My First CNC Wood Router with Multi Heads

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Abby from UK

Publish:   Modify: Mar 30, 2021  Author:   Views: 521 (2 Min Read)  From: STYLECNC
Considering one month ago I had never used a CNC router before, I am quite pleased with my little offerings. I would just like to thank Jimmy at STYLECNC for making the daunting task of buying from China a pleasant experience.

Let me first start by stating this is my first CNC machine. Package arrived on schedule and well protected. Nothing was missing and the. CNC was very well packed, Overall quality of materials in the kit is very good for a starter machine, It took approximately two hours to assemble, but that assembly is invaluable to fully understanding gantry orientation and safety limits of the system and design.

Great machine to get you started on any project you have in mind. As with any new tool take baby steps and the more you use it the more you learn how it operates. Jimmy and the crew are of great help and quick with answering questions.

So after one month the CNC router is still perfect.

The more I use it, the happier I am with it.

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