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How to mark the different colors on stainless steel by fiber laser marking machine?

Color fiber laser marking machine

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Fiber laser marking machine not only can mark black,whiter,grey,it can also mark the colors on the stainless steel to improve stainless steel products value-added.

Jinan STYLECNC is focus on Laser marking machine industry for many years, has rich experience of Laser marking. Today we will explore how the Fiber laser marking machine mark the different colors in stainless steel.

how the fiber laser marking machine mark the different colors in stainless steel

We should know that there are 3 different ways to make the stainless steel coloration.

First,Generate colored oxide.Second,By the chemical,electro chemical or under the action of laser, a thin layer of colorless transparent film are generated on the surface of stainless steel ,The oxide film thickness by precisely controlled. Because of diffraction effects, oxide films of different thicknesses can be presented in different colors.Third,In the presence of a mixed state of colored oxide and oxide film.

The relationship between the color change and the laser energy in the stainless steel color Laser marking:

stainless steel color laser marking machine

Under the laser,the stainless steel table generated the laser heat effect. By the laser heat effect,we will get the relationship between the laser energy density and the film thickness is proportional to the laser energy density.With increase of laser energy, stainless steel surface color changed according to the following sequence of color change: 

Orange-red-purple-blue-green blue-blue green-green-yellow green -yellow-orange-red.

So you can mark anything you want,such as photos,text,etc.It is very easy and environmental protection without pollution,high marking speed,For the stainless steel industry,the color laser marking Machine can huge improve stainless steel products value-added.Enhance the international competitiveness of stainless steel products

fiber laser marking machine mark colors on stainless steel

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