Precision CNC Plasma Cutter Table for Metal Cut & Drill

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Precision CNC Plasma Cutter Table for Metal Cut & Drill

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You will review how does a high definition CNC plasma cutter table cut and drill holes on sheet metal in this video. This high precision CNC plasma cutting machine is equipped with a plasma cutting head for thin metals cutting, a drilling head to drill holes on metal, a flame torch for oxy-fuel cutting carbon steel, low alloy steels, and cast irons with more thickness.

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Precision CNC Plasma Cutter Table for Metal Cut & Drill
How to Use CNC Plasma Cutter for Sheet Metal Fabrication?
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Precision CNC Plasma Cutter Table for Metal Cut & Drill

High definition CNC plasma cutting machine is an efficient automatic metal cutting equipment. Its working principle is to use compressed air as the ionizing medium, and use the compression of the cutting gun nozzle to form a high-density plasma arc heat source to melt the metal, and at the same time use a high-speed airflow to blow away the melted metal to form a narrow slit, and metal is quickly melted and cut.

The frame of the high precision CNC plasma table adopts a fully welded structure, and the internal stress is eliminated by the effective vibration processor, so that the stability of the frame is improved and the amount of degeneration is small. The X-axis adopts high-precision linear circular guide rails, and the Y-axis adopts high-precision linear guide rails, so the running resistance is small. The X-axis and Y-axis are installed with multifunctional instruments for detection and installation. The straightness error of the two rails of the X-axis is guaranteed to be less than ±0.05mm, and the vertical error of the X-axis and Y-axis is not more than ±0.05mm. The running trolley adopts a lightweight structure, which is convenient to ensure the quality of plasma cutting. The performance of the industrial computer operating system is stable and has a better man-machine dialogue interface. The industrial control computer can interface with ISO standard CNC language, which can display cutting graphics, simulate cutting, and has manual programming functions. The drive transmission system adopts a digital AC servo system. The motor adopts high-magnetic rare earth materials, has good magnetic conductivity and heat dissipation, and its code has a high resolution, thereby ensuring higher cutting accuracy. The software for the high precision CNC plasma cutting table is simple and easy to learn, flexible operation and high cutting accuracy.

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