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Hobby CNC router 6090 for school in Romania

Hobby CNC router 6090 for school in Romania

Publish: Modify: Dec 07, 2017Author: Views: 546From: STYLECNC
Hobby CNC router 6090 with small working area and high precision working, make it very popular in school training. New6090 cnc will launch into Romania school.

hobby CNC router 6090 application:

Hobby CNC router has a wide range of applications, such as advertising field, seal field, packing field, pane making field, decorating field, art and craft field, architecture model field, souvenir field, badge field, electric circuitry field and carpentry field. 

It is used to engrave on Acrylic sheet, abs double color sheet, PVC foam sheet, wood sheet, scagliola, PCB, granite, stone, steel and etc.

hobby cnc router 6090

When it install rotary device,it can do more cylinder carving work:

small rotary cnc router

Main specs of 6090 CNC router:

#working area:600*900*150mm

#2.2KW water-cooling spindle 

#Taiwan Hiwin 15 rails on all axis

#Cast steel body 

#Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

#RichAuto DSP control system

#Aluminum profile T-slot table

#Zero sensors on all axis

#Fuling inverter

#Stepper motor and driver

#Water pump

#Tool Sensor

#Necessary kits for machine use

#4th rotary device

mini cnc router 6090

6090 wood cnc router

For school use,we also have big size 1200*1200mm,1300*2500mm and 1500*3000mm size for choose.Other size can be customized.

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