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The 22 Most Common CNC Router Problems and Solutions

The 22 Most Common CNC Router Problems and Solutions

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In the use of CNC router, you will encounter a variety of problems, how to solve these problems? STYLECNC will take you to learn the 22 Most Common CNC Router Problems and Solutions.

The 22 Most Common CNC Router Problems and Solutions

The First Problems. One axis or Three axis of CNC router not moving or moving irregularly.


1. Control card is loose or malfunction.

2. The corresponding shaft drive failure.

3. The corresponding axis stepper motor fault.

4. The corresponding coupling rupture or loose (coupling loose performance symptoms, engraving fonts dislocation).

5. The corresponding screw break or screw nut failure.

6. The corresponding axis slip fast failure. 7. Drive subdivision, current, and software settings are not the same.

The Second Problems. Z axis of CNC router out of control (norte knives).


1. Control card is loose or malfunction.

2. Electrostatic interference.

3. Z axis motor line fault.

4. File path is wrong.

5. Inverter interference.

6. Computer system has a problem or virus.

7. Z axis motor power is not enough, the coupling loose.

8. Z axis drive current is too small, or the signal line is wrong.

The Third Problems. CNC router error.


1. Control card is loose or malfunction.

2. Drive failure.

3. Stepper motor failure.

4. Electrostatic interference.

5. motor line failure.

6. Data line failure.

7. Path is wrong.

8. Coupling broken or loose.

9. Processing speed is too fast. (system parameters curve acceleration is too large)

10. Computer system problems or viruses.

The Fourth Problems. CNC router routing different shades.


1. Control card is loose or malfunction.

2. Stepper motor failure.

3. Drive failure or current subdivision and software settings are inconsistent.

4. Z axis motor line fault.

5. Spindle motor failure.

6. Inverter interference or data setting is wrong.

7. Electrostatic interference.

8. Computer virus or system problems.

9. Uneven working platform.

The Fifth Problems. CNC router routing irregularly.


1. Control card failure

2. Inverter interference.

3. File path is wrong.

4. Electrostatic interference.

5. Software settings have problems.

6. Drive fault or current subdivision set incorrectly.

7. Data line failure.

8. The computer has a virus or system problem.

The Sixth Problems. CNC router uneven milling.


1. Spindle and table is not vertical to be corrected (performance symptoms: under the knife and the knife at different shades).

2. Knife has a problem.

3. There is a problem with the control card.

4. Z axis drive or Z axis screw problem.

The Seventh Problems. CNC router spindle stop.


1. Spindle internal short circuit.

2. Current shielding.

3. Inverter parameter setting error or failure.

4. Control card failure.

5. Spindle line or data line short circuit.

The Eighth Problems. The working sound of CNC router spindle is abnormal.


1. Inverter setting is wrong.

2. Spindle does not turn.

3. The spindle itself has a problem (bearing damage).

The Ninth. CNC router moving back or back to the original direction of the opposite direction.


1. Change the file in Notepad.

2. Modify the wiring of the inverter.

3. Modify the motor direction in Weihong software.

The Tenth Problems. CNC router can not move back to the origin normally.


1. Opposite direction.

2. The control card is faulty or loose.

3. Limit switch or data line failure.

4. Drive failure.

5. Motor failure.

The Eleventh Problems. CNC router spindle automatically turn or stop.


1. Control card failure

2. Inverter fault.

The Twelfth Problems. When the CNC router opens Weihong software, the computer prompts "operation failed".


1. Check the card driver is not installed, or the board for a PCI slot.

2. The two data cables to re-install, check there is no broken needle phenomenon.

3. Card problem, replace the card.

The Thirteenth Problems. CNC router prompts when opening the software: three axis alarm, initialization error number four.


1. Check the computer and the two data lines are not connected.

2. Check the fuse box in the control box adapter plate is burned, for the fuse.

3. Check whether the 85V power supply is normal.

The Fourteenth Problems. CNC router routing misplaced or wrong size.


1. Check the engraving software path is correct or not.

2. Check the size of the gap between the screw rod and light rod fastening screws are not loose.

3. Check that the software parameters are set correctly.

The Fifteenth Problems. When the X axis moves to somewhere, Z axis does not lift the knife, put button to go up but go down.


1. Check the Z-axis stepper motor is operating normally, the size of the power and drive current or their own failure.

2. Check the Z-axis stepper motor line is bad or in the case of intermittent contact.

3. Control card failure.

The Sixteenth Problems. CNC router spindle motor does not turn or reverse.


1. Check the inverter's parameter settings.

2. The inverter signal line is reversed.

The Seventeenth Problems. CNC router open the software boot, the shaft appears closed.


1. Drive problem or computer output signal line poor contact.

2. Motor line contact is bad.

The Eighteenth Problems. CNC router in the process of limiting the phenomenon.


1. Check the carving path is beyond the scope of sculpture.

2. Software parameters set in the software limit.

The Nineteenth Problems. CNC router software can not be opened normally, carved things deformity.


1. Re-install the new system and software.

2. Check X, Y axis screw and screw is loose.

3. CNC router knife has a problem.

The Twentieth Problems. During the work of CNC router, the spindle motor stopped suddenly or turned slowly.


1. Working voltage instability or overload, plus a regulator can be.

2. Check the middle line is connected, whether the thread off the weld.

The Twenty-first Problems. When setting the original point of the CNC router, sometimes it moves forward and right, and the distance is not fixed.


1. Limit switch failure, the system back to the system origin limit switch has closed and bounce, change the limit switch.

2. Loosen the drive wire and try to hold it tight.

The Twenty second Problems. CNC router can be reset to X axis, Y axis, Z axis position uncertain.


1. Limit switch is damaged (limit switch is always closed), you can change it.

2. Broken drive line (X-axis 14-pin and 15-pin short-circuit, Y-axis 13-pin and 15-pin short circuit, Z-axis 31-pin and 15-pin short circuit), change the drive line or the short circuit can be separated.

3. The driver board is damaged, change the driver board.

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