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Saudi Arabia customer visited factory for Jewelry laser marking machine

Jewelry laser marking machine for Saudi Arabia market

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Jewelry laser marking machine with 50W IPG fiber laser generator can do surface marking and deep marking on sliver,gold,brass the jewelry materials.

Saudi Arabia customer visited STYLECNC Laser marking machine factory at 7th,Nov. Our engineer do some testing on their sliver samples,the marking result is impressive,after discuss details, Mr. Aref place order of our STJ-50F IPG Fiber laser marking machine for their jewelry business.

Main configurations of STJ-50F Fiber laser marking Machine:

#Marking area: 100*100mm

#50W IPG Fiber laser generator

#High speed galvo head with double red pointer

#Singapore Wavelength brand F-theta lens 

#Original EZCAD software

#Original Beijing JCZ control system supporting updating and Win 8, Win 10 system

#Supported Photoshop, Coral draw and format AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP etc

#Protection glasses

It can also choose the enclosed cover for long time marking protection.

sliver rings fiber laser marking machine

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