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Laser Engraver Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to building DIY laser engraver kit plans with fiber, CO2, or UV laser generators for metal, wood, stone, glass, polymer, plastic, acrylic, leather, fabric, and anodized aluminum?

Are you coming up with an idea to buy an affordable laser engraving machine for hobbyists, home use, small business, school education, commercial use, or industrial manufacturing in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Africa, China, India, or other countries from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania?

Review the 2022 best budget laser engraver buyer's guide to CNC machinists, operators, craftsman, and beginners.

STYLECNC will offer you the best laser engraving systems of 2022 at cost price within your budget with custom laser etching, marking, engraving service to fit your 2D/3D laser engraved plans, ideas, and projects.

What Is A Laser Engraver? - Definition

Laser engraver is an automated laser machine with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system that adopts Fiber/UV/CO2 laser beam to cut & engrave 2D/3D letters, numbers, texts, patterns, photos, pictures, signs or logos on the surface of metals (steel, copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver, alloy, iron), acrylic, delrin, glass, crystal, rubber, wood, fabric, plastic, leather, paper, stone, textiles.

A laser engraving machine is an automatic CNC laser kit composed of bed frame, CNC controller, laser generator, laser engraving head, power supply, laser tube, lens, mirror, servo motor or stepper motor, gas storage tank, gas cylinder, water chiller, dust extractor, air cooling filer, dryer, air compressor, laser engraving software and system.

Laser engraver is also known as laser engraving machine, laser etching machine, laser etcher, laser burning machine, laser burner, laser stippling machine, laser engraving system, laser engraving table, laser engraving equipment, laser engraving tool, laser branding machine, laser printing machine.

How Does A Laser Engraving Machine Work? - Working Principle

Laser engraving is based on computer numerical control technology. First, you need to make a design of file, then, open the file through software, and start CNC programing, the laser engraver machine will start working after the control system received the control command. The laser beam is reflected through mirrors, the focal point downward through lens, where the heat is most intense. Thus, the laser beam starts impinging on the material, the material will burn or evaporate, and the color will change as well, and make a contrast. After a while, a complete laser engraved project will be finished.

What Is A Laser Engravers Used For? - Applications

Laser engraving machines are widely used in various industries of embroidery, brand processing, packaging and printing, custom credit cards, advertisement decoration, architectural models, metal fabrication, woodworking, custom smartphones & laptops, laser knife mold, crafts, leathers, shoes, toys, fablabs & education, medical technology, rubber stamps, watches, architectural models, packaging design, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, awards & trophies, signs & displays, signage, giveaways, electronics industry, data plates, personalized jewelry maker, ball bearing, barcode serial numbers, and more. With a laser system, you can engrave different designs on different substrates. The laser beam will make the surface to vaporize. It is ideal for someone who wants to customize or personalize something.

How Much Does A Laser Engraver Cost? - Pricing Guide

If you have an idea to buy the best budget laser engraver for hobbyists or commercial use, you may wonder how much does it cost? how to get a fair price or final price in your area?

An affordable laser engraver costs range from $2,400.00 to $70,000.00, with the average at $5,280.00 for entry-level and high-end types. The overall cost depends on the type of an used or new kit and configurations, including laser source and power, spare parts, accessories, software and system. If you will buy overseas, it can raise costs with tax rates, shipping costs, customs clearance, service and technical support. Prices can also go up if you need to custom the laser engraving machine since manufacturers can charge anywhere from $200.00 to $1,000.00 for new designs.

A fiber laser engraver cost is from $3,000.00 to 28,500.00. A CO2 laser engraving machine cost is from $2,400.00 to 70,000.00. An UV laser etching machine cost is from $10,000.00 to 30,000.00.

Technical Parameters - Specification Guide

Laser Power20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 280W, 300W
Laser TypeCO2 Laser/Fiber Laser/UV Laser
Table Size2' x 3', 2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 8', 5' x 10'
Price Range$2,400.00 - $70,000.00
ApplicationsIndustrial Manufacturing, School Education, Hobbyists, Small Business, Home Business, Small Shop, Home shop, Craftsman.
Engraving MaterialsMetals (Copper, Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Alloy, Iron, Brass, Steel), Wood, Stone, Glass, Acrylic, Plastic, Rubber, Leather, Fabric, Textile, Paper.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Laser Engraving?

Unlike 3D printers, laser engraving is the application of CNC laser technology to make text or pattern on the object. While engraving, the surface of the object is still smooth, and the writing will not wear. The laser beam does not touch the surface of the material, is not affected by mechanical motion, and the surface does not deform, generally no need to be fixed. Laser etching is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, and is convenient for soft materials. It features with high precision and high speed.

1. The precision workbench can be used for fine micromachining;

2. Use a microscope or camera system to observe or monitor the condition of the engraved surface;

3. It can pass through light-transmitting materials (such as quartz, glass) to engrave its internal parts;

4. It can process most metal or non-metal materials;

5. The laser beam is very thin, so that the consumption of the engraved material is small;

6. During etching, X-rays will not be generated like electron beam bombardment and other engraving methods, and will not be interfered by electric and magnetic fields;

7. It can mark the surface of "millimeter-level" parts;

8. The laser uses non-mechanical "tools" for engraving, which does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material, has no "tool" wear marks, is non-toxic, and rarely causes environmental pollution;

9. The prism and mirror system can be used to focus the beam on the inner surface or inclined surface of the workpiece for etching;

10. The operation is simple, the use of numerical control technology can realize automatic engraving, can be used for high-speed and high-efficiency engraving of parts on the production line, and can be used as a part of the flexible laser system.

How Many Types Of Laser Engraving Machines? - DIY Guide

Laser engraving machines are classified as laser wood engraving machines, laser metal engraving machines, laser leather engraving machines, laser stone engraving machines, laser fabric engraving machines, laser plastic engraving machines, laser rubber engraving machines, laser paper engraving machines, laser glass etching machines, laser acrylic engraving machines based on engraving materials.

Laser engraving systems are defined as CO2 laser kits, fiber laser kits (the best tool to engrave metal), and UV laser kits (the best tool to etch glass) based on laser sources.

Laser engraving tables are divided into mini types, handheld types, compact types, desktop types, portable types, 2x3 laser etching tables, 2x4 laser etching tables, 4x4 laser etching tables, 4x8 laser etching tables, 5x10 laser etching tables, large format laser etching tables according to work area.

Laser engraver kits are classified as home kits, hobby kits, commercial kits, industrial kits based on applications.

Laser engraving machines are defined as laser jewelry engraving machines, laser pen engraving machines, laser iPhone engraving machines, laser gun engraving machines, laser ring engraving machines, laser signage engraving machines, laser art engraving machines, laser logo engraving machines, laser cup engraving machines based on industries. If you are working for 3D engraving, a rotary laser engraver kit is the best solution.

How To Setup And Install A Laser Engraver? - Beginner's Guide

As a novice or DIYer, you should know how to setup, install, and debug a laser engraving machine for use in your business to make money. Here are 8 basic steps to help you to grow professionally.

Step 1. First check whether the laser tube is damaged and whether any parts are loose.

Step 2. Install the exhaust device, connect the exhaust pipe to the exhaust fan, and install the other end outdoors. The maximum distance between the exhaust fan and the outdoor air outlet is 2 meters. If it is caused by the local environment, if the exhaust pipe extends too long, you need to configure additional exhaust equipment.

Step 3. Connect the ground wire (see the grounding position behind the machine, the grounding resistance should be ≤4 ohms).

Step 4. Check the 220V power supply line for aging of the wireless circuit, loose connectors, poor contact, etc. The 220V AC voltage is normal. If necessary, a special power supply line and a regulated power supply (power ≥3000W) must be used.

Step 5. This machine uses an external submersible pump circulating water supply cooling device. The user must prepare a capped bucket. The height difference between the engraving machine and the submersible pump should not be greater than 0.5 meters. The cooling circulating water must be clean, dust-free, and scale-free.

Step 6. The water temperature of the circulating cooling water should be 5-25 ℃, otherwise it will affect the engraving depth. In the cold area, it should be ensured that there is no ice blockage in the tube, otherwise the tube will burst. It is best to drain the remaining water in the circulating water channel and tube when it stops working at night to prevent frost cracking.

Step 7. If the laser tube is found to be short of water, it should be shut down immediately to stop working, cut off the power of the pump, and at least shut down for more than half an hour, wait for the tube to cool naturally before the water can be started to work.

Step 8. Turn on the submersible pump, the cooling water should circulate normally, and the cooling water channel should be free from clogging and dripping.

Note: Do not connect the zero wire to the ground wire.

How To Use A Laser Engraving Machine? - Basic Operation Guide

Here are eight operating steps on how to operate a laser engraver correctly for beginners and professionals, we hope that this manual can help you to understand.

Step 1. First turn on the main power switch, turn on the voltage regulator, and turn on the chiller (let the water in the laser tube fill up and cycle for 1-3 minutes). You should put antifreeze in the chiller in winter and snow days.

Step 2. Turn on the power of the machine and reset the machine.

Step 3. Turn on the fan power and air pump.

Step 4. Turn on the switch (turn on the machine to emit light), and then turn on the lighting switch.

Step 5. Press the burst button to detect whether the laser is emitted.

Step 6. Turn on the computer (the computer's USB cable is connected to the machine interface), open the control software, click the software up, down, left and right buttons to check whether the machine is moving. The machine movement indicates that the computer is connected to the machine.

Step 7. Put the workpiece and adjust the anxiety (in general, we only measure the distance from the cutting nozzle to the surface of the material), long focal length lenses for cutting thick materials, and short focal lengths for fine engraving machines.

Step 8. Operate the computer to transfer files, position the machine, walk the frame (test whether the area of the cut file is within the effective range of the workpiece), and start engraving.

Laser Engraving Machine VS Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking machine is an automatic printing system that uses a diode laser, solid-state laser, or metal CO2 laser tube to evaporate the surface material to expose the deep material, which leads to chemical changes in the surface material and physical changes to print marks, or to burn part of the material through laser beam energy to show the desired printing pattern and text.

Laser engraving machine is an automatic laser system that uses the beam from glass CO2 laser tube to cut and engrave variety of non-metallic materials. Unlike mechanical engraving machine, it uses the heat energy from laser beam to etch substrates.


Laser engravers are used to engrave and cut glass, crystal, acrylic, wood, marble, cloth, leather, felt, paper, PVC, plastic, mosaic and other non-metallic materials. Laser markers can use different laser sources such as fiber, CO2, and UV laser to mark various metal and non-metal materials.


The laser engraved depth is from 0.1mm to 80mm with powers from 40W to 300W, all depending on the specific material. The marked depth is less than 5mm, and the power is between 20W and 200W.


The cutting speed of the laser engraver is maximum 200mm/s, and the engraving speed is maximum 500mm/s. The marking speed is three times faster than etching and engraving speed.


The precision of laser-marked projects are much higher than that of laser-engraved projects. The laser marking system can work on the surface of the material with a thin beam, and the thin line width can reach 0.01mm. It has created a broad application space for precision machining and increasing anti-counterfeiting functions.

Work Area

The laser marking machine can generally mark the format of 200*200mm, and the engraving machine can engrave large format. The laser marking system uses galvanometer scanning, so the working area is relatively small. To put it bluntly, the laser etcher is to replace the spindle of the CNC machine with focusing lens, and use the laser beam instead of the tool for processing, so as long as the X/Y/Z axis is large enough, you can process as many large formats as you want, but the accuracy is not good.

Laser Generator

The optical path system of the laser engraver kit is composed of three reflective lenses and a focusing mirror, and the laser generator is a glass CO2 laser tube. The life of glass tube lasers is generally within 2,000-10,000 hours. Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are all disposable. The generators of laser marking systems include metal tube lasers (non-metal marking machines), fiber lasers and YAG solid-state lasers (metal marking machines), the lifespan is more than five years, and the metal tube lasers can be inflated again for use.

How To Maintain A Laser Engraver? - Care And Maintenance

Whether it is used for hobby or commercial use, whether it is used for metal or wood, a laser engraver machine needs regular care and maintenance.

1. There should be no other debris on the equipment, and the surface of the equipment should be kept clean;

2. Production personnel should strictly follow the operating standard operating procedures for production operations, and random operations are strictly prohibited;

3. The equipment circuit must be grounded reliably to protect personal safety;

4. The machine should be regularly replaced with distilled or deionized water, and the water tank should be carefully cleaned when replacing the water;

5. Keep the equipment clean and tidy, it is strictly forbidden to wipe the equipment with a damp cloth, and it is strictly forbidden to clean the equipment with electricity;

6. The equipment should be turned on and off strictly in accordance with the on and off procedures, and random operation is strictly prohibited;

7. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switching power supply under the condition of no water or abnormal water circulation;

8. The computer disk should be scanned and defragmented regularly, and junk files should be cleaned up frequently;

9. The location of all PLT format files should be fixed and not moved randomly to prevent file damage;

10. If the computer crashes or the software does not respond, turn off the galvanometer switch immediately;

11. Regularly check the quality and quantity of cooling water, keep the internal circulating water clean, clean the water tank regularly and replace with clean deionized water or pure water;

12. It is strictly forbidden for mobile phones and strong magnetic objects to approach the galvanometer of the equipment;

13. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the galvanometer when the computer etching software is not open;

14. It is forbidden to disassemble the lens with hands or other objects;

15. It is strictly forbidden to move the device without permission;

16. Whether there is any abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment;

17. Whether the equipment is damaged or missing parts;

18. If there is a sudden power failure during operation, please press the red button immediately and pull it to the off or off position one by one, or adjust the laser power current adjustment knob to the lowest position;

19. When the equipment is abnormal, it should be shut down and reported in time;

20. Equipment maintenance and inspection records should be established for the equipment, and all inspections and repairs should be recorded;

21. The contents of maintenance inspection include:

Daily Inspection

1. The equipment is clean and lubricated as a whole;

2. Whether there are sundries on and around the equipment;

3. The equipment current cannot easily exceed 20A;

4. Whether mobile phones and strong magnetic objects are close to the galvanometer;

5. Whether there is any abnormal noise during the operation of the equipment;

6. Do not touch the lens with your hands or other objects;

7. Strictly abide by the power-on and turn-off procedures for equipment switching and shutdown;

8. If the computer crashes or the software does not respond, immediately turn off the galvanometer switch.

Regular Inspection

1. The equipment circuit is well grounded;

2. Check the quality and quantity of cooling water;

3. Use of electrical appliances and circuits;

4. Equipment cleanliness;

5. Whether there is any abnormal noise in the movable property of the equipment;

6. Whether there are damaged or missing parts;

7. The operation of the refrigerator.

A fiber laser engraving machine is an automatic laser marking system that uses a focused laser beam to etch the surface of a substrate, changing its properties and appearance to create permanent marks. Fiber laser generators are available from well-known brands such as IPG, Raycus, JPT, and Max. The most commonly used fiber laser powers are 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, and 100W. A fiber laser engraver features with high speed, high quality, high precision, no pollution, safety, convenient operation, maintenance-free, and low cost. It can engrave permanent marks including letters, numbers, signs, logos, patterns, pictures on 2D/3D surfaces of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, silver, gold, titanium, iron, alloy, fiberglass, and most common plastics including PVC, PLT, PS, ABS, PBT. With a higher laser power, it can do deep engraving on metal. With a rotary attachment, it can do rotary engraving on rings, cups, and cylinders. With a belt conveyor, it can do marking on the fly in industrial assembly line manufacturing. In addition, with a MOPA laser source, it can etch colors on stainless steel, chromium, and titanium.

2022 Top Rated Deep Laser Engraving Machine for Metal


$3800.00 - $4200.00

2022 top rated deep laser engraving machine for metal with 50 watt fiber laser source the best way for deep engraving metal (guns, firearms, parts, tools, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass) and nonmetal surface. The fiber laser engraving system can also cut thin metals. Now the fiber laser metal engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

Affordable Color Laser Engraving Machine for Metal with Fiber Laser Source


$4200.00 - $5800.00

Affordable color laser engraving machine with fiber laser source is designed to etch black, white, grey, and colors on metals of stainless steel, titanium, and chromium. Now the best rotary color laser engraver for sale at cost price.

Portable Laser Engraver with JPT Fiber Laser Source for Sale


$2800.00 - $4000.00

Portable laser engraver with JPT fiber laser source is used to etch tools, parts, jewelry, watches, phone case, keypad, rings, tags, electronic components with metal and plastic. The portable laser engraving system is compact and easily carried or moved like the handheld type, now the portable laser engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

2022 Best Laser Marking Machine with CCD Visual Positioning System


$7800.00 - $9000.00

Looking for a laser marking system for mass production with diversified and complex projects? Review this guide to 2022 best laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system. You will get an affordable fiber laser engraver with best budget.

2022 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraver for Gun Stippling and Grip Texturing


$3800.00 - $11000.00

2022 best budget laser engraver for gun stippling and grip texturing is equipped with IPG fiber laser generator for 2D/3D color engraving or deep engraving on gun grip, PMAGs, gun barrel, gun stock, gun magazine, gun magazine holder, gun muzzle, and gun cylinder of metals, carbon fibers, polymer plastics. Now the best fiber laser gun engraving machine for sale at affordable price with 24/7 customer service and support.

2022 Top Rated 3D Laser Marking Machine for Surface Texturing


$14500.00 - $18600.00

2022 top rated 3D laser marking machine for surface texturing is a type of 5 axis laser texturing system used for etching on various 3D curved surface, and mold textures deep engraving. Now the 3D fiber laser marking machine for sale at cost price.

Mini Handheld Laser Engraving Machine for Small Business & Home Shop


$3000.00 - $9000.00

Mini handheld laser marking machine with 20W/30W/50W/100W fiber laser source is small and portable to be operated while being held in the hand for engraving metal, plastic, leather, alloy, jewelry, medical devices, mobile case, electron components, and more plans. The handheld fiber laser engraver is portable with mini size. Now the portable handheld mini laser etching system for sale at affordable price.

Hobby Laser Metal Marking Machine for Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold


$19800.00 - $22000.00

Hobby laser metal marking machine with 100W IPG fiber laser source is used for engraving logos, signs, letters, numbers, patterns or pictures on metal surface such as steel, aluminum, copper, alloy, silver, gold. Now the hobby laser metal engraving machine for sale at affordable price within your budget.

2022 Top Rated Deep 3D Laser Metal Etching Machine for Sale


$4800.00 - $6200.00

2022 top rated 3D laser metal engraving system with fiber laser source is especially used for deep etching to realize the 3D surface, and the 3D laser metal engraver has enclosed structure for safe protection. Now the affordable 3D laser metal etching machine for sale at low price.

2.5D Fiber Laser Engraver for Relief Engraving with EZCAD3 Software


$6500.00 - $7800.00

2.5D fiber laser engraver is a relief laser engraving system based on 2D laser marking machine, which is equipped with motorized Z axis auto focus system and EZCAD3 software to make metal relief engraving projects.

2022 Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with XY Axis Moving Table


$6600.00 - $8200.00

2022 best budget fiber laser engraving machine with XY axis moving table is used to DIY, custom, personalize, repair or refurbish iPad, iPhone, and mobile business, you can engrave numbers, letters, signs, logos, names, patterns, or IMEI on the shell, case, accessories, or parts of iPhone, iPad, and more mobiles and pads.

Industrial Fiber Laser Engraver for Assembly Line Production with Online Flying System


$2600.00 - $3600.00

20W online flying Raycus fiber laser marking system is used for marking on the fly (MOTF) in industrial mass production and assembly line production with parts, tools, tags, signs, wire, electron components. Now the online flying industrial fiber laser printing system for sale at affordable price.

On-The-Fly Industrial Laser Engraving Machine for Mass Production with Assembly Line


$3800.00 - $4600.00

Online flying industrial fiber laser engraver is designed for marking on the fly (MOTF) in mass production with assembly line of parts, tools, crafts, pens, knives, tags, wire, and signage, review On-The-Fly industrial fiber laser marking system to meet your custom engraving plans, ideas and projects.

2022 Best CNC Laser Metal Engravers & Engraving Machines for Sale


$3000.00 - $22000.00

Looking for metal laser engravers, CNC laser metal engraving machines for metal parts, tags, credit cards, arts, crafts, coins, guns, firearms, jewelry of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy, gold, silver, titanium, brass, iron? Review Color/Deep/Rotary/2D/3D metal engraving services and solutions.

A CO2 laser engraver is an automatic laser etching system that uses a 10.6 μm wavelength laser beam generated by a CO2 laser tube to act on the surface of the substrate to vaporize the excess material to form pits, so as to make a laser-engraved project. It is a carbon dioxide gas laser engraving cutting machine that uses the computer to control the X-Y console to drive the laser head to move and control the laser switch as required. The CAD/CAM software generates a laser file from the designed pattern or text and stores it in the computer. When the machine reads the file from the computer, the laser head will move back and forth line by line from left to right and top to bottom along the scanning track, so as to realize the laser engraving plan. CO2 laser engraving machines can etch and cut wood, plywood, MDF, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, cloth, glass, ceramic, resin, plastic, PCB, and stone.

Cheap CO2 Laser Engraving Machine 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W


$3500.00 - $5500.00

STJ1390 cheap CO2 laser engraving machine with 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W or 180W laser power is an entry level nonmetal laser engraver for wood, fabric, stone, glass, acrylic, paper, plastic, and any type of leather. The best CO2 laser engraver is widely used in signs, arts, crafts, gifts, shoes, toys, garments, packaging and paper industry.

2022 Best CO2 Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment for Sale


$3000.00 - $5500.00

2022 best CO2 laser engraver with rotary attachment (rotary axis) is used for cutting & engraving cylinders, round and conical objects, such as YETI mugs, cups, ramblers, baseball bats, glasses, bottles and so on. Now the best rotary laser engraver for sale at an affordable price.

2x3 Hobby Laser Engraver for DIY Plastic, Acrylic, Glass, Rubber, Polymer


$2600.00 - $3600.00

STJ9060 hobby laser engraver with 2x3 table top is used to cut, engrave, and etch plastic, acrylic, glass, rubber, polymer, wood for hobbyists, small business, and home shop. Now the affordable 2x3 hobby laser engraving machine for sale at cost price.

2022 Top Rated Laser Wood Engraver & Engraving Machine for Sale


$2600.00 - $3600.00

Are you looking forward to DIY laser wood engraver plans or need to buy an affordable laser wood engraving machine for beginners in 2022? Review the top rated wood laser engraver buying guide as follows, we'll offer you 2022 best laser engraving machines for wood with custom wood engraving and cutting service, expert ratings, and cost price to fit your 2D/3D laser etching & burning wood projects, ideas and plans within your budget.

2022 Best Budget Mini Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine for Sale


$2400.00 - $2600.00

STJ6040 desktop laser engraver (desktop laser cutter) with CO2 laser tube is a hobby laser with tabletop and benchtop design for small business or home business, which is used to etch, engrave and cut signs, logos, letters, numbers, patterns on wood, plywood, MDF, cardboard, leather, fabric, plastic, acrylic, rubber, glass, paper. Now the 2022 best budget mini desktop laser cutting and engraving machine for sale at cost price.

2022 Best Entry Level Small Laser Engraver & Engraving Machine for Beginners


$2600.00 - $3600.00

2022 best small laser engraver is an entry level laser engraving machine with compact structure for beginners to engrave, etch, and cut crafts, arts, gifts of wood, MDF, acrylic, crystal, plastic, glass, paper, leather, fabric or stone in small business, small shop, home business, home shop. Now the cheapest mini laser etching machine for sale at low price.

Industrial 4x8 Marble, Granite, Stone Laser Engraving Machine for Sale


$6000.00 - $7200.00

Industrial 4x8 laser stone engraving machine is a 48 x 96 inch laser engraving table to etch marble, granite, gravestone, headstone, tombstone, slate, jade, pebbles, rocks, bricks. Now the 4x8 industrial stone laser engraver for sale at affordable price.

Affordable Laser Engraver for Leather, Fabric, Paper, Jeans


$3800.00 - $6500.00

Affordable laser engraver with CO2 laser tube is designed for cutting, etching & engraving genuine leather, synthetic leather, leatherette, fabric, textile, paper, cardboard, jeans, fibers and more flexible materials, which is also known as laser leather engraving machine, laser fabric engraver, laser paper engraver, laser jeans engraving machine. Now the cheap laser engraving machine for sale at affordable price.

Desktop CO2 Laser Etching Machine for Glass, Acrylic, Plastic


$4000.00 - $6500.00

2022 best CO2 laser marking machine is used for engraving plastic, acrylic, glass. Now the affordable CO2 desktop laser marking system for sale at cost price.

Affordable CO2 Laser Fruit Engraving Machine for Sale at Cost Price


$4400.00 - $7800.00

Do you want do brand your logo on young fresh shaved coconut (Thai) with laser fruit labeling machine? Do you want to DIY personalized fresh fruit with laser fruit engraving machine? Review 2022 best CO2 laser fruit marking machine for custom coconut shell, fresh coconut, apple, orange, lemon, avocado, potato, and vegetables.

Low Cost CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Leather & Fabric


$4700.00 - $5500.00

Low cost CO2 laser marking machine is used for personalizing leather, fabric, jeans, and textile. Now the cheap CO2 laser marking system for sale at affordable price.

2022 Best CO2 Laser Wood Marking Machine for MDF, Plywood, Bamboo


$4700.00 - $5800.00

2022 best CO2 laser wood marking machine is used for engraving MDF, plywood, bamboo to DIY personalized wood crafts, gift box, wood arts, wood paint, wood frame, keyboard, mobile case, cover, and more woodworking projects.

An UV laser engraver is a professional fine laser marking system for plastic, glass, metal and crystal, which is convenient for crystal engraving, and can do 3D subsurface engraving on crystal. Different from optical fiber and CO2 laser with wavelength of 1064nm, the UV laser marking machine adopts ultraviolet laser with wavelength of 355nm, and the focusing spot is very small for fine marking and engraving. It is used in custom gifts, arts, and crafts with crystal, DIY glassware, packaging, flexible PCB board marking and scribing, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers.

2022 Best 3D Subsurface Laser Crystal Engraving Machine with Ultraviolet Laser


$17900.00 - $22000.00

3D subsurface laser crystal engraving machine is 2022 best 3D laser engraver for inner crystal engraving, inside glass etching, and internal acrylic marking, which is used to DIY personalized gifts, souvenirs, keepsakes, arts, crafts, Bubblegram, trophies, award, cube with portraits, names, models, signs, logos, photos for custom 3D crystal engraving business, projects, ideas, and plans. Now the top rated 3D subsurface laser crystal engraver for sale at cost price.

2022 Top Rated UV Laser Marking Machine for Sale at Cheapest Price


$9500.00 - $20000.00

STJ-5U UV laser marking machine is a type of cold laser etching system with Ultraviolet laser designed for ultra-fine marking for plastics, including polymer, silicon, ceramics, crystal glass, PC, PE, PET, and ABS. Now the 2022 top rated UV laser engraving machine for sale at cheapest price.

Desktop UV Laser Engraving Machine for Plastic, Silicon, Glass, Ceramic


$5400.00 - $6500.00

Desktop UV laser engraving machine is a type of cold laser marking system with Ultraviolet laser source for plastics, including PP (polypropylene), PC (polycarbonate), PE (polyethylene), ABS, PA, PMMA, silicon, glass and ceramics.

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