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CO2 Laser Marking Machine Basics - The Beginner's Guide

Do you have an idea to DIY or buy an affordable CO2 laser marking machine? Review 2021 best CO2 laser marker buyer's guide for machinists, operators and beginners, we'll offer you 2021 cheapest CO2 laser marking systems with expert customer service to fit your requirements.


CO2 laser marking machine is a type of laser etching system with CO2 laser beam to engrave marks on 2D or 3D surface of wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, glass, construction ceramics, organic materials, PMMA sheet, plastic, and rubber. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop and home shop. CO2 laser marking machine is also known as CO2 laser marker, CO2 laser engraver, CO2 laser marker machine, CO2 laser marking equipment, CO2 laser marking system, CO2 laser engraving machine, CO2 laser etching machine, CO2 laser printing machine, CO2 laser stippling machine.


CO2 laser marking system is mainly applied to some products and industries that require more precise and accurate such as medicine, food and beverage packaging industries, textile industry, handicraft supplying industry, printing industry and manufacturing industries for electronic components, communication products, watches and glass products.

It is used in the fields of electronic components, instrumentation, clothing, leather, bags, shoes, buttons, glasses, medicine, food, beverages, cosmetics, packaging, electrical equipment and so on. It is suitable for marking, engraving, hollowing and cutting of various non-metallic materials and products. It can perform marking, engraving, hollowing, and cutting of various characters, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, serial numbers and more.

Working Principle

CO2 laser marking machines are gas lasers that are based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture, which is stimulated electrically. With a wavelength of 10.6 micrometers, they are mainly suited for working on non-metallic materials and on most plastics. It has a relatively high efficiency and feature a very good beam quality. They are therefore the most widely used laser types. The result of CO2 laser marking is the deep matter that is displayed through the evaporation of 2D/3D surface material, so as to mark out exquisite patterns, signs, trademarks, dates, logos or letters.

Technical Parameters - Specifications

ModelHandheld series, Portable series, Mini series, 3D series, Desktop series, Flying series
Laser Power20W, 30W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 200W, 300W
Price Range$4,500.00 - $70,000.00
Laser SourceCO2 laser
Laser Wavelength10.64μm

Features & Advantages

1. Satisfy your different marking needs: Using high-speed galvanometer scanning system, the marking effect is fine; high repetitive marking accuracy, to meet the needs of repetitive processing; the marking process is non-contact, the marking effect is permanent; it can meet the industrialized mass online or offline manufacturing needs;

2. Wide range of applications: The maximum marking speed of 7000mm/s improves the processing efficiency, can be easily integrated in the production line or work independently, it is suitable for marking, engraving and cutting on most non-metallic materials;

3. Flexible and convenient operating system: The operation process is humane, and the equipment is stable; the dedicated control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output; it can realize text symbols, graphic images, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers Automatic arrangement and modification of automatic increment, etc.; supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats, and can directly use the ttf font library;

4. Outstanding product cost performance: Using high quality radio frequency lasers, good beam performance, long service life, stable performance and maintenance-free; convenient and fast service, worry-free after use; simple and user-friendly design, saving high training costs; stable overall performance of the equipment, with 24 Hours of continuous work capacity.

Pricing Guide

If you want to buy a CO2 laser marking machine, you may wonder how much does it cost? how to get a final price? According to different machine configurations, you will get the cost from $4,500.00 to $70,000.00. If you have an idea to buy a laser marker overseas, the fee of customs clearance, tax, and shipping costs should be included in the final price.

Manufacturer Guide

As a guaranteed CO2 laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier, STYLECNC provides all kinds of best CO2 laser marking systems for sale to fit your works.

STYLECNC's CNC laser machines adopt genuine software and system, the best original parts and kits.

STYLECNC offers cost price for your laser marking plans without any intermediate. You will get the best laser marking system at an affordable price from us.

STYLECNC also offers smart laser marking solutions, 24/7 one-to-one free CO2 laser marker service and support, which is available free.

Buying Guide

1. Consult:

We will recommend the most suitable laser marker machine to you after being informed by your requirements.

2. Quotation:

We will offer you with our detail quotation according to the consulted laser marker machine. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and the affordable price.

3. Process Evaluation:

Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details of the order to exclude any misunderstanding.

4. Placing Order:

If you have no doubt, we will send you the PI (Proforma Invoice), and then we will sign a contract with you.

5. Production:

We will arrange the CO2 laser machine production as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and informed to the laser marker buyer during the production.

6. Quality Control:

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be tested to make sure they can work very well before out of factory. 

7. Delivery:

We will arrange the delivery as the terms in the contract after the confirmation by the buyer.

8. Custom Clearance:

We will supply and deliver all the necessary shipping documents to the laser machine buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.

9. Support and Service:

We will offer professional technical support and free service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.

How To Use?

Check the waterway and circuit before turning on the machine. The boot sequence is:

1. Turn on the incoming line power and turn on the key switch. At this time, the machine's air extraction and refrigeration system are energized, and the ammeter shows a value of about 7A;

2. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds, press the trigger button on the external control panel, the ammeter displays a value of zero, after 3 to 5 seconds, the krypton lamp is ignited, and the ammeter displays a value of 7A. (Refer to the operation manual of laser power supply);

3. Turn on the power supply of the galvanometer;

4. Turn on the computer and call up the required marking file;

5. Adjust the laser power to the working current (10~18A), and then you can start marking.

After marking, turn off the power of each component in the reverse direction according to the above sequence:

1. Adjust the working current of the laser power supply to the minimum (about 7A);

2. Turn off the computer;

3. Turn off the power of the galvanometer;

4. Press the stop button;

5. Turn off the key switch;

6. Disconnect incoming power.


The laser tube light voltmeter has instructions.

1. Abnormal light emission and heat in the light-guiding joints.

It is common that the light guide joint is loose and the laser tube is not installed properly.

Inspection: Same light correction.

Solution: Replace or adjust the light guide section and correct the light path.

2. The laser power drops.

It is common in laser tube aging.

Inspection: Use a multimeter to check the voltage regulator, and use a high-voltage meter to check the working voltage of the laser tube.

Solution: Replace the aging laser tube and replace the damaged components.

The laser tube does not light up.

1. The indication of the voltmeter is common when there is an open circuit in the power supply line. Poor contact with foot switch or manual switch.

Inspection: Measure with a multimeter.

Solution: Repair or replace.

2. The voltmeter has no indication.

Frequently, the fuse is broken, or the circuit is open.

Inspection: Measure with a multimeter.

Solution: Replace the fuse, or connect the circuit.

3. The power indicator does not light up.

Commonly, the fuse is broken, the incoming wire is in poor contact, the indicator light circuit is bad or the indicator light is broken.

Inspection: Check the fuse, check the power supply line, and check the indicator circuit.

Solution: Replace the fuse, repair the wire and replace the indicator light.

4. Continuous burning of the fuse is usually caused by a short circuit in the machine and serious dirt in the machine.

Inspection: Check the wire level by level, mostly because the high voltage part has a short circuit.

Solution: Repair the short circuit and remove the dirt.

5. There is discharge sound or arc light in the machine. There is usually dust, water or air humidity and corrosive gas in the machine.

Inspection: Observe the discharge point in a dark place.

Solution: Remove dust, water, etc., and change the working environment.

6. The laser output is unstable.

It is common in the laser machine where there is poor contact, and there are slight intermittent short-circuit points in the machine.

Inspection: Check the line level by level.

Solution: Replace the wire, re-weld the wire end, and clean it.

CO2 Laser Markers for Sale

(7 Items)

3D Dynamic Focus RF CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine


$34400.00 - $50000.00

3D dynamic focus CO2 laser engraving & cutting machine with 200W CO2 RF laser tube is used for 2D/3D cutting & marking card stock, paper crafts, and paper cards, including holiday cards, invitation cards, wedding cards, Christmas cards.

CO2 RF Laser Marking Machine with America Synrad Laser Tube 30W


$6700.00 - $18100.00

CO2 RF laser marking machine with 30W America Synrad laser tube is used for engraving fabric, textile, wood, MDF, bamboo, PVC, acrylic, plastic, leather, and more non metal materials.

Low Cost CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Sale


$4700.00 - $5500.00

Low cost CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for leather, glass, fabric and wood marking or some thin materials cutting, such as greeting cards, cloth and reflective materials. Now the best CO2 laser marking system for sale at an affordable price.

Coconut Laser Marking Machine with CO2 Laser for Sale


$4400.00 - $7800.00

Do you want do brand your logo on young fresh shaved coconut (Thai) with laser marking system? Do you want to custom branded coconut with a laser engraving machine? Check out 2020 best CO2 laser marking machine for coconut shell and fresh coconuts.

Desktop CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Sale


$4400.00 - $8000.00

Desktop CO2 laser marking machine is used for non-metal engraving such as wood, leather and glass, now the CO2 desktop laser marker machine for sale at an affordable price.

3D Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Invitations, Cards


$10500.00 - $70000.00

3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine can easily finish wedding invitations, birthday cards, christmas cards hollowing and cutting process without black cutting edge.

CO2 Laser Wood Marking Machine for Sale


$4700.00 - $5800.00

CO2 laser wood marking machine is used for marking nonmetals such as wood, plastic, leather, glass, etc. Now the CO2 laser wood marking machine for sale at a low price.

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