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Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine for Sale

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Wood CNC Lathe Machine for Sale at Affordable Price

Model: STL2030-S
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Standard Price: $7380.00 / Set
Price Range: $7380.00 to $8080.00 / Set According to Configurations
The final price will fluctuate according to the configurations of Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine for Sale
Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Product Introduction

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Affordable wood CNC lathe machine is used for turning complex shape of rotary or semi-finished wood products, such as staircase column, cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical, etc. Now the CNC wood lathe machine for sale at affordable price.

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Product Descriptions

Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Features of Affordable Wood CNC lathe machine

1. Maximum working length is 2000mm and Maximum turning diameter is 300mm.

2. The Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine has two cutters at two sides of the machine, the two cutters can work together to improve the work efficiency greatly.

3. Linear square rails, ball screws, electronic components with high quality, high precision and durable.

4. Heavy-duty with good stability to avoid shaking when the spindle rotates with high speed or the big sizes workpiece process, and the main spindle speed can be adjusted through the frequency converter.

5. Easy operation, we can draw by Coredraw, Artcam, autoCAD and other softwares, and the control directly by the CNC cabinet computer (Industrial PC configuration) or transfer the files to machine by USB (DSP handle configuration).

5. High Class frequency converter with high stability.

6. High accuracy stepper motor, after program calculating, guarantee the exact processing size.

Technical Parameters of Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine



Max turning length


Max turning diameter



3.5KW air cooling spindle

Maximum feed rate


Spindle speed


Minimum setting unit


Control system


Driving system

Stepper motor

Power supply


Overall dimensions


Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Air cooling spindle of Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Wood CNC Lathe Machine part

Wood CNC Lathe Machine part

Electronic components of Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Electronic components of Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Applications of Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine

Applicable Materials:

Bodhi, Bodhi root, mahogany, gold-rimmed nanmu, rosewood, mahogany, boxwood.

Applicable Industries:

Bead, barrel, all kinds of buddha heads, gourd pendant, hoist pieces, wood cup, bowl, whip, cigarette holder, eggs, ashtray, scroll painting head, pens and wine stoppers.

Cylindrical workpieces, bowl sharps, tubular sharps vehicle wood crafts, stairway balusters, staircase columns, stairway newel posts, end table legs, sofa table legs, dining table legs, bar stool legs, Roman column, general column, washstand, wooden table, wooden vase, car wooden furniture, children' s bed column, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, bed rails, sofa and bun feet, lamp posts, baseball bats, etc.

Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine Project

Wood CNC Lathe Machine Project

Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine Projects

Affordable Wood CNC Lathe Machine Projects

Wood CNC Lathe Machine Projects

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