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Smart Automatic Industrial Fabric Cutting Machine

Last Updated on May 24, 2022 by 6 Min Read

Smart Automatic Industrial Fabric Cutting Machine

Smart Automatic Industrial Fabric Cutting Machine


Automatic industrial fabric cutting machine is a digital dieless cutting system, which is mainly used for the segmentation and cutting of fabrics. It does not require any die and is controlled by the system software, and then directly cuts the fabric, as long as it is set on the operating platform after confirming the corresponding parameters, the computer transmits the corresponding instructions to the cutting machine, and the automatic fabric cutting machine performs fast cutting according to the accepted design drawings. It has high automation procedures and simple operation. It is an indispensable cutting equipment in the garment industry. .


An automatic industrial fabric cutting machine will vibrate up and down when cutting, tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, similar to the principle of a saw blade, but there is no saw tooth, no powder, the vibrating knife can freely replace the cutter head, according to different materials, you can choose round cutters, half cutters, drag cutters, bevel cutters, drag cutters, milling cutters, and more cutters.


Automatic industrial fabric cutter machines are suitable for sportswear & knitwear, such as women's clothing, fashion, uniforms, suits, jeans, and more garments.

The materials that the digital fabric cutting system can cut include cloth, leather, and composite materials. The flexibility and hardness of the materials are different, which makes it necessary to carry out all-round fixation. At this time, the vacuum adsorption system is used, and the vacuum adsorption system work table is made of aviation aluminum. The platform has extremely high precision, with a hole-like ventilation device in the middle, and the size can be customized. Part of the automatic feeding device will be equipped with extremely high air permeability felt, which is also a highly air-permeable material, which increases the adsorption capacity of the material.


The finished products cut by the automatic industrial garment cutting machine are also clean and neat, with smooth edges, and the size of the cut pieces are accurate, odorless, relatively environmentally friendly, and soft and hard materials take all.

The cutting speed of the automatic industrial clothing cutting machine is twice that of the rotary knife cutting machine and twice that of the laser cutting machine. It is now the first choice of many garment enterprises.

On the basis of the automatic industrial fabric cutting machine, STYLECNC has added new performance to it, making it more intelligent, accurate and comprehensive, so that it can help you solve more cutting problems. Let's take a look at it together.

1. The increase in speed, the cutting speed of the automatic industrial fabric cutter machine is as high as 2000mm/s, which can increase the output to a greater extent. A cutting machine is equivalent to 4 to 10 workers.

2. The accuracy is improved. The accuracy of the material cut by the automatic industrial fabric cutting machine is 0.01mm, which can maximize the accuracy of the product and improve the product quality and competitiveness.

3. With the improvement of intelligence, the automatic industrial fabric cutting machine only needs to input the graphics to be cut in the computer to automatically cut, without manual guards and adjustments.

4. The improvement of freedom can be equipped with CCD camera, projector, double cutter head, double gantry, lengthening and widening working area of cutting bed, etc., which can be customized according to your needs.


With the development of automatic control technology and the widespread application of computers, as well as the combination of electronic technology, the computer-controlled automatic cutting system for clothing fabrics is gradually replacing traditional manual operations, making the integration and working stability higher and higher. stronger. Automatic digital fabric cutting machine is a highly technical mechatronics product, including the most advanced mechanical technology, computer and information processing technology, system technology, automatic control technology, sensing and detection technology, servo drive technology, and its mechanical structure is complex. The movement speed is extremely fast. In the 1980s, the Gerber company in the United States and the Lectra company in France developed the earliest computer marker system. Since then, the automatic cutting technology has entered a period of rapid development.


In a modern high-tech society, enterprises in any industry must continue to reform and innovate, upgrade their modernization, and introduce high-tech in order to remain invincible. Especially traditional clothing companies, because most clothing companies cut by hand, and the most obvious disadvantage of this cutting method is that it cannot guarantee cutting accuracy and improve cutting efficiency. So how can it be improved? Today, I will introduce you to the intelligent CNC fabric cutting machine that can meet the diversified needs of the cutting workshop.

Nowadays, the emergence of the clothing CAD super layout system has made clothing companies pay more attention to the utilization of fabrics in single-layer layout. Although it has also played a role in saving fabrics, clothing processing companies have neglected the two important aspects of cutting plan and spreading operation. The science and rationality of the typesetting and cutting plan directly determines the overall utilization rate of the fabric.

The application of the intelligent CNC textile cutting machine fundamentally solves the technical bottleneck of the hidden loss of the fabric and the low cutting power that cannot be calculated in the enterprise cutting process; the first step is the calculation of the layout cutting plan, the automatic industrial textile cutting machine is based on the length of the cutting bed , The product process requirements and the number of orders and other comprehensive factors to carry out a reasonable calculation of the cutting plan, which solves the problems in the industry in just a few minutes. The second step is to combine the application of intelligent typesetting according to the cutting plan to spread the cloth, and to spread the classification through the software. The function effectively reduces the amount of scrap fabrics and improves the limit utilization rate of each piece of fabric.

The automatic industrial textile cutting machine explains that reasonable cutting calculations are the basis for the clothing factory to save materials. The intelligent cutting function and spreading classification function enable the factory to realize a reasonable plan from the fabric procurement stage of the order, except for the saving of materials. In addition, it can also reduce the cost and waste of fabric procurement, greatly reducing the fabric inventory of garment factories. A large amount of fabric inventory will seriously affect the practical profits of garment processing enterprises.


The automatic industrial digital textile cutting machine is specially tailored for the clothing industry, plush fabrics, sofas, leather, non-woven fabrics, flannels, etc. It can accurately cut any graphics of a variety of clothing single-layer & multi-layer fabrics, and can be equipped with feeding The device realizes continuous automatic cutting of the coil material. The marking and cutting process of garment pieces can be completed at one time. Vacuum adsorption and crawler transfer worktables make it convenient and quick to receive and feed materials. The cutting fabrics include various materials such as plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton and linen, and chemical fibers. The automatic industrial fabric cutting machine can cooperate with the scanner to make samples quickly.


Milling Cutter

It adopts high-speed, high-performance imported spindle motor. According to different materials and applications, its speed can reach up to 60000rpm, and the cutting edge is smoother. It can cut 20mm thick non-metallic hard materials and flexible materials, and its performance is far better than traditional Cutting equipment meets the demand for uninterrupted work 24 hours/7 days to maximize material output. Equipped with professional and efficient dust suction device, the whole cutting process has no peculiar smell, no dust, no health impact on employees, and meets environmental protection standards.

Vibration Knife

The high-frequency vibration knife cutting machine cuts through the material through the principle of high-frequency vibration, and is equipped with a variety of amplitude knives for different materials to ensure high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality production and processing of various non-metallic flexible materials. The cutting blades can be cut at different angles, such as Cut materials of different thicknesses at 45°, 26°, 16°, etc.

Multi-Angle Bevel Knife

According to your own different cutting needs, you can adjust the groove lines of different angles, and can cut 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 35°, 45° angles, and the material thickness is ≤16mm.

Creasing Knife

The creasing knife creases the material through the creasing wheel, and the perfect creasing effect can be obtained by replacing the creasing wheel with appropriate depth and width. Directional pressure can be used to adjust indentation or wrinkling. With the software indentation tool, it can forward or reverse the direction of the material to obtain a higher quality indentation effect without damaging the surface paper of the material.

Wheel Cutter

The wheel cutter uses a high-power brushless DC motor to drive the blade to rotate at a high speed to cut materials. It can be equipped with a round blade or a 10-angle blade.

Drag Knife

Suitable for cutting various flexible materials ≤5mm

Pneumatic Knife

The pneumatic knife fabric cutting system is a knife driven by compressed air, which is very suitable for cutting dense and high-density materials, and can also be used to process soft and thick materials. Combined with a certain specification of compressed air and 8mm cutter stroke, the pneumatic vibration cutting tool will have the ability to cut thicker and harder materials.


Digital fabric cutting machine is an automatic cutting system used in textile, clothing and flexible materials industries. The garment cutting process flow of general garment processing enterprises is: the cutting part starts to arrange production according to the garment production order. First, calculate the layout of the cutting plan, followed by the layout staff according to the cutting plan according to the situation of each bed for manual or intelligent layout, and then spread the cloth according to the cutting plan and the layout of each bed. operation. After finishing spreading the cloth, the cutting staff use craftsmanship or computer automatic cutting table for cutting work.

1. After the digital dieless knife cutting machine is installed, turn on the power to check whether the rotation of each part of the machine is flexible and whether the fasteners are loose.

2. Turn on the power, press the button of the host, and check whether the direction of the blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow. If it is reversed, adjust immediately.


1. When moving the worktable of the CNC fabric cutting machine, the moving speed should be correctly selected according to the distance from the workpiece to prevent collisions when moving too fast.

2. When programming, determine the correct processing technology and processing route according to the actual situation, and prevent the workpiece from being scrapped or cut off in advance due to insufficient processing position or insufficient edge strength.

3. Confirm whether the program and compensation amount are correct before thread cutting.

4. When starting the cut, pay attention to observe and judge the processing stability of the automatic industrial fabric cutting table, and adjust it in time if any defects are found.

5. During the processing of the digital fabric cutting machine, the cutting conditions should be inspected and supervised frequently, and the problems should be dealt with immediately.

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