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STYLECNC® 1325 CNC Router with 4 axis rotary

1325 CNC Router with 4th rotary axis for sale with low price

Model: STM1325-R3
Category: CNC Wood Router
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Standard Price: $5380.00 / Set
Price Range: $5380.00 to $10180.00 / Set according to configuration
The price will float according to the configurations of STYLECNC® 1325 CNC Router with 4 axis rotary
Supply Ability: 10 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Alibaba

Product Introduction

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STYLECNC® offers the newest 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary which is popular used in woodworking, sign making, mold making, arts and crafts, the 1325 CNC router for sale with affordable price, free CNC router service and support from now on.

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Product Descriptions

CNC Router 1325

CNC Router with 4th Rotary Axis

CNC Router with Vacuum Table

Applications of 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary:

Woodworking industry: Three-dimensional wave board, furnitures, solid wood door, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, tables, beds, computer desk, table legs, sofa legs, wood crafts, paint door, screen, windows, shoe polisher, game cabinets and panels, mahjong table, auxiliary processing.

Advertising industry: Advertising sign, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, a variety of materials advertising the production of decorative product.

Mold industry: Engraving wood, foam, EPS, copper, aluminum mold, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wood and other non-metallic mold.

Other industry: A variety of large-scale relief sculpture, shadow carving, craft industry.

Technical Parameters of 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary:

Working Area1300x2500x200mm
Traveling Positioning Accuracy±0.03/300mm
Repositioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Table SurfaceT-slot table (Vacuum working table for option)
FrameWelded Structure
X, Y StructureHelical rack, Taiwan HIWIN Rail Linear Bearings
Z StructureTaiwan HIWIN Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
Max. Power Consumption(Without Spindle) 3.2KW
Max. Rapid Travel Rate33000mm/min
Max. Working Speed25000mm/min
Spindle Power3KW water cooling spindle (Italy HSD spindle for option)
Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
Drive MotorsLead shine
Working VoltageAC380V/50/60Hz, 3PH (Option: 220V)
Command LanguageG Code
Operating SystemDSP (Options: Ncstudio/Mach3)
Computer InterfaceUSB
X,Y Resolution<0.01mm
Software CompatibilityType3/Ucancam/Artcam
Running Environment Temperature0 - 45 Centigrade
Relative Humidity30% - 75%
Price Range$5,380.00 - $10,180.00

Specifications of 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4th rotary axis:

1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary specifications

Features of 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary:

1. 1300*2500*200mm effective work area.

2. 300mm diameter rotary 4th axis for option.

3. 3KW water cooling spindle, 24000rpm.

4. 3.7kw Fuling inverter(China top quality).

5. NK105 DSP controller.

6. Taiwan HIWIN #20 square linear guide.

7. Helical rack transmission for X, Y axis, powerful and stable.

8. Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission for Z axis, most accurate precision.

9. T-slot working table.

10. Vacuum table for option.

11. Manual lubrication system.

12. Tool sensor calibration.

13. Japan OMRON limit switch.

14. The best cable, highly flexible, fire resistant.

CNC Router Machine 1325

4th rotary axis CNC router

1325 CNC router with vacuum table

4th rotary axis for CNC router

1325 CNC Router Spindle

1325 CNC Router Inverter

1325 CNC router Stepper Motor

Package of 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary

4X8 feet 1325 CNC router optional items:

1. Rotary device(4th axis).

2. 200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm for Z axis.

3. 3KW water-cooling spindle.

4. NCstudio/DSP control system.

5. Stepper motor(Japan Yaskawa servo, Taiwan DELTA servo for choose).

6. Automatic tool changer(ATC).

7. Dust collector.

8. Vacuum pump.

Projects of 4X8 feet 1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary:

1325 CNC Router 3D Carving projects

CNC Router 1325 for Wooden door making projects

1325 CNC router with 4 axis rotary projects

4 axis CNC router

A real 4 axis CNC router with ATC system STM1325-4 axis

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