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How to Custom Home Designs with CNC Machines for Woodworking?

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  • One Stop Full House Customization with Wood CNC Machines
Last Updated on Aug 25, 2023 by 7 Min Read
One Stop Full House Customization with Wood CNC Machines

One Stop Full House Customization with Wood CNC Machines

Full house customization is a home customization solution that integrates home design, customization, installation and other services. Whole house customization is a consumer's exclusive home made by home furnishing companies on the basis of large-scale production and according to consumer design requirements.

When the real estate is booming, and the rooms of various types and decoration styles are also emerging in an endless stream, most of the furniture is relatively popular in the design, and it is difficult to meet the individual requirements. A lot of furniture in the exhibition hall has a beautiful style, but once moved to a specific home, it is overshadowed. Either the size does not match the space of the house, or the style does not conform to the overall decoration style. Customization provides consumers with personalized furniture customization services, including overall wardrobes. , Bookcases, wine cabinets, shoe cabinets, TV cabinets, walk-in closets, wall-mounted wardrobes, overall furniture, and other products with various titles belong to the category of whole-house customization.

For modern people, furniture is not only a practical product, but also represents an attitude to life. Customized furniture throughout the house is increasingly recognized by consumers. Customized furniture can not only make reasonable use of various spaces in the home, but also match the entire home environment. For example, if the overall wardrobe is customized, the wardrobe can be embedded in the wall with suitable sliding doors, and the wardrobe will be integrated with the whole decoration style, and it can also be customized according to the owner's personality to fully reflect the owner's taste. In view of the large number of small apartments in the real estate market, whole-house customization can give full play to the imagination of design and make small apartments full of "big wisdom".

CNC Nesting Machine

CNC nesting machine is equipped with automatic nesting system, professional cutting software, online design (3D three-dimensional map can be presented), one-click order splitting, automatic hole arrangement, optimized layout and other functions. The general board usage rate is more than 95%, saving labor and no need for professionalism. The woodworking master typesetting and arranging holes. It can complete the three processes of vertical hole drilling, grooving and material opening. It can be used for machining arc shaped plates, milling and carving of cabinet doors, home doors, home decorations and more. It is a professional equipment for custom-made furniture.

CNC Wood Nesting Machine


In the current form, the technical functions of the CNC wood nesting machine are becoming more and more powerful, making the woodworking business more and more time-saving and labor-saving in the application process. The following introduces the latest technical features of the CNC wood nesting machine, so that everyone can feel the progress and convenience of CNC technology.

Nesting CNC machine is an economical and practical type of CNC wood cutting machine, which can be used as a door panel and a cabinet. It is more suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories. Its basic working principle is to realize the tool change function through pneumatic switching, so as to achieve the effect of mutual switching of multi working procedures. If the CNC wood cutting machine is used as a cabinet and a side hole machine, the processing capacity can reach 40-50 sheets a day. If the CNC wood router machine is combined with the CNC six-sided drill, the processing capacity can reach 80-100 sheets a day.

What is a zero-second switching CNC nesting machine? Does it make sense?

CNC nesting machine with zero-second switching is realized by adding multiple frequency converters to the equipment. At present, two of the more advanced frequency converters can realize fast switching. However, in the normal use of the nesting CNC machine, one spindle does all the processes before switching to the other spindle, which is not as frequent as the switch of the drilling package model. The whole work flow is switched 2-3 times, so the real speed of the nesting CNC router machine with zero-second tool change cannot be improved much.

1. The X, Y, and Z axis of nesting CNC machine adopts high-precision linear guide rails for three axes, which better improves the precision of the machine and the service life of the machine. Make the surface of the carving process more smooth and perfect. Moreover, the service life of the orbit bearing is greatly increased to more than three times the service life of the circular orbit.

2. Humanized design: Intelligent machining cross-border protection function to prevent mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent machining speed control: can control the processing speed, truly improve processing efficiency, extend tool life, and increase yield.

3. This type of machine is a fool-type operation, all calculations are computer calculations, with zero errors and zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer.

4. CNC nesting machine can pause at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and preview the plane and three-dimensional diagram of the cutting path. The stepless speed regulation is convenient for cutting different materials and is suitable for different industries.


In the new woodworking industry, the CNC wood nesting machine is highly praised in the industry. Its production line is a combination of CNC wood router machines, CNC panel saws and other CNC equipment, which can fully automatically complete the design and design of wardrobes, cabinets and other panel furniture. Production, and has special order splitting and special software for production automation. So what are the advantages of nesting CNC router machine in the furniture industry?

The era of CNC wood cutting system has come, are you still using traditional, low-efficiency cutting equipment to push the table saw? Are you still using its relatively backward technology for processing and production?

With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry today, you have to make plans for the future of your business. Even if you do not increase your orders and maintain the current output, how can we maximize our interests?

1. The wood CNC machine saves labor costs, gets rid of the difficulty of recruiting and relying on technical operators, and can complete efficient cutting work. Two people actually operate one sliding table saw, but one person can operate several CNC cutting machines, which are used in conjunction with the edge banding revolving line. The cutting and edge banding only need to be operated by themselves, which reduces labor intensity, and each plate is used more 0.3 square.

2. The processing effect is perfect. Using the advantages of the milling cutter, the processing surface is very smooth, so that the edge banding effect is good, and there is no need to make up for the cutting defects in the later stage, which saves the time of packing and cleaning labor.

3. The CNC nesting router machine can increase the utilization rate of the board, and use the advantages of software and tools to nest materials to maximize the utilization rate of the board. The milling cutter is used to cut the material, and the position can be adjusted at will, and the special-shaped workpiece can be cut. In comparison, the sliding table saw must be cut to the end with one cut, and the board usage rate is low.

4. The CNC woodworking machine has low work intensity and can be used with additional loading and unloading. The work of the workers is very easy, and the physical requirements of the workers are very low. Even female workers can complete the work of cutting.

5. Reduce safety hazards, zero contact between workers and milling cutters, avoiding work-related accidents, and the boss has peace of mind and peace of mind.

6. Optimized design of CNC nesting router machine software, with library materials, can be used directly, input the size of the plate, and directly produce the NC file format, so that there is no error in blanking, lower costs, simple and easy to learn, learn and apply within 5 days.

7. Improve the utilization rate of the plate. The machine uses a milling cutter to open the material, which can turn the direction at will, and can cut the opposite sex. The average utilization rate of each plate is 2.7-2.8 square.

8. The cutting speed of the CNC wood cutting machine is fast, the machine is continuous when it is working, and it can also work continuously for eight hours, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.

9. The dust collection effect of the CNC opener is good. The opener adopts a full set of 3000 watts dust removal controlled by a solenoid valve, which realizes the dust-free factory, greatly improves the environmental quality of the factory, and enhances the dust suction effect of the opener , The suction is clean, and its suction power can reach more than 95%.

10. This machine is a fool operation, all calculations are computer calculations, with zero errors and zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer.

11. The cutting speed of the machine is fast, and the machine is continuous when it is working, and it can also work continuously for eight hours, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity.

12. The CNC blanking machine is matched with the panel furniture design software, allowing buyers to see the furniture renderings more intuitively, and realize the automatic optimization of the layout of the blanking, which is more efficient, saves the blanking, and improves the utilization rate of the board.

13. Realize the whole house customization of punching, slotting, blanking, engraving, carving, and milling, special-shaped processing is convenient, fast cutting speed, no chipping, no lint, saving labor, safe and error-free operation, just find a small worker for training in one day Being able to work, CNC production will not make mistakes due to manual work, and one nesting CNC router machine can handle three or four people for processing.

14. Automatic loading and unloading, the manual can rest during the production and processing of the equipment, which greatly reduces the efficiency of manual labor.

15. The control system is simple and easy to learn, all calculations are computerized, with zero errors and zero repair rate.

Vacuum Laminating Machine

Vacuum laminating machine is also called vacuum blister machine. It is mainly suitable for laminating all kinds of cabinet door panels, wooden door laminating, sliding door laminating, soft bag decorative leather laminating and other material surfaces and covering all sides with PVC, veneer, decorative paper, etc. The equipment can apply various PVC films to furniture, cabinets, sound boxes, craft doors, decorative wall skirting boards and other board furniture, and can be used for heat transfer film and single-sided veneer after installing silica gel board. Recover work.

Automatic Edge Banding Machine

It mainly includes the fuselage, each processing department group, and the control system. The processing components mainly include: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, flushing, rough repair, finishing, profiling tracking, edge scraping, polishing, and grooving. Mainly used for panel edge sealing of panel furniture. Its characteristics are automation, high efficiency, high precision and aesthetics.

CNC Side Hole Machine

Infrared CNC side hole machine is a professional machine used to make horizontal holes in the panel furniture production line. Compared with the barcode CNC side hole machine, this equipment does not require any software support. It has automatic infrared induction and quickly realizes blind punching. It is used for making panel furniture. A good helper for overall wardrobes and custom cabinets.

STYLECNC is an enterprise focusing on the design, manufacturing and software development and application of automated wood CNC machine. STYLECNC focuses on building smart factories in the furniture industry. Its products include panel furniture smart factories, whole plant information software, control systems, and CNC cutting Machine, automatic computer panel saw series products, automatic linear edge banding machine series products, CNC drilling series products, six-sided drills, a full range of five-axis three-dimensional machining centers, various heavy-duty high-speed cutting machines, straight-line openers woodworking machinery and equipment of different specifications and models such as feeder, disc opener, four-process opener, etc.

STYLECNC is a manufacturer that can carry out professional intelligent factory planning and provide related complete sets of equipment and software. STYLECNC's CNC nesting machine, automatic linear edge banding machine and high-speed CNC drilling machine, combined with automation software, customized furniture flexible machining production line. STYLECNC can truly tailor a package solution for the production of panel cabinets and wardrobes for you, and incorporate customization into large-scale production. STYLECNC's technology can help you quickly transform ideas and designs into products in a simpler way, with lower investment and less time, improve your industrial automation level, get rid of the dependence on skilled workers, and effectively improve management efficiency And production efficiency.

As a new development direction of the furniture industry, full house customization is an opportunity and a challenge for many furniture brands. Whether it can be seized depends on whether the brand has a whole house customized full set of CNC machines for woodworking, as well as design, research, development, manufacturing and service capabilities.

Any plans from one stop full house customization or business from custom home designs with CNC machines for woodworking, fell free to tell us, we'll build a full solution with you for whole house customization.

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