Industrial CO2 Laser Acrylic Sheet Cutting Machine


Industrial Acrylic Sheet Laser Cutting Machine with CO2 Laser Tube

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Acrylic sheet laser cutting equipment with fast speed

Acrylic laser cutting machines generally have restrictions on the thickness of the material. The power of the CO2 laser tube is generally below 300 watts, and the thickness of the processed material is below 40mm. In a broad sense, the power of the laser tube determines the thickness of the processed material. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or add film for cutting. At this time, the wind should not be too small, otherwise it will catch fire. When cutting plexiglass, the speed and light intensity must match well. The slower the speed, the better the smoothness. It is better to use a high-power laser for acrylic above 15mm. When engraving acrylic, try not to engrave too deep. If engraving is too deep, it is difficult to achieve the flatness of the bottom. The larger the gas, the edge effect of the engraving will be affected. The engraving should be finer and clearer, not too deep and stingy.

Laser acrylic cutting machine applications include acrylic signs, plexiglass trophies, luminous characters, crystal characters, plexiglass display stands, transparent cases, packaging boxes, and so on.

STJ1325 industrial acrylic sheet laser cutting machine is one of most hot sale models in all STYLECNC CO2 laser cutters. It is popular for its large table size of 4' x 8' (1300*2500mm), high power laser 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 180w for different thickness of acrylics to meet customers' requirements. It has been designed and manufacutered for more than 10 years, so can cut acrylic sheet with fast speed and high precision.

As one of leading manufacturers of acrylic sheet laser cutting equipment in the world, STYLECNC has over 10 years' experience.And manufacturing many different models for acrylic sheet cutting like STJ1390, STJ1325 and even larger STJ1626, STJ1826, etc.

Acrylic is widely used in many industries, if you are using acrylic and want a acrylic sheet laser cutting equipment with high speed and high precision, STYLECNC can meet your requirements.

In the use of industrial acrylic laser cutting machine, for safety protection and efficient production, the most important thing is the daily safety maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. The following describes the maintenance of important parts of the acrylic laser cutter. Do the following tasks to give you unexpected results.

1. Fill the linear guide with lubricating oil. The smoke and dust produced by the laser cutting machine used for a period of time have a corrosive effect on the guide rail, so the guide rail should be maintained regularly. Turn off the power of the laser cutting machine, clean the guide rail with a clean soft cloth, and then drip lubricating oil on the guide rail. After the oil is applied, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail to ensure that the lubricating oil enters the inside of the slider. After the oil is applied, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail. At this time, install the guide rail first. Be careful not to fix the guide rail first. All the fixing nails must be installed and kept level. When fixing the belt and the slider, Install the lens again, and adjust the light to finish X.

2. Wipe the reflector and focus lens. After the acrylic laser cutter is used for a period of time, smoke will adhere to the surface of the lens, affecting the cutting depth and cutting accuracy. Generally, wipe off the three reflectors and one focusing lens carefully with absolute alcohol in about a week.

3. Grease the bearings. The laser acrylic cutting machine uses a large number of bearings. In order to ensure a good cutting effect, some bearings need to be refueled regularly. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe off the floating soil on the bearings. Use a needle to suck the oil into the needle. Rotate the bearing slowly when filling the oil.

4. Timing belt (belt) tightness adjustment. There are several timing belts in the transmission system of the laser acrylic cutting machine. If the timing belt is too loose, ghosting will occur. If the timing belt is too tight, the timing belt will wear out. After using for a period of time, please adjust the tensioning screw of the timing belt to adjust the timing belt to the proper tightness.

5. Maintenance of laser tube. The laser tube in the acrylic laser cutting machine is cooled by circulating water. After long-term use, there will be some white scale in the tube. We can add a small amount of vinegar to the circulating water to remove the water in the tube. The water will circulate and wash the inside of the laser tube clean, so that the laser tube will be in the best working condition and its life will be prolonged.

Industrial  CO2 Laser Acrylic Sheet Cutting Machine
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