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1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Metal

1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Metal

Model: ST-FC3015LR
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Standard Price: $36300.00 / Set
Price Range: $36300.00 to $49800.00 / Set according to configuration
The price will float according to the configurations of 1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Metal
Supply Ability: 10 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Alibaba

STYLECNC® 1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine can cut metal pipes and tubes, metal sheet, now the Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for sale with best price.

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fiber laser cutting machine for metal pipes and tubes

Features and Advantages of 1000 Watts Fiber laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Metal:

1. Adopts Raycus 1000 Watts laser device(option: IPG) which has international advanced laser technology.

2. Advanced automatic CNC CYPCUT system, group into high precised CNC Fiber laser cutting machine.

3. High cutting speed: cutting speed is 2-3 times as the same power CO2 laser cutting machine.

4. Stable operation: The world's top imported fiber laser, stable performance, the key parts can reach 100,000 hours.

5. Equipped with efficient transmission system by Taiwan high-precision gear rack after grinding process and high-precision linear guide.

6. Excellent path quality: Smaller laser spot and high work efficiency, high quality.

7. Photoelectric conversion efficiency: Compared with CO2 Laser cutting machine, Fiber laser cutting machine with three times the photoelectric conversion efficiency.

8. Low cost: save energy and protect the environment. Photoelectric conversion rate as high as 25-30%. Low power consumption, only the traditional CO2 Laser cutting machine 20% -30%.

9. More Simple operation : fiber optic transmission line, no need to adjust the optical path.

10. Lower maintenance: fiber optic transmission lines without reflective lenses, saving maintenance costs.

1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine is used for carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum alloy, electronic components, automotive parts, cooling, and ventilation pipes, signs and other metal parts processing industry.

Cutting Capacity of 1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine:



Auxiliary gas

Carbon steel

≤14mm Maximum


Stainless steel





Galvanized Zinc









1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine for Metal Projects:

metal sheet laser cutting projects

fiber laser cutter projects

CNC pipe cutting machine projects

metal signs and pipes laser cutting projects

1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine Details:

fiber laser cutting machine

1000W fiber laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine for metal pipes

fiber laser cutter

Technical Parmeters of 1000 Watts Fiber Laser CNC Pipe Cutting Machine:



Max. working area

1500mm x 3000mm


Raycus 1000 watts fiber laser

Cutting thickness

0.1-12mm metals

Laser wavelength

1080 nm

Rated power


Water chiller power

6 Kw

X,Y-axis location accuracy


X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy


X,Y-axis fast moving speed

80 m/min

X,Y-axis max. cutting speed

45 m/min

Min. cutting line width

0.02-0.08 mm

Max. cutting speed

20 m/min

Machine occupy space

5.5 m x 3 m

Machine weight

4300 KG



Package size

Lathe bed: 5000*2300*2000mm


Warranty and Service for fiber laser cutting machine:

1. 3 years for the whole machine, laser device 18 months, chiller 12 months, lens/mirror/nozzle without warranty.

2. Manuals and CD along with machine, After sale department with English speakers support customer 24 hours every day. They are available for go to customer country for training and installation.

3. Certificate support: CE, FDA, SGS

In order to recommend suitable machine to you, we need to know as following:

1. What metal materials do you want to cut? SS, CS, MS, aluminum, iron, or other metals?

2. What is the cutting area do you prefer? we can provide 1200*1200mm, 1300*2500mm, 3000*1500mm, 2000*4000mm, we can also customized the machine for you request.

3. What is the thickness do you want to cut?

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