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Jul 28, 2019 3 Min Read By

What Materials Can Laser Cutting Machines Cut?

Laser cutting materials

Fiber Laser Cutter

A fiber laser cutting machine is typically used to cut metal materials.

Structural Steel

Cutting the material with oxygen will get better results. When using oxygen as a process gas, the cutting edge will be slightly oxidized. For the plate thickness up to 4mm, with nitrogen as the process gas and high pressure cutting. In this case, the cutting edge will not be oxidized. Plate thickness of 10mm or more lasers use special plates and oil coated the surface of the workpiece during machining can get better results.

Stainless Steel

Cutting stainless steel needs - the use of oxygen, in the case of edge oxidation does not matter; nitrogen to obtain a non-oxidizing burr-free edge of, you do not need further treatment. Perforated plate surface coating film will get better results, without reducing the quality of processing.


In spite of a high reflectivity and thermal conductivity aluminum of a thickness of less than 6mm can be cut, depending on the alloy type, and lasers. When using oxygen cutting, the cut surface is rough and hard. With nitrogen, the cutting surface smoothness. Very difficult to cut because of its high purity, pure aluminum is only installed on the system "reflection absorption device when cutting aluminum. Otherwise, the reflection will damage optical components.


Titanium sheet with argon gas and nitrogen gas as a processing gas to cutting. Other parameters can refer to a nickel-chromium steel.

Copper & Brass

Both materials have a high reflectivity and a very good thermal conductivity. Brass of a thickness of 1mm or less can be cut with nitrogen; copper in a thickness of 2mm or less can be cut, the processing gas with oxygen. The only reflection-absorption device is installed on the system when to cut copper and brass. Otherwise, the reflection will damage optical components.

CO2 Laser Cutter

A CO2 laser cutting machine is usually used to cut nonmetal materials.


• Acrylic (also known as Plexiglas, Lucite, PMMA).

• ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

• Mylar (Polyester).

• Delrin (POM, acetal).

• Kapton tape (Polyimide).

• Nylon.

• Styrene.

• Polypropylene (PP).

• Polyethylene (PE).

• PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol).

• Two-tone acrylic – top color different than core material, usually for custom instrumentation panels, signs, and plaques.

• High density polyethylene (HDPE).


• EVA.

• EPM.

• Depron foam – often used for RC planes.

• Gator foam – foam core gets burned and eaten away compared to the top and bottom hard shell.


MDF, plywood, balsa, birch, poplar, red oak, cherry, holly, and more.


Leather, fabric, suede, felt, hemp, cotton


Kraft paper, kraft cardboard, paper bag paper, packaging paper, corrugated cardboard, offset paper, stone paper, copy paper, typing paper, cable paper, rice paper, thermal paper, carbonless paper, butter paper (sulfuric acid paper), insulating paper, Transparent paper, cellophane, silicone paper, release paper (anti-adhesive paper), laminated paper, boxboard paper, yarn tube paper, parchment paper, coated paper, composite paper.


• Natural rubber - DL-limonene, isoprene.

• Vulcanized Rubber.

• Synthetic rubber - Chlorosulphonated polyethylene, neoprene rubber, silicones, nitrile rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, ethylene (EPDM) rubber, styrene butadiene rubber butyl rubber, fluorosilicone rubber, polychloroprene, polyurethane rubber, polyacrylic rubber, polyflouroelastomer rubber, epichlorohydrin rubber.

Synthetic Materials

Dangerous and may cut emissions of hazardous substances to remember when cutting synthetic materials. The workability of the synthetic material: thermoplastics, thermosetting materials, and synthetic rubber.


Cutting of all organic materials.

Hybrid Laser Cutter

You can choose a hybrid laser cutting machine to cut both metal and nonmetal materials.

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