New Laser Cutting System for Custom Medical Tools


New Laser Cutting System for Custom Medical Tools

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fiber laser cutting machine with gas assist

Laser cutting machine technology has an extremely fine control of pulse width, power, and focus spot size. Because the laser cutting tool does not rely on touching the part, it can be oriented to make any shape or form. Not limited by physical cutting geometry, laser cutting machine can be used to make unique shapes.    

medical tools samples with laser cutting

The technology frequently used to make medical tubes and components is laser cutting machine with gas assist. Fiber Laser equipment allows for smaller beam diameter therefore decreasing kerf width, decreasing heat propagation and increasing throughput. This range helps fulfill all cutting applications in today‚Äôs industrial material processing industry. Fine laser cutting is an ideal technology for specialized cutting requirements found in the manufacturing of medical tube tools and components. From surgical instruments used in cutting and biopsy, to needles containing unusual tips, laser cutting machine provides higher precision, quality, and speed than traditionally used cutting techniques. In addition, new laser cutting technologies are now coming on the market.    

laser cutting medical tools

Laser cutting machine is widely used in the metal fabrication industry to increase cutting speed and cutting capacity, reduce production costs, increase productivity and  improve cutting quality. Its primary advantages are precision, cutting quality, cutting speed and economy. It leaves a polished, finished edge requiring no further work. If you want more information about China laser cutting machine manufacturer and other laser processing technology solutions, please pay attention to my baidu essay. 

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