How to Clean Mirrors of Metal Laser Cutting Machine?

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How to Clean Mirrors of Laser Metal Cutting Machine?

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Mirror of metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine with three mirrors and a focusing mirror (No. 1 mirror is in laser tube emission outlet, is machine in the upper left corner, No. 2 mirror is located in the beam of the left, No. 3 mirror is in laser head fixed part at the top of the poly focal mirror in the laser head on the lower part of the adjustable barrel), the laser is through the mirror reflection, focusing from laser hair out. Mirror is easy to stick dust or other contaminants, the damage caused by the loss or mirror of the laser, the No. 1 and No. 2 mirror cleaning shall not be removed, just dipped in the cleaning liquid lens wiping paper carefully along the mirror center to the edge of rotary cleaning. The three mirrors and the focusing mirror are removed from the frame, use the same method to wipe, wipe after it is put into the can.  


The mirror of the metal laser cutting machine is a relatively precise part, and it is also the most easily dirty and sticky dust. Mirror cleaning of laser metal cutting machine is a detailed maintenance work, STYLECNC will tell you how to clean the mirror of metal laser cutters.  


You should be careful before mirror cleaning, please look at the following five points: 


1. Acces to mirror must wear fingertip or rubber gloves, because in the hands of dirt and oil drop will dirty mirror, causing performance degradation.   

2. Do not use any tools to take the mirror, such as forceps.

3. Mirror should be put in the paper, in order to avoid injury.  

4. Don't put the mirror on the rough surface or hard, infrared mirror is easy to be scratched. 

5. Gold or copper surface clean and do not touch.

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