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CNC Wood Router 3D Machining Methods and Techniques

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3D Machining Methods and Techniques with CNC Wood Router

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A CNC wood router will use 3D machining in relief carving, the effect is more artistic beauty, but also has a strong sense of three-dimensional 3D, realization of this function is to complete the design of the main tool path and tool selection.

CNC wood router 3D engraving methods and techniques

In the design of the tool path, the option to automatically generate the machining depth change program, with a cutter to complete, but sometimes due to the area between the two lines of the pattern is relatively large or relatively thick strokes working place will not, it can produce so-called "islands", which requires making path when appropriate overlap rate increase.

wood CNC router software "islands" of processing. There are two main processing methods: islands of processing and continuous machining way.

The so-called islanding process, is not working for some of the region to adopt the above mentioned way end milling process. When clear end milling, should define its "overlap percentage."

Continuous machining, refers to the above-mentioned planar milling area as the initial plane, three-dimensional processing to continue. The depth might actually carved out than the designed depth should be large, but can not exceed the height of the blade plus shank. You can modify the processing at the appropriate angular distance pick, pick the angular distance, a three-dimensional clearance angle processing parameters. When processing large objects, or use a coarse tool, pick the angular distance can increase accordingly. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to use the default value of 0.1 mm. Pick angular distance is too small, too many times may cause pick angle, affect the actual processing results of CNC wood router.

LEADER that, regardless of CNC wood router 3D machining, or other carving machine operators are required in the course of continued proficiency, as many have some associated machining techniques in order to better play woodworking performance carving machine.

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