Laser Engraving Machines for Light Guide Plate (LGP)

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Laser Engraving Machines for Light Guide Plate (LGP)

Light guide plate ultra-thin light box is a kind of energy-saving, thin, convenient and safe box, with ultra-thin super-bright, optical uniformity, energy saving and other distinctive characteristics. Using spectral analysis principle and pulse laser engraving or digital printing technology and the combination made at constant temperature and humidity, dust-free environment conditions, with ultra-thin super-bright, optical uniformity, energy saving and environmental protection, no dark areas, installation and maintenance simple and quick and other distinctive characteristics.

The light guide plate design principles from the Note Book of the LCD screen is a transparent acrylic plate issued to absorb light in the acrylic surface stay, by laser engraving or digital printing technology in various shapes from the bottom surface of the light guide plate lights diffusion point, the light is uniformly distributed in the whole process of the board, it is a linear light source into a surface light source of high-tech products.

STYLECNC has successfully applied to the light guide plate laser engraving technology, greatly promoted the laser engraving light guide plate ultra-thin light box production and popularization.

Laser engraving machine in the light guide plate production

The current variety of the market is relatively light guide plate production process

1. Production process geometry reflecting unit;

2. The shape of the space craft category brightness uniformity of quality assurance for the environment have selvedge;

3. Laser RBI pit (three-dimensional raster principle, three-dimensional diffuse) three-dimensional non-contact, thermal processing of any shape (including curved and fan) higher than the screen more than 30% 0.01mm8 Acrylic no damage anywhere on there;

4. Laser scribing groove (plane grating principle, diffuse plane) three-dimensional non-contact, thermal processing line, 0.1mm8 anywhere Acrylic no damage can control the line length and density of more than 30% higher than the non-printing;

5. Anywhere mold bumps (stereoscopic reflection) forming a three-dimensional special than simple graphical screen for more than 20% 0.05mm5 No acrylic no damage;

6. Screen flat plane of chemical reactions special reflective dot simple graphical 0.1mm3 can not be oxidized.

Features of light guide plate engraved by laser engraving machine

Energy saving

Energy saving than the traditional light box for more than 70%. Advanced lighting technology, making light more focused, and more energy efficient.

Low-cost process

Without silk screen, no ink, no printing technology workers.

Easy to operate

Any size light guide plate, simply enter the size directly in the laser control system to a one-time molding.

High brightness

Non-contact laser production process, is formed on the photoconductive material pit (or grooves), the destruction of the transmitted light on the direction of the photoconductive material, which is reflecting the light guide plate and take screen reflected light, the laser light guide screen printing production process than traditional light guide plate is brighter.

Good uniformity

Currently on the market most of the light guide plate is not uniform, Matrox laser light guide plate engraving machine added selvage method in the control program, so that you can form a large number of refraction points in the dark area, get more light refraction, so that the whole board brightness small error and good uniformity. Variable line source for the surface light source, illumination more uniform, softer, more comfortable vision;

Long life

Unaffected by water and moisture, long life than 3-5 times the printing type. Generally printed board, as long as the water will touch lost its luster, light attenuation faster, some board brightness within a year will be reduced by about half. This is mainly printed board, is reflected by the ink, and the ink in the high-intensity light irradiation, will produce the inevitable aging. The laser engraving light guide plate is a shape, no other chemicals on a photoconductive material, so the adaptation of the environment than the traditional printing stronger, longer life.

The laser light guide plate manufacturing method

Laser light guide plate production mainly in two ways: laser scribing, laser dot

The laser scribing principle

1. The use of laser engraving machine, acrylic surface streaked to form reflective diffusion slots. In order to make the whole field uniform light, the light from the light source closer the more small V-groove density. The farther away from most of the light source has been issued, less light, high V-groove density.

2. Technical characteristics of the light guide plate having the above structure is as follows:

3. Light conversion rate (higher than conventional light guide plate more than 30%), light uniformity, long life (normal use indoors for more than 20 years), safety and environmental protection, all suitable for outdoor durable and reliable within the household;

4. Under the same area and the light emission brightness, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption;

5. Can be made into shaped, such as round, oval, circular, triangular and so on;

6. Under the same brightness, you can use a thin product, cost savings;

7. You can use any point source, line source to do the conversion surface light source, the light source comprises a LED, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), fluorescent tubes, etc.

The laser dot principle

Using pulse control mode in the bottom surface of the light guide plate with the use of laser engraving machine marked with circular or square diffusion point, when the light shines diffusion point, the reflected light will spread to every angle, and then destroy the reflection condition is emitted from the front light guide plate, the use of each species density, diffusion of point sizes, make uniform light guide plate. The use of a reflective plate that is exposed to the bottom surface of the light reflected back to the light guide plate, to improve the use efficiency of light.

In order to avoid non-laser dot into the light guide plate in the edge of a dark area, using the leno technology, leno technology is the use of very dense (more aside on the more dense) points as possible by reflecting light, so that the non-light the dark side of the area has been effectively improved.

Software of the light guide plate laser engraving machine

Since the laser light guide plate made special, ordinary laser engraving machine can not meet demand when the light guide plate making, Jinan Matrox laser cutting machine control software Ltd. specially developed for the industry characteristics light guide plate engraving function with the following features :

1. The light guide can be automatically generated according to the parameters set by the network;

2. By scanning mode, which greatly improves the working efficiency, the maximum scanning speed of up to 2000mm / sec;

3. Horizontal scanning, vertical scanning arbitrary choice;

4. Dot matrix multi-generation, multi-point light source evenly distributed;

5. Continuous energy gradient setting, can realize continuous variation unified line outlets depth;

6. Dot density, dot gradient, dot size can be set arbitrarily;

7. Generate a variety of outlets direction optional.

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