Why You Need Intelligent Panel Furniture Production Line?

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Why You Need Intelligent Panel Furniture Production Line?

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Intelligent panel furniture production line

Why you need intelligent panel furniture production line?

Compared between push table saw and intelligent furniture production line, the same time, the same plate material, labor costs can save more than $10000.00 per month, 11 months to start a year is 110 thousand. Note: the opening of the master monthly salary of about $6000.00 - $8000.00 per month; the use of intelligent feeding system, just an ordinary operator, salary of $3000.00 - $4000.00 per month.

At present, most of the customized furniture factory generally exist, "the management of workers is difficult, more difficult to manage the technical workers" phenomenon. As the first process of custom furniture production, once the workers do not cooperate, the entire order of the production schedule will be stopped, the results will make the enterprise become very passive. Therefore, from the dependence of the technical workers, the intelligent furniture production line has fully reflected the advantages.

In terms of material cost savings:

A sheet, according to 2.97 square meters, a sliding table saws the material utilization rate generally at around 75%, and our production line of sheet metal using rate can reached more than 90%, because our system uses optimize software to layout optimization of dozens or even hundreds of orders to open sheet,one by one, the greatest degree make the wasted material dropped to the lowest. But push table saw cutting depends entirely on the master technology and responsibility to layout, the human caused a large waste of plate.

Let us calculate:

Let us calculate panel 60 pcs/ days, if each board can save 0.3 square meters, that is 18 square meters, according to each board 3 square meters calculation is 6 pieces of board, the 6 pieces of particle board by $100.00 to count, is $600.00, if calculate 28 days per day, ($600.00*28 day) ths is to save the $16800.00. If it is a year (according to our start 11 months), that is $184800.00.

At the same time, the current most of the custom furniture manufacturers on board out material rate is not a good way to obtain, depends entirely on the material master the calculation method and the sense of responsibility, and the panel furniture production line, from software to optimize the layout interface, you can intuitively grasp the use amount of the sheet and the material rate percentage (from the optimization of the layout of the interface can see the data).

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