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Most Affordable Nesting CNC Router Machines for Sale

A CNC nesting router machine is an industrial automatic wood cutting machine with computer numerical controller, which has the ability of feeding, cutting and unloading in furniture customization. The layout file is designed by CAD/CAM software, and the G-code command is generated by the computer, which is transmitted to the user friendly computer numerical control system, so as to control the machine to perform various operations. The CNC nesting machine drives the gantry to move through the stepper motor, cuts the panel through the tool in the high speed spindle. It is divided into single-process, double-process, three-process, and four-process based on the number of spindles, and is classified into single-table, double-table, and moving-table based on the different table structures. In addition, it can be customized and designed to meet the commercial woodworking plans.

Table of Contents

Kitchen Cabinet Door Making CNC Router Machine for Sale
4.8 (87)
$12,200.00 - $13,300.00

Kitchen cabinet door making CNC router machine on sale for custom cabinet making, door making, furniture making at home, bathroom, garage, living room, office.
Smart Nesting CNC Router Machine for Custom Cabinet Making
4.9 (62)
$20,000.00 - $24,000.00

Smart nesting CNC router machine on sale for cabinet door making, decorative cabinet making, kitchen cabinet making, and more customized cabinets making.
Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making
4.8 (54)
$20,000.00 - $45,000.00

Full automatic flatbed CNC router machine is used in modern furniture making including customized panel furniture, home furniture, shop and office furniture.
Custom Furniture CNC Router with Automatic Nesting Software
4.8 (28)
$45,000.00 - $55,000.00

Custom furniture CNC router with automatic nesting software has functions of automated feeding, nesting, cutting, drilling, slotting, grooving, and carving.
Affordable Nesting CNC Machine for Custom Modern Furniture
4.8 (51)
$22,900.00 - $40,450.00

Affordable nesting CNC machine for modern custom furniture will perfectly decorate space & style to personalize the best modern furniture for home & office.
High End Automatic CNC Nesting Machining Center for Sale
4.9 (58)
$48,000.00 - $56,000.00

High end automatic CNC nesting machining center is used in home decorations, office furniture, wardrobe, cabinets, and more custom panel furniture making.
2022 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
5 (45)
$2,000.00 - $8,000.00

2022 best CNC wood sanding machine is used for sanding and polishing veneer board, MDF, primer board, wood products, and WPC.
2023 Best Automatic Six Sided CNC Drilling Machine for Sale
4.8 (36)
$28,000.00 - $30,000.00

2023 best six sided CNC drilling machine for vertical drilling, side drilling, and saw for slotting. Now the CNC six-sided drill for sale at cost price.
Automatic Feeding CNC Machine for Furniture Production Line
4.8 (50)
$20,000.00 - $30,000.00

Automatic feeding CNC machine for panel furniture production line with automatic feeding, nesting, drilling, cutting and optimization.
Industrial ATC CNC Router Machine with 4 Spindles for Sale
4.9 (57)
$12,700.00 - $16,000.00

Industrial ATC CNC router machine with four spindles is used for panel furniture, office furniture, wood doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, windows, decorations.
Nesting CNC Router Machine with Drill Block and 2 Spindles
4.9 (48)
$20,000.00 - $30,000.00

Nesting CNC router machine with drill block and 2 spindles is used for carving, milling, slotting, grooving, cutting, and the whole furniture making project.
CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine with Laser Positioning
4.8 (12)
$5,500.00 - $8,000.00

Automatic CNC horizontal drilling machine with laser positioning is used for horizontal perforated sheet with custom furniture to replace the traditional drill.
Automatic CNC Drilling Grooving Machine for Woodworking
4.9 (17)
$30,000.00 - $48,000.00

Automatic CNC drilling & grooving machine is used for woodworking, matching to single head CNC router, it can finish all works for custom furniture making.
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Upgrade Your Furniture Manufacturing with CNC Nesting Router Machine

Nesting CNC Machine

Whole house panel furniture customization has become the most profitable business for modern kitchen manufacturer, wardrobe maker, cabinet maker, closet maker, door manufacturer, Shopfitter and provider. New CNC nesting machines these days have better functional features and more tech gizmos than machine tools from a decade ago. The furniture board is automatically loaded and unloaded, and the cutting, drilling and grooving job with your design will be done in minutes, and you just need to assemble it.

If you need to upgrade your panel furniture production line with a new nesting CNC machine to make cabinets, closets, wardrobes, home doors, home decorations, and other personalized panel furniture, we suggest starting your buying process sooner rather than later, as it can fully automate your panel furniture manufacturing process, which not only saves labor and production costs, but also improves production efficiency. Buy early and benefit early.

Here's how to research, understand, locate, price and negotiate to buy your new nesting CNC router. Smartphones make these steps easier than ever. It is now entirely possible for a buyer to shop for a machine tool while waiting to pick up the kids or in line at the supermarket.

This guide explores the steps a buyer would take to purchase a new automatic CNC nesting router machine to make the shopping process quicker and stress-free. 

Let's begin.

What Is A Nesting CNC Machine?

Nesting CNC machine is a smart machine tool in customized panel furniture production including cabinet door making, closet door making, home door making, wardrobe making, home decoration making, cabinets making, home furniture making, shop and office furniture making. In the production process, the operator just as porters, the Intelligent CNC nesting machines can realize automatic paste barcode, automatic feeding, drilling, slotting, cutting, automatic uploading, automatic retrieval processes for cutting side hole, slot on the back, back hole, the whole process don't need human judgment, automatic processing, get rid of the dependence of woodworking professional and technical workers.

Besides, automatic feeding CNC nesting machine instead of the traditional push table saw or precision saw, to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries, the health of employees is guaranteed.

What Is Panel Furniture Production Line?

Panel furniture production line refers to the machine tools and software used in the entire panel furniture manufacturing process including automatic labeling row drilling and cutting center, customized cabinet and wardrobe smart hole machine, CNC six-sided drilling, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection, cabinet and wardrobe molded door line, multiple six-sided drilling and cutting machine connections, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly machining center.

Working Principle

The working path is automatically generated by the software. Through the intelligent design software to split single 3D modeling, it can realize the real effect of map rendering. Customized furniture shape and size at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements, and outputs all sheet drawing format (DXF format drawings belonging to a common format, it can be open in all the software), each piece of plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path (NC program), to maximize use of raw materials.




S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6

Price Range

$5,500.00 - $56,000.00

Table Structure

Vacuum system

X, Y Structure

Gear Wheel Transmission

Z Structure

Ball Screw, linear square rail

Working Voltage



G Code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt

Operating System

Taiwan Syntec control system


A nesting CNC machine has flexible functions, and can not only cut straight lines, but also can cut any complex curve lines, and realize the integration of punching, slotting and cutting.

One person can operate multiple pieces of equipment at the same time, and an ordinary worker can complete the work of several senior skilled workers at the same time.

With the help of nesting software, it can surpass the original manual extensive production and realize intelligent operation.

Here are its 10 features.

Automatic Nesting

The nesting software can realize intelligent nesting, maximize the utilization rate of the board, and save the material cost of the panel furniture to the greatest extent. In the past, professional nesting workers took a day to complete the nesting task, but now ordinary workers can calculate it with nesting software in just a few seconds, and the calculation results are far better than manual nesting.

Automatic Output Tool Path

The nesting software can automatically output tool path G code files. In the past, professional layout workers were required to use software to generate tool path files semi-automatically, which was cumbersome.

One-Stroke Tool Path Optimization Technology

The tool path output by the nesting software is also optimized by mathematical methods. Ordinary rectangular material contour line cutting, the output tool path adopts one-stroke technology, which realizes the cutting of the entire board by one drop of the knife without lifting the knife, and the cutting efficiency is significantly improved.

Co-edge Cutting Tool Path Optimization Technology

Co-edge rectangular cutting adopts the shortest path optimization technology to achieve efficient cutting through the shortest tool path and the least number of knife lifts.

Unique Anti-drift Technology

It provides special-shaped path export, and also provides a unique anti-drift technology. The cutting sequence of the board and the position of the cutting point are all optimized and selected by special mathematical methods, so that the possibility of small board drifting will be minimized.

In order to further reduce the possibility of drifting, it also provides slope cutting technology and multi-layer cutting strategy to further reduce the possibility of drifting of small boards.

Punching & Slotting Functions

The typesetting software supports the functions of punching and slotting, so that only one process of material cutting is needed to realize the traditional three-process operation of material cutting, punching, and slotting, which improves work efficiency and reduces equipment investment.

Support Tool Change

The optimized typesetting software supports automatic tool change. During the cutting process, the tool can be changed automatically according to the preset tool number. In order to reduce the number of tool changes, it will automatically summarize and classify the cutting paths of various tools, and complete all paths step by step according to the tool numbers.

Support Row Drilling

Optimized typesetting software supports drilling operations. The software can print barcodes and QR code labels when cutting materials, and include the drilling operation instructions in the barcodes and QR codes. After the cutting is completed, the drilling equipment scans the corresponding barcode label and automatically drills holes.

Support Automatic Loading & Unloading

The optimized typesetting software supports fully automatic machines with loading and unloading devices. When exporting the path, the cutting instructions and loading and unloading instructions of all orders can be combined to generate a G-code file to realize fully automatic cutting operations.

Automatic Bill Splitting

The order dismantling module, which will realize the automatic dismantling of orders into work orders, and realize the intelligentization of the production process of furniture enterprises.

Pros & Cons


Are you still using traditional, inefficient sliding table saws? Are you still using its relatively backward craftsmanship to make furniture? The era of CNC nesting machine has come into being, and its pros and cons are listed below.

1. The design software automatically optimizes the typesetting, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of the board. It uses a milling cutter to cut the material, can turn the direction arbitrarily, and can cut the opposite sex. The average utilization rate of each board is 2.7-2.8 square meters.

2. Save labor, one person can operate several machines, reduce labor intensity, save the wages of master craftsmen who push table saws, and use 0.3 square meters more for each plate.

3. The processing speed is fast, his work is continuous, and he can work continuously for eight hours without interruption, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity. One piece of equipment can produce 60-80 boards a day, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

4. The dust collection effect is good. It adopts a 3 kW full set of dust removal controlled by a solenoid valve, which realizes the dust-free factory, greatly improves the environmental quality of the factory, and enhances the dust collection effect of the machine. The suction is clean and its suction is strong Can reach more than 95 percent.

5. Smart operation, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple, and any small worker can go to work directly after 3-5 hours of training from the manufacturer.

6. The machine can pause at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth at any time, and can preview the plane and three-dimensional diagram of the cutting path. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for cutting different materials and is suitable for different industries.

7. With strong special-shaped processing ability, it is very suitable for customized production.


1. Tool loss: It is generally suitable for plates with less impurities, otherwise the tool loss will be large. Ordinary cutting knives can open 20-35 particle boards.

2. Batch processing is not supported: It is processed one by one, unlike electronic saws that can process many sheets at a time.

3. Risk of use: Small and medium-sized panel furniture factories are highly dependent on equipment. Once the equipment fails, if the manufacturer does not sell it in time, the production will be paralyzed. This is a problem that most custom furniture factories worry about.

4. Higher requirements for software: The software is the brain of the machine, and whether the machine works well depends to a large extent on the selected software. Therefore, the equipment needs to be equipped with mature software for furniture design and disassembly.

Buyer's Guide

1. Consult:

We will recommend the most suitable CNC nesting machine to you after being informed by your requirements.

2. Quotation:

We will offer you with our detail quotation according to the consulted CNC nesting machining center. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and the affordable price.

3. Process Evaluation:

Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details (technical parameters, specifications and business terms) of the order to exclude any misunderstanding.

4. Placing Order:

If you have no doubt, we will send you the PI (Proforma Invoice), and then we will sign a contract with you.

5. Production:

We will arrange the production as soon as receiving your signed sales contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and informed to the buyer during the production.

6. Quality Control:

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete machine will be tested to make sure they can work well before out of factory.

7. Delivery:

We will arrange the delivery as the terms in the contract after the confirmation by the CNC nesting machine buyer.

8. Custom Clearance:

We will supply and deliver all the necessary shipping documents to the buyer and ensure a smooth customs clearance.

9. Support and Service:

We will offer professional technical support and free service by Phone, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Online Live Chat, Remote Service. We also have door-to-door service in some areas.

How To Use?

Before starting processing, it is best to run the nesting CNC machine dry, because only dry running can ensure that all parts of the machine are very normal and ensure safety.

1. Turn on the power and make sure that the emergency stop button is not touched.

2. Turn on the computer connected to the machine, enter the predetermined operating system, find the software that controls the device, and double-click to open the software on the computer.

3. Check whether the machine operating system is normal. If there is any error message about the machine in the system, it can no longer be used for work, and the cause of the error should be found out and repaired.

4. Measure whether the size of the workpiece exceeds the range of the pneumatic clamp of the machine, and make adjustments. Once the workpiece is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the machine or cause damage to the machine.

5. Start the pressure device of the machine, and the normal processing can only be carried out after the inspection is correct.

Things To Consider

The operator must be very familiar with the CNC nesting machine, whether it is the structure, the scope of application, the technical specifications and the safety rules that must be followed during use, they must be familiar with it to avoid accidents during use. In addition, before the formal operation, the operator is generally required to take an exam, and only those who pass the exam can operate.

Before officially starting work, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine. Check whether the bolts in each part of the machine are loose, check whether the transmission of the machine is running smoothly, check whether the buttons of the machine are normal, and check whether the machine’s Whether the lubrication system, pneumatic system and various safety systems are in good condition. When all these have been checked and there is no problem, it can be turned on normally.

When the machine is running, the operator must pay attention to his own health and safety. Whether it is loading or unloading, he must strictly abide by the safety requirements to avoid accidents.

Once the illegal operation is carried out, it is very easy to cause accidents, which will cause very serious damage to the machine and equipment operators, so it is necessary to arouse the great attention of all users.

What Our Customers Say?

Are you still skeptical about STYLECNC? Are you still hesitating whether to buy CNC machines from STYLECNC? What better proof of that than finding unbiased testimonials from our real customers? All the while, we continually conduct satisfaction surveys of our customers asking if they would like to have a factual review of our products and services. As you'll see in the list below, many users have shared their personal experiences. We are happy to provide customers with high-quality CNC machines and services that satisfy them, which also drives us to continue to innovate and grow.

From United States
4 out of 5

Easy set up and integrates wonderfully with CNC. I'm impressed with the machine's overall mechanical design, fit and finish. It works exactly how I would expect it to. Its professional for modern custom furniture making, all work is done automatically. And I will upgrade to use smart robotic arms instead of manual operations to achieve unattended machining in the next year.

Jan 12, 2022
Robert M Beasley
From United States
5 out of 5
I searched and did further research to find one upgraded CNC router that I thought would do a good job. I have been learning to use this machine for a few weeks now and it is an amazing machine for my woodworking plans. Very accurate works well with the software. I am looking forward to using this machine for many years to come. It was well worth the investment and it is an engineering marvel. I will highly recommend to anybody in the business of cabinet making. Go for it, you won't be sorry.
Jan 11, 2022
Richard Pritchett
From United States
5 out of 5
If you are work for home furniture making, I recommend this machine 100%. It's easy to assemble. At this price range it's the best bang for your buck. Great machine for the price. There is a learning curve when getting started (mostly software) but once you understand the capabilities of the CNC router you'll be able to create many different kitchen cabinets, as well as home doors.
Jan 09, 2022
Bryan Manubag
From Philippines
5 out of 5
5 stars for all. when you make the order, immediately send you the English manual, operation videos for prepare. The Nested CNC machine assembled for hours 5, all tested, working with the installation manuals send by STYLECNC. A small parts was broken on the way to Philippines. They send me a new one by DHL. And training me how to change it for free. Well, in general, 5 stars, only 5 stars.
Nov 19, 2020
From Belarus
4 out of 5
So far this CNC router has worked great. I like this machine, I have used it a couple of times and it has done everything that I needed it to do. It is well made. I spend 10000$ but I believe I will earn ten times of the money. overall this is a great CNC router for cabinet making.
Nov 06, 2020
Thomas Lentsoane
From South Africa
4 out of 5
I have never seen something so perfect like this in my life, I am Junior Mechanical Engineer, I work as a Draughtsman. I love designing and will like to own a business in the nearer future.
May 26, 2020
From United States
5 out of 5
Panel furniture production line type is varied, manufacturers of furniture production line is also different in quality. STYLECNC is the best one I have ever met.
Nov 06, 2019
Stan Popov
From France
5 out of 5
Many thanks for your furniture production line, it saves both time and labor for complicated workpiece processing.
Oct 20, 2019
From United States
5 out of 5
I am happy with the CNC drilling machine quality. It works great. Laser recognition makes the work simpler. Very good customer service with this company. Answered my questions quickly.
Mar 11, 2019
From Saudi Arabia
5 out of 5
Nice product, quickly delivery, and excellent user support. STYLECNC team is very good.
Mar 02, 2019

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