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How to DIY Custom Guns with Fiber Laser Deep Engraver?
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Created By Claire On Apr 07, 2022 (526 Views)

How to DIY Custom Guns with Fiber Laser Deep Engraver?

How to DIY custom guns with a fiber laser engraver? Review 2022 top rated laser gun engraving machine for etching & stippling guns and firearms cylinder of metals, carbon fibers, polymer plastics.

Fiber laser marking machine can perform fine-line vector and dot matrix marking on conventional metals (iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, gold, silver, titanium) and their alloys, oxides, coatings and other surface treatment related workpieces. A fiber laser engraver is a professional custom gun engraving machine.

It has the basic features of conventional laser marking machine:

1. Low pollution and energy saving, stable performance;

2. The marking content is diverse and flexible;

3. The marking speed is fast and the time efficiency is high, and the marking process and results can be controlled and visible;

4. The marking result is clear, fine and delicate, not easy to fall off;

5. In terms of structure, the main components (laser, optical path, galvanometer, cabinet frame, lifting structure, peripheral interface facilities, workbench, etc.) can be integrated in various ways according to the actual production site conditions.

6. If small workpieces need to be selected flexibly in the workplace, portable marking can be formed;

7. For bulky and large workpieces, or need to be integrated into different positions, the laser and its supporting part and the cabinet frame can be separated to form a split marking;

8. For products on a moving production line, it can be combined with a mechanism that compensates for line speed to become an online marking.

When engraving metals, because the lines with a depth of several microns or more (the width can be several microns to tens of microns) are ablated from the surface, the color and reflectivity of the lines are different from the original ones, resulting in visual contrast. Make people sensitive to these lines (and the shape codes, numbers, patterns, trademarks, etc. formed by the lines). For glass, these ablated lines have a "dullening" effect; for plastics, due to the photochemical reaction and ablation, there are visual contrast and smoldering effects. If the surface of the material is coated with a special colored substance for marking, the colored substance will be fixed (high temperature ablation with the material) on the line and make it colored.

The laser engraving depth is related to factors such as the absorption of the laser by the engraved material, the power of the laser, and the action time of the laser on the engraved material. Deep engraving usually requires a longer action time. On the surface of various metal materials, fiber laser engraver can perform deep engraving and shallow engraving. Fiber laser metal engraving machine has many advantages compared with traditional CNC mechanical metal engraving. The biggest advantage is that laser engraving does not need to contact the workpiece to be engraved, so many fixtures and tools are omitted. In addition, the high-precision characteristics of laser engraving are especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics.

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