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ST-FC3015LR Metal Laser Cutter Reviews & Feedback from South Africa

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ST-FC3015LR Metal Laser Cutter Reviews & Feedback from South Africa

Publish: Modify: Dec 23, 2020Author: Views: 1282From: STYLECNC
Thanks Mr. MG from South Africa, he gave us some feedback and reviews for ST-FC3015LR metal laser cutter with fiber laser generator from STYLECNC.

Mr. MG and Mrs. MG visited China in Jan of 2019, we are honor to meet them in our factory, after inspecting STYLECNC metal laser cutting machine factory and they purchased his sheet metal and tube laser cutter ST-FC3015LR at site.

Now this fiber laser cutting machine has worked in his workshop for more than one years, everything runs well.

At the usage period, no matter what help he need at any time, our engineers will response in time. Now he has become one experienced CNC operator for metal laser cutters.

If anyone from South Africa need metal cutting device, or some reference about STYLECNC fiber laser cutting machines for metal, please contact with him.

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