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Custom Furniture is Coming with Full Intelligent CNC Router

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Custom Furniture is Coming with Full Intelligent CNC Router

Publish: Modify: Apr 07, 2020Author: Views: 671From: STYLECNC
With the continuous improvement of intelligent CNC router technology, you will experience a time of custom furniture with your heart in your house.

As a furniture manufacturer, do you want to do change with the development of the industry, and to be leader in your furniture business line?  Whether in the increasingly competitive furniture market to find a new way, thereby reversing the decline in market share decline year after year?


Full intelligent CNC router

Automatic barcode labeling for full intelligent CNC router

Automatic nesting, slotting, cutting, drilling and grooving for full intelligent CNC router

Modern custom furniture

Custom furniture

As a consumer group, in the home decoration, may pay attention to environmental protection, brand, quality and other factors, whether to know "my furniture, I call the shots"? Furniture can be designed with its own, according to their space size, style of decoration, personality requirements, such as "one to one" personalized custom furniture.

Custom furniture area to the area of custom-made furniture, will be a major reform of plate furniture. In a user oriented era, furniture personalized customization will be added to the home life. In the modern business environment, the user's experience Bureau focus on the value of the product, and gives the user the best quality experience, in order to truly cultivate the loyalty of the brand, and then win the future.

Custom furniture and furniture products compared to the most significant advantages is the use of space and function, more in the design concept of personalized, more representative of modern personality Home Furnishing life demand, the real end use Home Furnishing practical problems in the process; secondly, the terminal design ability to customize furniture sales business, so that customers can be more intuitive to see the the furniture effect, thus more easily occupy the market; thirdly, custom furniture can be more convenient for the development of the electricity supplier, opened up a new way. Customized furniture is echoing the national advocacy of "Internet plus made" opportunity, combined with the characteristics of convenient disassembly and transportation, can quickly open up the electricity sales channels.

Grasp the industry trends and consumer trends, make full use of policies advocated by the state, effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises, improve product R&D standards, closer to the market positioning.

Look with your eyes, and experience with your heart. Sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to visit, STYLECNC will provide more detailed information about intelligent manufacturing and panel furniture.


STYLECNC full intelligent CNC router for custom furniture with auto nesting software has full functions to automatic uploading and downloading, automatically nesting, optimizing, vertical drilling, slotting, grooving, engraving, etc.


If you have a mind to learn more about the full intelligent CNC router for custom furniture, click the link:


Full intelligent CNC router
Full intelligent CNC router

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