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Augustine from Dominica

Last Updated on Jan 09, 2019 2 Min Read

Augustine from Dominica

STG6090, this is my first CNC machine. I looked into several other brands in this approximate price range and settled after researching on the Intellicarve. It comes with a good warranty (one that you do not have to pay extra for, like some brands). Software was simple to install and use, I installed it on my laptop as well as my I7 desktop with no problems. The CNC router software is easy to use and a good video on it's use comes with the software on the memory stick. I recommend making an identical copy of the memory stick, I made mine on a 4gb memory stick just to be safe. The machine ran flawlessly right out of the box. The manual is good, but more is better in this area. I would like to see more examples, more hints and tips, and more written on the way to lubricate the machine, I could likely get the job done, but some pictures and step by step directions would be nice. The manual mentions the G code from other software, but it should expand this topic to help the purchasers of this machine get started and know it's capabilities better. All in all if the Intellicare is in your price range and the size of the machine is adequate, this is a great machine. The CNC router machine is build to last with good quality parts. I would recommend this machine. I haven't found a blog or other machine specific website that is helpful yet, but that would be nice to as well.

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