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Best Budget Laser Cutters You Can Buy In China

A Chinese laser cutter is an affordable laser cutting system made in China with CNC (Computer Number Controlled) controller that adopts laser beam to cut stainless steel, iron, copper, carbon steel, gold, silver, alloy, acrylic, Delrin, films & foils, glass, rubber, wood, plastics, laminates, leather, paper, foam & filters, fabrics, and textiles with low cost, high quality, high speed, and high precision. Chinese laser cutters are used for industrial manufacturing, school education, small business, home business, small shop, home shop and hobbyists. You can find Chinese laser cutting machines everywhere in the world in 2023.

Table of Contents

Chinese Laser Cutter List

2023 Top Rated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale - 2000W
4.9 (107)
$14,000.00 - $17,000.00

2023 top rated fiber laser cutting machine on sale at affordable price for sheet metal fabrication with different laser powers (1000W, 1500W, 2000W).
100W Laser Wood Cutting Machine on Sale with CO2 Laser Tube
4.8 (89)
$3,500.00 - $10,000.00

2023 top rated 100W laser wood cutting machine with CO2 laser tube is the cheapest wood laser cutter with CNC controller for beginners to engrave & cut wood.
Dual Head Entry Level CO2 Laser Cutter for Paper & Cardboard
4.7 (61)
$4,200.00 - $11,000.00

Dual head entry level CO2 laser cutter can cut paper, cardstock, stacked & layered cardboard for invitations, card, art, craft, sculpture, model, storage, box.
CNC Laser Cutter for Rubber Gaskets & Seals with CCD Camera
5 (32)
$4,500.00 - $12,700.00

CNC laser cutter with CCD camera visual recognition system for accurate cutting gaskets & seals made of rubber, neoprene, silicone, graphite, CNAF, PTFE.
Affordable Metal Sheet & Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter - 8000W
5 (41)
$58,000.00 - $236,800.00

Affordable metal sheet & pipe fiber laser cutter 8000W is an automatic CNC laser metal cutting system for both metal sheets and metal pipes within your budget.
Portable Fiber Laser Cutter for Precision Metal Processing
4.9 (64)
$26,500.00 - $38,700.00

Portable fiber laser cutting machine is an automatic entry level hobby precision laser metal cutter for steel, titanium, gold, silver, aluminum, brass, copper.
Entry Level Small Hobby Metal Laser Cutter for Beginners
4.8 (10)
$26,800.00 - $38,800.00

ST-FC1390 small metal laser cutter with fiber laser generator is a compact entry level fiber laser cutting system for hobbyists and home use in small business.
Profitable Mixed CNC Laser Cutter Hybrid Cutting Machine
4.9 (78)
$7,500.00 - $12,500.00

Profitable mixed CNC laser cutter hybrid cutting machine is a beneficial laser cutting system for wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, and metals in commercial use.
Contour Laser Cutter for Printed Fabrics with CCD Camera
4.8 (27)
$12,800.00 - $13,800.00

Contour laser cutter for digital printed fabrics with CCD camera is a vision laser cutting system for sublimation printed fabrics with all shapes and sizes.

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Things To Consider When Buying Chinese Laser Cutting Machines In 2023

Top 10 Best Selling Chinese Laser Cutters & Reviews In 2023

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is to concentrate the high-intensity laser beam emitted by the laser generator together, and then irradiate it on the surface of the material. The laser energy is rapidly converted into heat energy, so that the temperature in the irradiated area of the material quickly reaches the melting point and even the boiling point of the material, and the material is exposed to high temperature. Under the guidance of the numerical control system, with the continuous relative movement of the workpiece and the laser beam, there is a continuous interaction between the two. The melted residue is blown away, and the holes are continuously formed into narrow slits to complete laser-cuts.

What is Chinese Laser Cutter?

A Chinese laser cutter is an affordable laser cutting system made in China with CNC (Computer Number Controlled) controller that adopts laser beam to cut metal and non-metal materials with low cost, high quality, high speed, and high precision. Chinese laser cutters are used for industrial manufacturing, school education, small business, home business, small shop, home shop and hobbyists. You can find Chinese laser cutting machines everywhere in the world in 2023.


Forty years after Einstein proposed the laser theory, in 1957, Chinese scientists established China's first optical research institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Changchun) Institute of Optics and Precision Instruments and Mechanics ("Institute of Optics and Mechanics" for short). "), under the leadership of the older generation of experts, a group of young scientific and technological workers has grown rapidly, and in a short period of time has gathered an innovative young and middle-aged research team, and put forward a large number of ideas and ideas to improve the brightness, unit color, and coherence of the light source. Experimental program. With the advent of the world's first laser generator in 1960, the research and development of laser generators in China also began to speed up. In 1961, the first ruby laser generator in China was successfully developed, and the first carbon dioxide laser generator was developed in 1965.

In just a few years after the first CO2 laser was developed in China, China's laser technology has developed rapidly. In terms of basic research and key technologies, a series of new concepts, new methods and new technologies have been proposed and implemented, many of which have Ingenuity, and began to gradually use the laser in the field of material cutting.

Since 1978, laser cutting technology has obtained unprecedented opportunities for development, laser technology has achieved unprecedented progress, and a number of internationally advanced achievements have emerged. Laser cutting technology has basically achieved full coverage in the field of material processing in China.

In 2014, the fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet cutting came out. The laser with only 500W of power that year quickly became the favored object of the market due to the advantages of high cutting efficiency and high processing precision. With the development of laser technology, 1500W and 3000W power gradually appeared. Until 2016, Chinese laser cutter manufacturers broke the limit of 6000W power and launched 8000W fiber laser cutting machine, which opened the competition of laser power. In 2017, the 10,000 watt laser cutting machine came out, and the Chinese fiber laser cutting machine market began to develop into the 10,000 watt era. Until now, 15,000W, 20,000W, 30,000W, 40,000W, and more high laser powers came into being. Moreover, the world's laser generator manufacturers are constantly introducing higher power fiber laser generators.

In 2023, China's laser cutter industry will form an industrial scale concentration. CO2 laser cutting machines are concentrated in Liaocheng, Shandong, and fiber laser cutting machines are concentrated in Jinan, Shandong and Wuhan, Hubei.


Types Based On Table Sizes:

Mini types, Small types, Hobby types, Portable types, Tabletop types, Desktop types, Large format types.

Types Based On Laser Sources:

Fiber laser cutters, CO2 laser cutters.

Types Based On Cutting Materials:

Laser metal cutters, laser wood cutters, laser paper cutters, laser leather cutters, laser fabric cutters, laser acrylic cutters, laser plastic cutters, laser foam cutters.


Chinese laser cutters can cut stainless steel, iron, copper, carbon steel, gold, silver, alloy, acrylic, Delrin, films & foils, glass, rubber, wood, plastics, laminates, leather, paper, foam & filters, fabrics, and textiles.


Chinese laser cutting machines are used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop and home shop for Architectural Models, Fablabs & Education, Medical Technology, Smartphones and Laptops, Rubber Stamps Industry, Awards & Trophies, Packaging Design, Giveaways, Sign&Displays Industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics Industry, Signage, Ball bearing, Mechanical engineering, Jewelry Industry, Watches, Barcodes serial numbers, Dataplates Industry, Machining Industry.

Laser Generator

CO2 Laser Generator

Since laser technology was introduced to cut thin metal sheets, CO2 laser generators have dominated the market. The CO2 laser light source requires a lot of energy to excite nitrogen molecules to collide with CO2 molecules (laser gas), prompting them to emit photons, and finally forming a laser beam that can cut through the metal. The molecular activity in the cavity releases light as well as heat, which requires a cooling system to cool the laser gas. This means that more energy is consumed during the cooling process, further reducing energy efficiency.

Fiber Laser Generator

The machine using the fiber laser generator occupies a small area, the laser light source and the cooling system are also smaller; there is no laser gas pipeline, and no need to adjust the lens. The 2000W or 3000W fiber laser light source only needs 50% of the energy consumption of the 4000W or 6000W CO2 laser light source to achieve the same performance, with faster speed, lower energy consumption and less impact on the environment.

The fiber laser generator uses solid-state diodes to pump the molecules in the double-clad ytterbium-doped fiber. The stimulated emission of light passes through the fiber core multiple times, and then the laser is output through the transmission fiber to the focusing head for cutting. Since all intermolecular collisions occur in the fiber, no laser gas is needed, so the energy required is greatly reduced-about one-third of the CO2 laser generator. As the less heat is generated, the volume of the cooler can be reduced accordingly. In short, while achieving the same performance, the overall energy consumption of fiber laser generators is 70% lower than that of CO2 laser generators.


Laser Power40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 280W, 300W, 1000W, 2000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W, 10000W, 20000W, 30000W, 40000W
Laser TypeFiber Laser, CO2 Laser
Laser BrandIPG, Raycus, JPT, RECI, MAX
Cutting MaterialsMetals & Nonmetals
Cutting AbilitiesFlatbed sheet cut, tube cut, 3D cut
Table Sizes2x3, 2x4, 4x4, 4x8, 5x10, 6x12
Models6040, 9060, 1390, 1325, 3015, 4020
Price Range$2,600.00 - $300,000.00

What Our Customers Say?

Are you still skeptical about STYLECNC? Are you still hesitating whether to buy CNC machines from STYLECNC? What better proof of that than finding unbiased testimonials from our real customers? All the while, we continually conduct satisfaction surveys of our customers asking if they would like to have a factual review of our products and services. As you'll see in the list below, many users have shared their personal experiences. We are happy to provide customers with high-quality CNC machines and services that satisfy them, which also drives us to continue to innovate and grow.

From United States
5 out of 5
I purchased this laser around the beginning of last month and shortly after, ordered a rotary roller kit for cylindrical, conical or irregularly shaped objects. Not hard to assemble and setup with the manual came with it. Actually works just fine once you figure out the software and drivers. Although adjusting the parameters to cut plywood at different depths went through a learning curve, as did getting the rotary attachment to work properly, but that's not the fault of the laser cutter itself. If you're willing to take more time to learn how to use the software, it's easy to get various successful projects completed.
Sep 25, 2023
Randal Savage
From United States
4 out of 5

In the past years, I have only used plasma cutters. I wanted something fast with high precision. This fiber laser cutting machine fit the bill. I wired it up for 220v use. It performed as described and cut through 1/8 steel plate with no trouble. Super handy metal cutting tool for beginners, but the only regret is that the initial investment cost is higher for business starters.

Jul 01, 2023
Hans Thrun
From Australia
4 out of 5

I use this metal laser cutter to cut stainless steel sheet of 1/4in x 4ft x 8ft to make signs for my advertising business. So far so good. It is easy enough to work with, and cuts well, like a hot knife through butter. Just hope to continue to use for a long time in future.
The software came with the machine is easy to use for my business. With remote assistance from STYLECNC, the software installation and setup can be completed in 45 minutes. Excellent customer service and technical support.
Also, 1064nm fiber laser beam is dangerous to cause eye injury and hand burns, wear leather gloves and safety glasses when using this machine. Overall, take care.
I try to buy well made laser machines that are worth my money, this unit seems to qualify. No real complaints about this cutting tool. Great value. Would highly recommend it.

Oct 11, 2022
From Canada
4 out of 5

STJ1390 is a great piece of laser cutter for beginners. I bought it to start a small advertising shop. Got it in 12 days, and everything was pretty good. Easy to put together in 1 hour. The software was easy to use, but the installation and setting took me some time to learn. Many thanks to the customer service team, which was awesome in troubleshooting and I would give them more credit. I used it to cut signs with plywood and acrylic, and got fine results with clean and smooth edges. I think this laser has a lot of potential to create many things, and I will try it on more materials. Overall, it is worth your money.

Sep 13, 2022
Derek Christian
From Canada
5 out of 5

I was wary of purchasing a Chinese-made laser cutter off the internet, but the reviews convinced me to give it a try. Got this unit in 28 days. No trouble in assembly and parameter setting. I've tried it to cut 304 and 316 stainless steel plates and pipes for kitchenware and gotten the cleanest cuts. It's a powerful all-in-one machine for both sheet metals and tubes. No regrets with the buying of this great cutter.

Jul 28, 2022
Charles Johnson
From United States
4 out of 5
I never tried a laser metal cutter before. I was skeptical at first about a cheap foreign made fiber laser cutter. But I thought I'd take a chance as this machine was on sale. I recently bought this unit and as such I soon had a need to cut steel. I have a chop saw but that has its limitations. Also have an angle grinder and I find that to be super slow and even a bit dangerous. So this laser machine seemed like the answer. So far I am happy with it even though I have no other one to compare it to.
Jan 23, 2022
Sam Buzacott
From Australia
4 out of 5
I was on the fence about this purchase for several months. I wanted to be able to cut sheet metals for different jewelry ideas, but this is a hobby for me and 32 thousands of dollars is a big investment despite this model being one of the least expensive options available. I finally came across the STYLECNC's review of the ST-FC6040 and that pushed me to make the purchase.

So far so good. Unbelievable quick shipping. The metal laser cutter arrived well packaged against damage, with all components. Nothing missing. I was able to set it up easily.
Aug 15, 2021
Randy Devine
From United States
5 out of 5
I got one of these machines for my woodshop. I could have bought a similar wood laser cutter elsewhere for almost $2000 less. So why buy this one? Quality and features. Unlike the cheaper ones, this machine clearly underwent a QC process prior to shipment. It arrived ready to use. The mirrors were adjusted well enough to use the machine right out of the box. The mirror adjustment screws were retained with silicone to prevent movement in shipping. Unlike cheaper versions of these machines, the wiring was solidly connected with wire nuts, crimp terminals, and locking connectors and/or glue. I found no loose wires. Earth grounds were solidly connected and electrically sound, I measured less the 0.1 ohm to earth ground at both the power cord ground pin and the machine ground terminal. All non-crimped electrical connectors including PCB and power supply connectors were sealed with silicone. Cables were well bundled and retained with zip ties. With this machine, I was able to attach a water tank, power it on, and cut. Its amazing for cutting 1/4" and 1/8" wood.

I was happily surprised with the extras that are included. You get the aiming red laser, a strip of LEDs that illuminate the inside of the box, a powerful internal fan motor, temp sensors on the power supply and the tube, and venting of the electrical compartment. I thought I would have to add these myself. The only thing missing is an "open-door" shutoff switch for safety. You can easily add one of these with a microswitch and a two wire cable to the K+ - pins on the power supply.

Finally, a word about safety. CO2 lasers are invisible and thus EXTREMELY dangerous. Since you can't see the beam, it does not trigger a blink reflex. The first you know of a problem is when your retina boils. Really. If you get one of these machines you MUST purchase a set of safety glasses. Wear them whenever the machine is powered on, whether the laser is active or not. Make sure the lenses you buy are marked with the proper wavelength and an "OD" number, representing factor of 10 reduction. For instance, OD2 reduces power by 100, OD3 by 1000, etc. The wavelength of a CO2 laser is about 10600nm. The glasses should have an OD of at least 6 and preferably 7 for that wavelength. The lens will be marked something like "9000-11000 OD7+" directly on it. A decent pair will cost $30-$50. If the lenses are very cheap, avoid them.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase.
Apr 08, 2021
Mohammed Blake
From United Kingdom
5 out of 5
My husband uses this metal laser cutter with a little Etsy business and loves it. It cuts through 3mm stainless steel, brass, etc. without problem. Got it set up and cutting in one evening, but that was because husband understands machines and son had used one at school. The machine bed can hold bigger things, but the max laser cut lines are 35"x50". Do your research before buying it, because it's not just "this machine" you need, but matching kit. Highly recommend it, especially if you've never laser cut before, you can get a lot of good experience before upgrading to a more expensive one.

First of all things, if you order this machine, fix the wiring so it the chassis is properly grounded. If the high voltage power supply wire got damaged causing a short, the chassis could become hot with high voltages.

Great value for the money, but not for the faint of heart due to lack of safeties, buy some eye protection.
Mar 18, 2021
From South Africa
5 out of 5
We've been using it for about 2 months for metal jewelry. With it's built-in software, safety features, and great support service, it's truly the best metal laser cutter for the crafter or small business. The unit was shipped very promptly and was well packaged.
Mar 17, 2021

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