How To Correctly Use A CNC Plasma Table?

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How To Correctly Use A CNC Plasma Cutting Table?

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In the using of a CNC plasma table, you may not know how to correctly use & operate. STYLECNC will share some experiences with you from the following 15 tips.

How to correctly use a CNC plasma cutter machine?

1. Ensure correct plasma air pressure and flow.

Plasma correct air pressure and flow is very important for the life of consumable parts. If pressure is too high, the service life of the electrode can be greatly reduced; Air pressure is too low, the life of the nozzle will be affected.

2. Adopt the reasonable cutting distance.

According to the requirements of the instruction for use, adopt the reasonable tangent distance, cut the distance from the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface, when the perforation, try to use 2 times the normal cut from distance or using plasma arc can deliver maximum height.

3. The perforation thickness should be in the range of allowable machine system.

CNC plasma cutter machine can't work in more than the thickness of the steel plate on perforation, perforation thickness usually for half of the normal cutting thickness.

4. Don't use the CNC plasma cutter machine nozzle overload.

Let the nozzle overload (i.e., more than the nozzle working current), which will make the nozzle damage soon. Current strength should be should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle. For example: 100 a current strength of the nozzle should be set to 95 a.

5. Maintain plasma dry and clean.

Plasma system needs to be dry and clean plasma can work normally. Smudgy usually gas compression system problems, it will shorten the service life of consumable parts, non-normal damage. Testing gas quality test method is cutting torch is located in the state, a mirror is put in its lower part, consume the gas inside the cutting torch, if appear on the mirror moisture and mist, you will need to find out the reason and correct.

6. Plasma cutting should begin from the edge.

As far as possible from the edge cutting, and don't punch cutting. Using edge as the starting point will prolong the life of consumable parts, accurate method is to aim the nozzle directly workpiece edge before you start the plasma arc.

7. Avoid plasma arc prolong extension.

If plasma arc only stretched extension can come into contact with the workpiece surface, plasma arc cutting start and end in all can produce this stretch and expand, it will cause the nozzle non-normal damage. If the edge of the right starting point skills, choose a suitable time to arc "break" signal, can avoid the problem.

8. Reduce unnecessary or guide arc ignition time.

Arc nozzle and electrode consumption are very quickly, before the start, should put cut metal cutting torch within walking distance.

9. Daub splash chemical coating on protective shells.

Splash chemical coating helps reduce slag accumulation on the shell. But must will protect shell removed from the cutting torch to spray coatings.

10. Clear the slag on the shell.

Often should clean up on the cutting torch to protect shell slag, the slag will cause a heavy destructive plasma arc.

11. Replace the gas removal after the consumption of a CNC plasma cutter machine.

In the replacement of consumable parts or after a longer downtime, the gas should be removed (2-3 minutes advisable), in order to make sure the water and the mist from the eduction in cutting torch.

12. Try to keep the torch of CNC plasma cutter machine and consumable parts clean.

Any dirt on the cutting torch and consumption will greatly affect the function of plasma system. Replacing consumable parts to them on a clean flannelette, often should check the connection thread cutting torch, with hydrogen peroxide, detergent cleaning electrode contact area and the nozzle.

13. Remove air or oxygen nozzle on the CNC plasma cutter machine oxide.

Was elected with air or oxygen plasma, the nozzle will deposit oxide, the oxide will affect the service life of air flow and reduce consumption. Use clean cloth to clean the nozzle can eliminate the inside of the oxide.

14. The demineralized water injection cutting torch.

Hard water can cause precipitation of metal impurity on the nozzle ring, this will affect the air flow, reduce consumption of cutting torch quality and shorten life.

15. Check the air flow and cooling flow every day.

The most common cutting torch damaged one of the reasons is the lack of cooling flow, need to check the airflow to the cutting torch.

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