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2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale

2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale

  • Last Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024 at 09:36:01
  • Model - STS1300-IV
  • Brand - STYLECNC
5 (45)
$2,000.00 (Up To $8,000.00 for Top Version)

2024 best CNC wood sanding machine is used for sanding and polishing veneer board, MDF, primer board, wood products, WPC, and you can buy CNC wood sanders for sale at cost price at STYLECNC.

  • 180 Sets / Month Waiting for Sale In Stock
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty for Entire Machine
  • 1-2 Days Handling and 7-30 Days Shipping
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Your Purchase
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What Is CNC Wood Sanding Machine?

CNC wood sanding machine is a type of automatic power woodworking tool that uses sand roller, pressure roller, and automatic feeding system to sand and polish the surface of wood projects. It is also known as CNC wood sander, which is mainly aimed at wood panel processing industry, floor and wall panel processing industry, bamboo and wood handicraft processing industry, bamboo and wood toy processing enterprises. It has the features of simple operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, mature and stable technology, and complete supporting facilities. It can be perfectly connected with automatic CNC machines to form various automatic production lines.

CNC wood sanding machine

Sanding and polishing are synonymous terms, and both refer to the physical removal of materials and objects that are uneven, uneven thickness, and do not meet the process requirements, through abrasive cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, non-woven polishing wheel, etc. It is more smooth and flat, and the thickness is uniform. It is a method to make it meet the standard. It is used in the production of various veneer processes, the production of standard structural parts, the toy handicraft industry, the decoration and furniture industry, the floor and wall panel building materials industry.

As the name implies, a sander is the mechanical equipment used to complete the sanding work. It involves a wide range of industries and has a wide variety of categories. However, people in the industry generally call the equipment with an automatic feeding system as a sander, and the others are called belt machines, grinding machines, and polisher.

CNC wood sanding machine

CNC Wood Sanding Machine Features & Advantages

1. The machine structure design is reasonable, simple and beautiful, which adopts top brand laser cutting process, the workpiece first pickling rust, dry powder heating uniform coating.

2. The speed of feeding and thickness of the sanding machine can be sufficiently adjustable.

3. Reasonable design: independent operation of the cabinet, convenient usage and maintenance.

4. The CNC machine has thickness adjustment function, which can achieve rapid positioning of the thickness of plate, both accurate production, but also greatly improve production efficiency.

5. The sanding machine with high quality and stability is easy to control.

6. The CNC machine will take the place of traditional handicraft sanding and it can implement polishing on both top and bottom sides, which has greatly improved the production efficiency.

7. The products that are polished by the CNC machine have a good flatness on the surface, preparing well for the next coating.

CNC Wood Sanding Machine

CNC wood sanding machine

CNC wood sanding machine controller

CNC Wood Sanding Machine Applications

CNC wood sanding machine is suitable for flat or shaped curved plate type, wood line wood category, such as solid wood doors, composite doors, ecological categories, kitchen door panels, wood flooring, tables and chairs panel, bathroom furniture series, is widely used in Veneer board, MDF, primer board, antique wood pattern board, wood products, wood (WPC) and other materials, the surface rough fine sanding, grinding process.

CNC Wood Sanding Machine Technical Parameters

Working speed10—1000mm
Working thickness3—100mm
Working length≥300mm
No.1 sand roller working speed20m/s
No.2 sand roller working speed20m/s
No.3 sand roller working speed20m/s
No.4 sand roller working speed20m/s
Loading speed5—15m/min
Variable speed digital adjustable range30—60ft/min
Total motor power6.2KW
Working voltage380v50Hz
Machine dimension2800x1700x1400
Machine weight1500kg
Vacuum wind speed25-30m/s

CNC Wood Sanding Machine Details

Sand roller movements: It adopts independent dovetail slider lift, lifting accuracy, stability and strong. Each sand roller can be independent lifting adjustment. The workpiece will not appear at the same time the sand weight, sand light situation.

CNC wood sanding machine

Pressure roller: many pressure rollers, dense, and sand roller at the same time movements. Small roller gap, it can polish plate of various sizes. It can reduce the time to adjust equipment, saving time.

CNC wood sanding machine

Belt: Horizontal lawn belt, fine convexo-concave surface, increase the friction, the workpiece is not easy to slide freely.

CNC wood sanding machine belt

Sand roller motor: independent variable frequency motor control, 1:7.5 worm gear reducer, steel coupling drive, transmission effect, sanding uniform, speed adjustable, stable.

CNC wood sanding machine motor

Sand roller adjustable: straight, spiral, disc sand, sand roll can be arbitrarily exchange, you can pull out for sandpaper, the sisal or Du Pont Russell has flexibility to protect the plate. It is convenient to exchange different sand rollers, save time, easy to change sandpaper, make white stubble, easy to adjust primer, save time and effort.

CNC wood sanding machine roller

CNC wood sanding machine roller

Vacuum: sand rollers were independent vacuum, the effect is good.

CNC wood sanding machine vacuum

How Many Types of CNC Wood Sanders?

There are four common types of sanding machines: ordinary sanding machines, heavy-duty sanding machines, overhead sanding machines, and double-sided sanding machines.

Ordinary Sander

Ordinary sanding machine configuration power is small, the frame is relatively light, the model is small and light, the sanding force of the sand roller is relatively small, and it is easy to be damaged by overload operation, but the price is relatively low, suitable for small-scale production use.

Heavy Duty Sander

The heavy-duty sander is equipped with high power, heavy frame, large and heavy model, large sanding roller, large sanding force, strong and durable, but the price is about 30% higher than that of the ordinary type, which is suitable for large-scale production and use.

Overhead Sander

The overhead sander is a sander developed and produced for the edge sanding of the board on the basis of the heavy-duty sander. The lifting height of the worktable can be adjusted within the range of 0-650MM, and the lifting range of the customized machine can be increased by more than 1 meter.

Double Sided Sander

The sanding machine that sands both sides at the same time at one time has a complex structure, inconvenient adjustment and high cost, and is only used by large sheet metal processing enterprises.

CNC Wood Sander Projects

CNC Wood Sanding Machine Projects

CNC Wood Sanding Projects

CNC Wood Sanding Samples

Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, use and operation precautions of the machine before operation. It is strictly forbidden for beginners to operate the machine alone, and non-related personnel are not allowed to approach the machine.

2. The operator shall not wear clothes that are easily involved in the machine (such as ties, necklaces, loose clothes, etc.). For those with long hair, please curl your hair, pull up or wear a hood, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to operate the machine.

3. Do not dismantle the safety device on the sanding machine at will, and do not place any non-work objects on the workbench, such as wrenches, so as to prevent foreign objects from getting stuck and causing damage to the machine.

4. Before turning on the power switch, be sure to confirm that all switches are in the OFF position. Before normal operation, check the cleanness and sharpness of the abrasive belt, and check whether the installation direction of the abrasive belt is correct (the arrow on the back of the abrasive belt points in the same direction as the rubber wheel) , Whether the specifications of the abrasive belt are suitable, whether the belt swing is moderate, whether the belt is tight, whether the running track of the conveyor belt is moderate, whether the conveyor belt is moderately tight, and whether the planer blade is installed correctly and firmly.

5. All protective covers must not be removed before processing. You must first determine whether the size of the wood is within the processing range of the machine, and adjust the correct processing thickness. If the wood is too thick, the conveyor belt will be stuck and broken. This equipment only It can be used for sanding wood with uniform thickness. It cannot be used for horizontal correction of wood bending, and triangular, diamond and arc-shaped wood cannot be processed. Be sure to pay attention to the workpiece without metal and other accessories to avoid damage to the machine.

6. During normal operation, please pay attention to the electric load of the ammeter at any time to prevent the machine from tripping or the sandpaper being overwhelmed due to the overload of the machine, resulting in the cracking or breaking of the abrasive belt. Correction method: 1. Slow down the speed of the sanding belt; 2. Replace the sandpaper with coarser grit; 3. Raise the position of the rubber wheel or the sanding platen to reduce the amount of sanding.

7. When the operator is working, once the workpiece is placed on the conveyor belt, his hands should leave immediately, and the workpiece should be evenly placed on the conveyor belt, so that the abrasive belt and the rubber wheel are evenly stressed to avoid unilateral wear and shorten the time between the abrasive belt and the rubber wheel. Applicable life.

8. Use the computer digital lifting controller to adjust the surface of the sanding machine. The adjustment of the table is strictly prohibited beyond the adjustment range of the controller. It is not allowed to manually adjust the height of the table without permission, so as not to cause the table to be tilted or the data of the lifting controller to be wrong. The speed of the conveyor belt is infinitely variable. Adjustment, the speed should be adjusted while the machine is running.

9. After the work is completed, please be sure to clean up the inside of the machine. When cleaning the interior, be sure to remove the sandpaper. When the cleaning is completed, put the sandpaper back on. It is recommended to relax the abrasive belt after the work is completed to avoid the gradual relaxation of the abrasive belt due to long-term tension.

10. New employees must be trained before they can operate the machine, and before the employee is fully familiar with the performance of the machine, they must be accompanied by an old employee, and do not operate alone. If the operator wants to leave the post due to something, he must shut down the machine first, so as to avoid chatting with others during the operation.


During the operation of the machine, some faults often occur, but these should be eliminated in time, but if handled improperly, it may affect production and increase costs. This requires the operator to be familiar with the operating regulations, skilled operation, and timely elimination. Some faults are not serious when they are discovered, but if they are not handled properly, they will cause major faults and seriously affect production. The following is an analysis of common faults of CNC wood sanding machines.

⒈ The belt deviation is generally caused by improper adjustment. The normal belt swing should be 15-20mm in swing, 15-20 times per minute in swing frequency, moderate in swing speed and consistent in swing speed. If it is in an abnormal state, over a long period of time, deviation may occur, especially if the swinging in and out speed is inconsistent, it is more likely to cause abnormal shutdown; the photoelectric switch is damaged, the solenoid valve is damaged, and the swinging cylinder is damaged. Poor dust collection and high dust concentration will affect the normal operation of the photocell, and also cause the belt to deviate; the damaged accessories should be replaced in time to improve the dust removal effect.

⒉ Limit failure, there are limit switches on both sides of the abrasive belt. When the abrasive belt swings out of order and deviates to one side, touch the limit switch, the abrasive belt is released, and the main motor stops automatically, which can effectively protect the abrasive belt. Once the limit fails, it can cause damage to the abrasive belt, sparks from the friction frame, and even fire. Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.

3. The abrasive belt is wrinkled. Once the abrasive belt is wrinkled, it can no longer be used. Generally, there are three possibilities for the wrinkling of the abrasive belt: caused by wear of the abrasive roller and the tension roller, grinding and repairing the roller; It can be treated by drying and drying; the surface of the sand roller is rusted and rough if the sander is not used for a long time, and the belt swing is difficult to cause a tendency. At this time, the roller should be derusted or polished with finer sandpaper.

⒋The fracture of the abrasive belt and the fracture of the abrasive belt are mainly caused by the deviation of the abrasive belt, or the blunt abrasive belt is not replaced in time, or the sanding load is too large, or the hard object is encountered during the sanding process, or the quality of the abrasive belt itself is caused. The abrasive belt should be avoided as far as possible, otherwise it may cause a fire. When the current is abnormal, it should be observed whether the abrasive belt has become dull, and if so, it should be replaced in time.

5. In the adjustment of the sanding machine, it is required to adjust the back pressure spring of the upper conveying roller to two-thirds (one third remaining), and the interval between the upper conveying roller and the lower conveying roller should be equal to The thickness of the passed slab is less than 1.5mm or 1mm, otherwise it will cause the slab to deviate or slip. In severe cases, it will cause rebound, which may injure personal safety.

6. The size of the sanding plate changes after the abrasive belt is replaced, and the position of the cantilever of the sanding machine fluctuates greatly when the locking block is loosened or locked, which should normally be within 0.5mm. If it is too large, when the locking block locks the cantilever, the difference in the locking force will cause a difference in the repeatability of the cantilever, causing the size of the sanding plate to fluctuate, which directly affects the sanding accuracy of the sander. When the cantilever error is too large (more than 0.5mm), the fixing bolts of the locking block should be unscrewed and adjusted properly. At the same time, when the abrasive belt is replaced, the locking force of the locking block should be the same.

7. When the conveying roller rotates intermittently or does not rotate when the car is empty, the above situation cannot generally be observed. It can only be found when the car is empty. The reason is that the worm gear is partially or completely worn during the deceleration of the worm gear that transmits the power. Although it will not affect the work, other worm gears will shorten the life and cause greater losses due to the increased workload. Therefore, as soon as this condition is found, it should be replaced immediately.

8. Abnormal vibration of the main bearing seat. Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the main bearing seat is very small, and an experienced operator can judge whether it is normal by touching it. Generally, there is no condition to measure it with an instrument on site, but it can be judged by comparing it with other bearing seats, or it can be judged from the surface of the sanding board. bad to judge. When there is abnormal vibration of the bearing seat, it can be considered that there are two reasons. One is that the bearing is damaged, so long as the bearing is replaced, the other is that the contact roller is worn and lost, and the original dynamic balance is destroyed, resulting in abnormal vibration. This situation must be Remove sand rollers for service.

9. The main drive belt slips. In some types of sanders, high-speed flat belts are used. This transmission form is theoretically more efficient than the V-belt transmission. However, in actual use, there will be belt deviation or slippage, which is mainly caused by improper adjustment. It should be adjusted in strict accordance with the requirements of the belt elongation rate of 1.5-2%, and the tightness of both sides of the belt should be consistent. After the adjustment is completed according to the requirements, a trial operation should be carried out, especially when the current of the main motor suddenly increases, observe whether the belt deviates.

2024 Best CNC Wood Sanding Machine for Sale
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