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2 sets 5'x10' CNC plasma cutter for clients in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia 5'x10' CNC Plasma cutter

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5'x10' CNC plasma cutter with rotary device to cut metal tube and drilling head to do marks on metal sheet. We have just finished 2 sets 5'x10' CNC plasma cutter for clients in Saudi Arabia.

Features of 5'x10' CNC plasma cutter:

1. All welded structure, X/Y axis with rack and linear guide drive, Z axis with electric automatic lifting, to assure cutting speed and quality.

2. Machine with lubrication system, auto fume extraction system and dust proof.

3. The software support all kinds of CAD graphics, such as DXF, Ai. Each operation is displayed at the screen at any moment, so operators can use our system without training or reading the instructions.

4. With break point or interruption of power, memory function. 

metal tube plasma cutter

CNC plasma cutter

5'x10' CNC plasma cutter

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