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Ian's Feedback for 20W MOPA M6+ fiber laser marking system

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Ian from France

Publish: Modify: Apr 13, 2018Author: Views: 0From: STYLECNC25460
I need to mark on stainless steel foil, after discussion, I have purchased the MOPA M6+ fiber laser marking system from STYLECNC, which has fine laser spot and perfect marking effect.

We are very happy with the MOPA fiber laser marking system. We spent about 2 weeks integrating it with our foil feeder, optimizing the marking, fitting safety guard and setting it up to mark our other bar code layouts. Everything works great. We have a keyboard macro which automatically renumbers all 64 bar codes in about 40 seconds after you enter the starting code.

Thank you for all your support for the fiber Laser marking system.

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