The Best CNC Router for Sign Making in Holland


The Best CNC Router for Sign Making in Holland

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The best CNC router machine with 1200mm*1800mm table size is used to make signs with wood, MDF, plastic, foam, acrylic, aluminum, and brass in Holland.

The best CNC router for sign making has been shipped to Holland, we hope that it can help our cusotmer to make more signs on wood, plastic, foam, acrylic, aluminum, brass, etc.

Features of the best CNC router for sign making in Holland:

1. 1200*1800*150mm.

2. 1.5kw water cooling spindle.

3. 1.5KW Fuling inverter.

4. RichAuto A11 DSP control system.

5. Leadshine M860 driver+450A motor.

6. Taiwan Hiwin 20 square rails.

7. Taiwan TBI ballscrew transmission.

8. T-slot table with PVC (vaccum table for choose).

9. Tool sensor.

10. France Schneider electric components.

11. Omron limit sensor.

12. Advertising Tools(φ3.175,φ4,φ6).

13. Tool box (All the necessary tools for operation).

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CNC router in Holland

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