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CNC Wood Lathe Turning Operation

Turning Operation of CNC Wood Lathe

Publish: Modify: Nov 12, 2019Author: Views: 611From: STYLECNC
CNC wood lathe has entered a stable period, at present, the CNC wood lathes on the market have no different with ordinary wood lathes, but they also have their own little personality.

CNC wood lathe

After a period of rapid development, CNC wood lathe has entered a stable period, but now with the introduction of domestic demand, making the development of CNC wood lathe again entered a golden period, although it is still relatively large-scale development before the technical aspects simple, and the quality of its products is not very high, but this is to the development of a qualitative leap.

At present, the CNC wood lathes on the market have no different with ordinary wood lathes, but they also have their own little personality. That is, it is a fixture, can realize the automatic and continuous turning.

The other is turning lathe above a reasonable choice for increasing the number of CNC wood lathe work is necessary, the material to be cut, cutting props and cutting conditions is it necessary for three elements. The other is the processing of these conditions will affect the use of time, the length and the quality of the finished product is not qualified to use the tool while cutting condition is a top priority.

Then lathe cutting the time to note what conditions? The first of these conditions include three speeds, and out of the amount and depth of the knife. But CNC wood lathe work, speed will slowly rise in the temperature of the knife, the knife will bring more or less mechanical wear; if the amount is too large and out, it will indirectly affect the tool wear slowly increased, but relative to the speed, its impact is still considered relatively small; the depth of the knife, the impact on the knife is relatively small, but the choice of material will have its greatest impact, therefore, we want to master these factors in order to avoid more damage, and secondly to choose a different CNC woodworking according to their needs.

For CNC wood lathe, In the process, we are needed to make the corresponding maintenance operations, in addition to pay attention to the cutting process in the use of time, but also pay attention to the use of wood is in accordance with the requirements etc., only through a full range of maintenance and adjustment, it will make the production efficiency to refer to the highest.

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