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Laser engraving machine is widely used in plastic products

Laser engraving machine is widely used in plastic engraving

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With the development of CNC laser technology, Laser engraving machine is widely used in plastic products for engraving, welding, cutting, carving, drilling, etc

Plastic laser engraving machine

With the development of science and technology, plastic products are no longer just barrels, basket, basin, bowl, but is widely used in automobiles, clothing plate making, electronics, medical equipment and even such a high-tech, sophisticated, cutting-edge fields of aeronautics and astronautics. To be applied in these areas, in addition to the material of the plastic itself must conform to the requirements, to solve the problem of processing.

Plastic in welding, cutting, carving, drilling, etc in the process of how to realize the precise, clean, fast, efficient, has become an urgent problem in the plastic processing industry.

Traditional way of mechanical processing, such as drill Machinery act directly on the plastic workpiece, easy to make the plastic deformation of workpiece, but also in the processing form burrs, also need to deal with, precision often can not meet the requirements, processing speed is also slow. Laser engraving machine was applied to the plastic processing, can avoid above disadvantages, speed up new product research and development of plastic speed greatly, make plastic applications into the field of "high, fine, sharp". Laser is formed through light microscope after focusing laser beams, accurately send a huge amount of energy to a very small area, thereby at the various materials including plastics, welding, cutting, engraving, marking, drilling and other processing.

Laser machining is a contact, the workpiece itself without mechanical impact, not deformation; Internal heat affected zone is small, workpiece is not easy to produce residual thermal stress; May at any time after the laser beam focus position switch, and a computer program, the combination of its energy and trajectory can achieve precise control, so as to complete the sophisticated cutting and punching etc; It also can be operated in the process of workpiece moving, process automation, greatly improving the production speed; Use of laser welding seam is firm and durable and clean, can be welding difficult to connect modified thermoplastic rubber and glass fiber. Laser engraving by laser on the plastic parts to form a certain identity, can overcome the mechanical engraving changed the surface quality of the materials and bacteria, it carved the identity of the high brightness, clear edge.

Plastic board is becoming more and more widely used in clothing, laser engraving machine can according to the requirements of the clothing version on the plastic cutting graphics. The development and changes of auxiliary clothing.

As the laser engraving machine in small power and high power laser equipment, all played an increasingly important role in plastic products. Believe that the development of laser engraving machine for more bring new inspiration and opportunity in the industry.

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