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Last Updated on Aug 31, 2021 by 3 Min Read

What Does A CNC Nesting Machine Do?

The CNC nesting machine is an automatic panel furniture production line, which is used for making wardrobe cabinets, cupboard cabinet furniture, computer desks, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils with cutting, milling, drilling, chamfering, punching, carving. Due to the high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy and simple operation of this equipment, it can be combined with furniture design and dismantling software to achieve customization for different needs, so it is widely used in the furniture making industry.

Some people like to compare the CNC nesting machine with the CNC router. These two machines are just similar, but they don't want to be the same. The nesting CNC machine is multi-axis rotation, and the CNC router machine is one for six and one for eight. Although the simple nesting CNC machine and the CNC engraving machine are moving in a gantry, the nesting CNC machine with a high configuration also moves in the gantry and the platform also moves. CNC router machines generally use small milling cutters and small power, and nesting CNC machines generally use large power and large milling cutters.

The functional characteristic of the CNC nesting machine is that it has many functions and a wide range of use. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can be continuously upgraded according to your product. When choosing machinery, it is also done according to needs. If you don't need too many functions, you don't need too many function configurations, and only require the product functions to be durable.

Intelligent CNC nesting instead of the worker, eliminating error, improve the output and reduce the cost.

Instead of the workers

In the production process, the operator just as porters, the intelligent furniture cutting equipment can realize automatic paste barcode, automatic feeding, drilling, slotting, cutting, automatic uploading, automatic retrieval processes for cutting side hole, slot on the back, back hole, the whole process don't need human judgment, automatic processing, get rid of the dependence of woodworking professional and technical workers.

Besides, Automatic feeding machine instead of the traditional push table saw or precision saw, to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries, the health of employees is guaranteed.

Eliminating error

The working path is automatically generated by the software. Through the intelligent design software to split single 3D modeling,it can realize the real effect of map rendering. Customized furniture shape and size at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements, and outputs all sheet drawing format (DXF format drawings belonging to a common format, it can be open in all the cnc router software), each piece of plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path (NC program), to maximize use of raw materials.

Improve the output value

Intelligent nesting CNC machine complete can mass production of customized furniture, semi-finished products processing can be clearly distinguished, not easy to confuse.

Reduce costs

Intelligent CNC nesting machine can reduce labor, improve the utilization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs.

Intelligent furniture production line

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