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High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Model: STP1530
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Price Range: $4880.00 to $5880.00 / Set According to Configurations
The final price will fluctuate according to the configurations of High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing
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Product Introduction

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High definition CNC plasma cutter is used for sheet metal cutting of aluminum, steel, copper, iron, alloy, which is applied in machinery, automobile, metal parts, ship building, war industry, metallurgy, and other sheet metal manufacturing.

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Product Descriptions

CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Features of CNC plasma cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

1. Welded structure of thickening square tube, together with top brand guide rail to ensure high running speed and accuracy.

2. Hypertherm plasma power supply together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster. Self-adjusting can choose the best distance between plasma gun and working piece automatically to ensure high accuracy cutting.

3. CNC pasma cutter for sheet metal uses STARFIRE control system with FastCAM software for auto material saving function, large capacity storing function, convenient to read and process.

4. Cutting head with cooling system can quickly cool surface of material to avoid burr and residue.

5. Overall stepper motor with high precision rack and pinion, to ensure the cnc plasma cutter has small noise, smooth, precise coordinates of the mobile performance.

6. Perfect software compatibility, such as Ucancam, Type 3, Artcum, etc.

Technical Parameters of CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing



Working Area (X*Y)



Square tube Integral guide

X/Y/Z Rail

Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide


X/Y rack and pinion,Z Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

Motor driver

Stepper Motor driver

Control System


Cutting Thickness

3mm-30mm stainless steel

Plasma Power Supply

PowerMax 45A/65A/85A/105A

Working Speed


Working Voltage

220V,2PH or 380V,3 PH


ArtCAM/Type 3/Ucancam

Hypertherm plasma cutting gun:

CNC plasma cutting head

Professional STARTFIRE control system:

START control system for CNC plasma cutting

Hypertherm plasma cutting nozzle:

Hypertherm cutting nozzle

Hypertherm plasma power supply:

Power Max 105 for aluminum CNC plasma cutting

Applications of CNC plasma cutting machine for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

It is widely applied in industries of machinery, automobile, ship building, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive, etc.

It is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed. It is used for aluminum plate, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, white steel plate, titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal.

CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Manufacturing Projects

CNC Plasma Cutter Projects

CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Cutting Projects

STYLECNC® CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal can also be installed with the rotary device to cut metal pipes and tubes. Welcome to inquiry.

CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary device

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