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Business Profile - Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd. (STYLECNC)

Company Profile

Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd.

STYLECNC is the world's most popular CNC brand from the most professional CNC machine manufacturer in China - Jinan Style Machinery Co., Ltd., which has been committed to designing, developing, manufacturing and selling CNC routers, CNC mills, laser cutters, laser engravers, laser marking machines, laser welding systems, laser cleaning tools, plasma cutters, digital cutting machines, lathe machines, and more machine tools.

Over the years, STYLECNC has always adhered to the construction of corporate culture, sharing the happiness brought by the company's growth with employees. STYLECNC always regards "equality, pragmatism, passion and innovation" as its core values. Always adhere to the development concept of "technology is king, innovation is the foundation". Always take "technology, quality and responsibility" as the connotation of brand expansion.

Core Value

STYLECNC has gradually refined the core values of "equality, pragmatism, passion and innovation" as it grows.

STYLECNC has always pursued the core value of equality, advocated a company culture of equality and participation for everyone, and upheld a corporate culture of fairness, justice and openness. The pragmatic spirit is a virtue that STYLECNC employees have always adhered to, and it has been passed down by all staff. STYLECNC employees are a group of passionate people who are never satisfied, pursue perfection and constantly pursue new goals. STYLECNC always moves forward with dreams and turns dreams into reality one by one. The driving force behind pursuing dreams and putting them into practice is innovation and mastering core competitiveness.

Development Concept

Since its establishment, STYLECNC has always adhered to the development concept of "technology is king and innovation is the basis", relying on strong R&D strength and innovation capabilities to form the core competitiveness of "quality, cost, efficiency". This is also an important development strategy formed by STYLECNC through continuous accumulation, continuous summary, and continuous adjustment of strategies.

Looking back on the development history, the development concept of "technology is king, innovation is the basis" has always been throughout the development process of STYLECNC and has become the core advantage of STYLECNC. STYLECNC's achievements are inseparable from the innovative spirit of "challenging authority" and the never-ending innovative concept, as well as technological innovation, institutional innovation, cultural innovation, talent training innovation, and the inheritance and development of innovation.

Employee Care

Employees are the company's only value-added asset and the most important asset. While relying on its employees to create wonderful products and experiences for customers, STYLECNC also actively provides employees with a good development environment to help them grow and promote their success. This is also an outstanding performance of STYLECNC’s social responsibility.

STYLECNC adheres to the principle of "career retention, treatment retention, and emotional retention", allowing employees to share the happiness brought about by the company's growth.

Quality Culture

STYLECNC has been actively carrying out quality culture construction, establishing an effective long-term construction mechanism, and striving to create a good quality culture atmosphere through the image of "doing things first" and "seriousness".

"To be a man first before doing anything". The formulation and implementation of the system, product research and development and manufacturing, and the formulation and promotion of the quality system all involve many links. These links all require the participation of people. The upbringing of employees directly affect the production process and ultimately determine the product quality. It is of great significance to advocate the quality culture of "to be a man first before doing anything".

In order to further promote the company's quality culture construction, STYLECNC also put forward the concept of "seeking the future from seriousness". The seriousness advocated by STYLECNC not only refers to focusing on doing things, but also working with a dedicated and responsible attitude, using reasonable and effective methods, preparing and planning for everything, and grasping every detail of the work progress, solving unexpected problems efficiently and quickly, and doing our best to complete all tasks, so as to achieve the purpose of quantifying and visualizing results. From beginning to end, the spirit and essence of "seriousness" are reflected in every link and attitude. STYLECNC implements "seriousness" as the assessment standard throughout the company and integrates "seriousness" into the corporate culture, making "seriousness" a unique label for all employees.

Culture is consensus. STYLECNC's corporate culture is the consensus of all STYLECNC employees. It contains employees' beliefs and value orientations, and is also summarized by employees through years of practical experience. We firmly believe that under the guidance of the company's corporate culture and the "innovative, pragmatic and serious" work attitude of all employees, STYLECNC will surely create a broader sky and achieve greater achievements.

STYLECNC's Honor and Certificate

At STYLECNC, all of our decisions and actions reflect our high-quality standards. And that's been the case for almost a century.

STYLECNC's mission is to deliver outstanding quality to its customers. We strive not only to produce high-quality products but also to maintain quality across all of our processes. High-quality processes are what allows our employees to perform at their best. To best support them, we work together to make sure our processes are efficient.

STYLECNC's goal is to consistently meet the quality expectations of all of its customers and to assure them that they can expect added value in the area of quality as they can expect in others.

The future-oriented technology that we use allows our employees to provide efficient, first-rate service. We use Certificate of compliance (CE) to keep us constantly informed on the company's current quality levels and allows us to respond promptly to changes. We also apply highly modern measurement methods to meet increasing product quality requirements.

Another important part of our overall system is our suppliers, who contribute to the overall success of the company through continuous supplier development.

STYLECNC Honors and Certificates

STYLECNC's Teamwork

Our vision defines what we envision for our future. It serves to direct our efforts towards a common long-term target.

We will become world market leader in CNC machine manufacturing.

Enthusiastic customers

As an international company with excellent products and services, we offer our customers added value in the form of CNC solutions. As the world market leader in the growth markets of CNC machining, we win enthusiastic customers wherever we make production processes more efficient with the aid of CNC machining.

Enthusiastic employees

Our employees think and act entrepreneurially. With their willingness to work, their continual further training and their great flexibility, they meet the increasing demands of the international markets. Equal chances and performance-oriented salaries are the main basis for excellent employee motivation.

Excellent innovations

We design our products and processes specifically to meet the requirements of our customers. In this, we make use of the latest technologies and modern forms of organization. As the world's leading innovator, we develop, produce and sell CNC machines and solutions with excellent quality.

Safe future

Our growth is sustainable and profitable. It allows us to remain an independent company and to develop it as we wish. We offer our employees safe, long-term jobs and actively accept our responsibility to society. We observe safer principles in all of our actions.


STYLECNC's Sales Network

We maintain a worldwide sales network in order to provide our customers fast and competent advice. With this service, we have made STYLECNC an international CNC brand.

STYLECNC Customers

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