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How to purchase a CNC plasma cutter?

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How to purchase a CNC plasma cutter machine?

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For a CNC plasma cutter buyer, how to purchase a suitable CNC plasma cutter machine? It's hard to make a decision, don't worry, let STYLECNC help you.

How to purchase a CNC plasma cutter machine?

Commonly used models of CNC plasma cutter can be divided into portable CNC plasma cutter, gantry CNC plasma cutter, desktop CNC plasma cutter, Cantilever plasma CNC cutting machine, Interfingering lines CNC plasma cutter. Faced with such a wide variety of cutting machine models, so how do we choose and buy? Some unclear CNC cutting machine, owner of a up blindly inquiry for massive Internet, hard to avoid will also be some false information to mislead, for example, I have a customer want to buy a high precision plasma cutter machine, the early stage of the various aspects to chat well, when it comes to how much is the cutting machine froze, because the customer said: " I heard that the machine is only a few thousand dollars ", the scene also is expected to make a lot of sales staff want to cry. For some of the CNC cutting machine, the boss of less contact, we recommend that before asking price ready to the following three aspects:

1. Consider first the equipment can meet the demand of its own processing.

Own workpiece size and material must tell manufacturers, just like buying a car, you're going to be pulled goods or want to pull people, to tell their own requirements. Size include the thickness, length and width.

Material and thickness of the main decision is a flame or plasma. Relative plasma flame temperature is lower, and some of the flames cutting stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

Length determines the length of the guide rail, effectively cutting distance of the equipment.

Determine the width of the main equipment of cutting nozzle longitudinal movement distance.

2. Determine the type

For example the user to cut 10 mm stainless steel, size 2 * 4 meters. Manufacturers would recommend using economic gantry CNC plasma cutter machine, 2.5 * 10 meters.

The following design to use plasma power supply is to choose domestic or imported, what kind of system, what kind of higher arc voltage, nesting software, etc. Many manufacturers are optional, see the customer to bear ability, of course, your device must be accuracy, efficiency and service life will be better.

3. The price of accounting

Bare machine, accessories, consumables, control system, plasma power supply, installation, equipment total price

When companies buy CNC plasma cutter, there are always some misgivings, STYLECNC integrated many years of sales experience, summed up the four questions of the customer the most concern:

1. The quality of equipment.

CNC cutting machine is the quality of the customers most concerned about a problem, to solve this problem, the client may personally to the scene of the manufacturer, to watch their production processes, and through the production process can tell the size of an enterprise, with scale, look at the quality of the equipment.

2. Equipment prices.

This is a very key question, in the face of a variety of CNC plasma cutting machine on the market, how to choose? Many clients with a fluky psychology, spend low price to buy equipment, it's unlikely, a penny a points goods, low-cost equipment, buy to return will only add to the cost, will not reduce the cost, also won't improve efficiency.

3. The equipment precision.

Of misleading, some customers have received others said nc cutter cutting precision can reach within 0.5 mm, then buy back, found that is not so return a responsibility, for CNC cutting machine, marking precision generally within 0.5 mm, cutting accuracy in + / - 0.1 mm, so the client must ask more when buy, how to ask.

4. After-sales service.

CNC plasma cutter machine of the motherboard is made by the electronic components, the system constructed for an electronic component, can not out of the question? I believe that any manufacturer can't protect their own CNC plasma cutter machine no little problems, out of the question and needs in a timely manner to solve customer, suggest customers to ask when buying a machine, is there a after-sale service, or to be cautious!

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