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Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Food Processing

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Laser Cutting Machine Applications in Food Processing

Publish: Modify: Aug 19, 2019Author: Views: 1544From: STYLECNC
As a kind of automatic cutting tool, laser cutting machine is seldom used in food processing. So, STYLECNC will take you to learn the feasibility and superiority of the laser cutting machine applications in food processing.

As a kind of automatic cutting tool, laser cutting machine has already been widely used in woodworking and metal fabrication, but rarely used in food processing.

Applications of laser cutting machine in food processing

Laser is the use of light, heating and discharge and other means to stimulate the specific material, and in the role of the resonant cavity, so that the material inside the occurrence of stimulated emission of radiation caused by a special light. With the characteristics of high power and high orientation of laser beam, an appropriate optical focusing device can be used to form a very thin beam, which is used for cutting metal and organic matter. Laser cutting is a kind of non contact processing, which is very clean and sanitary. In addition, the processing speed is fast, the processing amount is large, the cut section is smooth and orderly, and can be processed to cut into any desired shape. 

These advantages of laser cutting machine in food processing is very practical value. For example, using a laser to cut noodles, bread, fish, meat, bone, vegetables and fruits, the section will be more smooth, and shape. Can also be cut out of a special shape, as a new product modeling. Cut the food with a laser cutter, knife is any extraordinary chefs are not comparable, especially in large quantities of practical cutting. 

Because the laser cutter is a photon as the cutting edge, can be very sharp to cut off the organic molecules. Protein molecules are very large, with a laser cutter cut, will help digestion. With laser cutter cell membrane, nucleus and cell interstitial incision, to release the organizational structure of nutritional and functional components. This is very helpful for the extraction of nutrients and functional substances, can improve yield and yield. Such as: nucleic acid molecules are large with laser cutter cut into fragments". Using enzymes to cut the nucleic acids into nucleic acids, which are chemical cutting, while the laser cutter is the physical. Nucleic acid fragment by laser cutter cut, the ends will expose the section of the molecular structure of non. They may be new physicochemical properties and function. This is worthy of in-depth research and development of the subject. With a laser cutter to yeast cell wall incision, is a kind of new wall technology, is conducive to the extraction of RNA. If the nucleus is cut, it will be beneficial to extract DNA. Thus, the laser cutter in the food processing, whether it is practical application or research and development, are worthy of attention.

At present, the laser cutting machine has industrial and medical products, with a microcomputer to control the cutting speed and cutting line. If the installation to the food processing production line, can replace or partially replace the knife surface, swell mix tools, saw blade and drill bit can easily change some food processing features and the development of a new product by its characteristics. Such as: fresh pork, beef, chicken and seafood cut with a laser cutter, bone, skin and fiber together cut off, leaving no broken broken bone end, and less hemorrhage. With gum or semi fluid like things, such as gum of Astragalus, jujube paste, donkey hide gelatin, polygonatum, prepared rhizome of rehmannia and oysters are available laser cutter neatly cut. With a laser cutter intensive cutting, fish bones with cut off, not only make the fish bone become shorter and thinner, to solve the problem of edible fishbone card throat, but also make the fish bone in the calcium, sticky polysaccharide sulfate and chondroitin beneficial component obtained by utilizing. The same method is also applied to animal bone and shell processing. Application of laser cutter can also make the plant crude fiber, wood and so become like edible fiber as "broken soft". Because the laser beam of light amazingly fast, available laser cutting and crushing in water or other liquids of fixtures, which in the processing of special food has considerable practical value.

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