Wooden Door Making CNC Router with Linear ATC System


Wooden Door Making CNC Router with Linear ATC System

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1. Welded structure by thick profiled steel stabilized under high temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.

2. Japanese YAKSAWA servo motor makes machine stable running with low noise, high speed and high accuracy.

3. Italy HSD spindle makes machine with high precision and long service time and stable movement.

4. Configured with imported tool magazine of 8 tools the machine can change tools speedy and freely. Changing tools in 8 seconds.

5. Tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length.

6. Strong power suction of vacuum pump.

7. Taiwan SYNTEC control system, separated keyboard control, color LCD display add machine more versatility.

8. Strong dust collector ensures site cleanliness during the machine operation.

9. Automatic lubricating system, one touch can finish periodic maintenance easily.

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ATC cnc router

hingle work CNC router

linear ATC CNC router

Wooden door making CNC router with linear ATC system samples:

wood door CNC router

Keyhole drilling CNC router

If you want to know what other works of wooden door CNC router can do, please contact us directly.

Wooden Door Making CNC Router with Linear ATC System
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