    ③ There are problems with the spindle (bearing damage)

    ④ If the noise when loaded knife, normal, replace the tool without tooling

    2. CNC router spindle hot or noisy:

    ① Check whether the cooling water circulation.

    ② Check whether the bearing problem.

    ③ If loaded knife noise, without tooling normal, replace the tool.

    3. CNC router spindle cooling water does not flow:

    ① Check the coolant pump is working properly.

    ② Check whether the water flow, the water from the spindle joint apart, blowing to the other side of the steam gun from one side or the connector on the spindle with a needle penetrating.

    4. Motor reversal: 

    Check the motor cable is phase output UVW terminal ends of any exchange

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  • 7How to choose a suitable china cnc router manufacturer
  • How to choose a suitable china cnc router manufacturer

    How to choose a suitable china cnc router manufacturer

    Over the past decade, the China cnc router industry has made great progress, but because of the influx of large enterprises, increased competition led to a sharp decline in the industry's average profit, the estimated industry reshuffle or consolidation is about to come.

    China cnc router manufacturers are aware of a lot of All flowers bloom together, chaos is not conducive to the long-term development of the cnc router industry. However, the China cnc router industry is also a lack of industry giants to a hundred responses to a single call, not through the supply to control the market, so the order of the industry also need to the joint efforts of the entire industry to improve. By the impact of macroeconomic, cnc router market demand appeared a certain decline, many enterprises in order to stabilize or reduce, in such a situation, the enterprise wants to spend the winter, only practicing internal strength!

    For enterprises engaged in the China cnc router industry is concerned, in the purchase of china cnc router, how to choose the appropriate china cnc router manufacturers production equipment is a big problem. Because the equipment is directly related to the choice of enterprise funds can be a reasonable operation, the relationship between the choice of equipment can meet the process requirements, can process a qualified product. 

    1. Go to the field to see his real place.

    2. The scene of the sample you want to carve.

    3. Online search for the reputation of china cnc router manufacturers

    Advantages of the professinal China cnc router manufacturer: STYLECNC

    1. After receiving customer orders, the fastest speed of delivery.

    2. The domestic customer receives the machine, under normal circumstances, my company technical staff will personally come to the installation, training. Foreign customers, the general is my company's technical staff around the clock online or phone support. In response to the customer's request, our company may consider arranging technical personnel to go abroad for training, maintenance and so on.

    3. The warranty period, the normal use of the machine under the damaged parts, our company free of charge.

    4. Free software upgrade services

    5. The warranty expires, can provide renewal for customers to enjoy the same service within warranty period.

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  • 8Factors to determine the quality of laser cutting machine
  • laser cutting machine

    The cutting quality of laser cutting machine is good or bad, is the best way to determine laser cutting equipment performance, here StyleCNC give you a list of the 9 factors to determine the quality of laser cutting machine.

    1. roughness

    Laser cutting cross section will form a vertical lines, the depth of the texture of the cut surface of the roughness of the cut surface, the more shallow lines, the more smooth cut section. Roughness not only affects the appearance of the edges, but also affect the friction characteristics, in most cases, it is necessary to minimize the roughness, so the more shallow texture, the higher the quality of the cut.

    2. verticality

    If the sheet thickness exceeds 10mm, the verticality of cutting edge is very important. Away from the focus, the laser beam becomes divergent, according to the location of the focus, cutting to the top or bottom of the variable width. Cutting edge off the vertical line of a few millimeters, the edge of the more vertical, the higher the quality of cutting.

    3. cutting width

    Kerf width generally does not affect the cutting quality, only in the internal components formed special precision contour, cutting width is important. This is because the cutting width determines the contour of the minimum, when the plate thickness increases, the cutting width also increases. So want to guarantee the same high precision, no matter how much the width of the cut, the workpiece in the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

    4. lines

    High speed cutting thick plate, the molten metal will not appear in the vertical laser beam below the incision, but will be sprayed out at the laser beam side. As a result, the curved lines are formed on the cutting edge, and the lines are closely followed by the laser beam. In order to correct the problem, the feed rate can be reduced at the end of the cutting process.

    5. burr

    Burr formation is a very important factor to determine the quality of laser cutting, because the removal of burr need extra work, so the amount of burr is serious and how much is able to directly determine the quality of cutting.

    6. material deposition

    Laser cutting machine before the beginning of melting and perforation of the workpiece surface with a layer of oil on the surface of a special liquid. Gasification and all kinds of materials, the material does not need to use the wind to blow the cut, but the upward or downward discharge also can form the deposition on the surface.

    7. sag and corrosion

    Sag and corrosion have adverse effects on the surface of the cutting edge, affecting the appearance. They appear in the error of the cut which is generally supposed to be avoided.

    8. heat affected zone

    In laser cutting, the area near the notch is heated. At the same time, the structure of the metal changes. For example, some of the metals can be hardened. The heat affected zone refers to the depth of the area that is changed by the internal structure.

    9. deformation

    If the cutting makes the component heat, it will deform. This is particularly important in fine processing, because the profile and connecting pieces are usually only a few millimeters wide. Control of laser power and the use of short laser pulses can reduce the parts to become hot, to avoid deformation.

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  • 9Do I have to fixate the material on the working surface?
  • No. The laser does not exert any pressure on the material during the process, clamping or any other type of fixation is not required. Simply insert the workpiece and start the laser process. This saves time and money during preparation of the material.

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  • 10Why do laser machines cut faster than a cutting plotter?
  • Accurately adjusted axis drives and an innovative control technology guarantee that laser cutting with Trotec systems is fast and accurate. Unlike in cutting plotters, there is no material resistance when using the laser. As a result, working with the laser is faster. Another plus: It is not necessary to lift or turn the laser beam with a knife. Trotec laser systems make full use of this advantage in speed and detail, especially when working with fine geometries. 

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