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Deni's review for STYLECNC 30W MOPA fiber laser marker machine

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Deni from Canada

Publish: Modify: Apr 13, 2018Author: Views: 0From: STYLECNC25460
The 30W MOPA fiber laser marker machine with auto focus function, no need people to adjust the focus length. I use it to mark color on stainless steel.

This MOPA fiber Laser marker machine is so amazing. Most of the time it engraves flawless, but every now and again it engraves with lines. It is very quiet and fumes are not bad at all. I must say i really like ordering with STYLECNC, the item was great right out of the box, I was up and running in 18 mins, We are constantly finding new projects for it all the time. It gets an A for value. I'd give it an A for simplicity once set up. It could use a larger work space. And a few more features.

Much better than I expected, good price, good product.

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