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Everything You Need To Know About The Best CNC Routers In 2022?

Top 10 Best Selling CNC Routers of 2021



CNC router is a type of power machine tool with CNC (Computer Number Controlled) system, which is mainly used in industrial manufacturing, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop and home shop for automatic engraving, carving, cutting, milling, drilling and grooving on different materials, such as wood, stone, plastics, acrylic, glass, ACM, copper, brass, aluminum, PVC, foam, MDF, etc. It is a typical product of CAD/CAM integration. It integrates editing, typesetting, and engraving functions. It can quickly and easily apply various materials (such as plexiglass board, PVC board, ABS board, multilayer board, two-color board, foam board, PCB printed circuit board, high elasticity, low melting point soft material, rubber, light guide plate, metal, mahogany, teak and other hard wood, marble, white marble, etc.) Carved realistic, delicate and durable Two-dimensional graphic text and three-dimensional relief. As an automatic processing equipment, it must be supported by professional routing software integrating CAD/CAM. The in-depth penetration of CNC machines in various fields puts forward higher and higher requirements for machining auxiliary design and CNC routing software.


Top 10 best selling CNC routers of 2021 include mini types, small types, tabletop types, desktop types, benchtop types, hobby types, 3 axis types, ATC types, 4th axis types, rotary axis types, 4 axis types, 5 axis types, smart CNC types.


Have a look at the versatile application possibilities of top 10 best top rated CNC routers of 2021.

2D Carving, 3D Carving, Woodworking, Stoneworks, Acrylic Fabrication, Aluminum Fabrication, Architectural Millwork, Aerospace, Cabinetry, Exhibits and Fixtures, Sign Making, Cabinet Making, Furniture Production.

1. Advertisement and gift production: used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, Vante's stone doorplates, three-dimensional signs, decorative gifts, light boxes, two-color statues, embossed medals, wall-mounted lamp houses, light guide plate carvings light house, organic board embossed three-dimensional door head, etc.

2. Woodworking: various kinds of softwood, hardwood, mahogany, density board, solid wood board, composite board, multi-layer board, planed board, cork, native wood and other wood embossing carving, cutting, hollowing and other processes.

3. Carving of decorative products.

4. Furniture industry: plane carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, solid wood carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window door making.

5. Mould industry: engraving button and embossing molds, printing and bronzing molds, injection molds, blow molds, stamping molds, eye molds, etc.

6. Tobacco industry: used for packaging cigarette case anti-counterfeiting signs, template making and cigarette wheel making.

7. Circuit production, drilling and slot milling in the development of printed circuit board (PCB) products.

8. Automobile industry: tire mold, car lamp mold and decoration mold making.

9. Minting industry: production of anti-counterfeiting molds for banknote printing and watermarking and coin molds.

10. Packaging industry: hot stamping of luggage and packaging of carton boxes.

11. Model making industry: making sand table models, house models, etc.

12. Production of various employee badges, various house plates, and signboards.

13. Seal industry: seal engraving of various fonts and materials

14. Shipbuilding industry: plane layout of cabin board and signs making.

15. Mechanical processing industry: routing of dial wheels and rulers.

16. Camera aperture zoom parts and scale processing.

17. Processing of complex parts such as the valve plate of the water tank compressor.

18. Machining of hydraulic pump shaft stator sealing oil groove.

19, EDM machine tool electrical board milling.

20. Printing industry: used in the production of concave-convex plates.

21. Manufacture of watch case moulds for watch announcements.

22. There are many examples of pastry mold making.

23. Machining of gear levers for motorcycles.

24. Golf header and thread making.

25. Inkstone artistic carving.

26. Bathroom faucet carving.

27. Lettering on bowling ball surface.

28. Fine carving of jewelry.

29. Smoking utensils carving.

30. Sole mold making.


Table Sizes2' x 3', 2' x 4', 4' x 4', 4' x 8', 5' x 10'
TypesWood, Metal, Stone, Acrylic, PVC, ABS, MDF, Plastic
Capabilities2D carving, 2.5D carving, 3D carving
SoftwaresType3, Ucancam, Artcam, Alphcam, Cabinet vision
Control SystemsMach3, Nc-studio, Syntec, DSP, Siemens, Nk200, Nk260, NK300
Price Range$2,000.00 - $180,000.00


Error 1: When opening the software, the computer prompts "Failed to open the card, please check the card" prompt.


1. Check whether the driver of the board is installed, or change the board to a PCI slot.

2. Reinstall the two data cables and check if there is any broken needle.

3. There is a problem with the Weihong card, replace the card.

Error 2: When opening the software, it prompts: three-axis alarm, initialization error signal.


1. Check whether the two data lines of the computer and the machine are connected properly.

2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned out, and replace the fuse.

3. Check whether the power supply is normal.

Error 3: Misalignment occurs during routing, or the size is wrong.


1. Check whether the path of the routing software is correct or not.

2. Check the gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of the polished rod is loose.

3. Check whether the software parameter settings are correct.

Error 4: When the X-axis moves for a certain period, the Z-axis does not lift the bit, but presses to go up but go down.


1. Check whether the Z-axis motor is operating normally, the power and the size of the drive current.

2. Check whether the Z-axis motor cable has poor contact or intermittent disconnection.

3. Check whether the distance of lifting the bit is set.

Error 5: The spindle motor does not rotate or reverses.


1. Check the parameter settings of the inverter.

2. Whether the signal wire of the inverter is connected reversely.

Error 6: The phenomenon of smashing the bit appears.


1. The power of the Z-axis motor is not enough, and the coupling is loose.

2. The current of the Z-axis driver is too small, or the signal wire is connected incorrectly.

3. The data cable is not connected properly.

Error 7: When opening the software and booting, the axis turns off.


1. The problem of the driver or the poor connection of the computer output signal line.

2. The motor wire is in poor contact.

Error 8: The machine is not powered on when it is turned on.


1. Check whether the start button wire is connected well and whether the button is burned out.

2. Check whether the AC contactor is short-circuited or burned out.

Error 9: When the button moves, the axis only moves in one direction.


1. Check whether the data line is normal and whether the data line socket is properly inserted.

2. Check whether there is any false welding in the motor circuit.

Error 10: The software cannot be opened normally, and the engraved objects are deformed.


1. Reinstall the new system and software.

2. Check whether the X, Y axis screw rods and screws are loose.

3. There is an error with the routing path.


CNC router is a precision numerical control machine tool, and the necessary daily maintenance is very important to the service life and accuracy of the machine. Please follow the following requirements for maintenance:   

1. When the machine is running, be sure to ensure that the cooling water is clean and the water pump is working properly. Never make the water-cooled spindle motor lack water; replace the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high; if the working environment temperature is too low in winter, you can add antifreeze to the water in the water tank.  

2. When the machine is working, use the oil pump to add lubricating oil to the oil circuit; every time the machine is used, pay attention to cleaning up, be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and transmission system, and remove the nut on the spindle and the sawdust in the spring tool holder clean up; check the oil circuit system of the machine regularly (weekly) to avoid the machine running unsmoothly due to the blockage of the oil circuit.

(Note: The X, Y, Z axis guide rails are maintained with engine oil; the screw part is added with high-speed butter; if the working environment temperature is too low in winter, the screw and the guide rail (square guide rail or round guide rail) should be washed with gasoline first clean, and then add oil, otherwise it will cause excessive resistance in the transmission part of the machine and cause the machine to displace.)  

3. When performing maintenance and inspection on electrical appliances, be sure to cut off the power supply, wait until there is no display on the display screen and the main circuit power indicator light goes out before proceeding.

Regularly (weekly) check whether the wiring on the distribution box and the machine is loose, and clean the electrical components such as relays and AC contactors with higher switching frequency. If there is any abnormal operation, repair or replace it in time .

No. 1Entry Level Desktop CNC Router with 4th Axis Rotary Table


$2580.00 - $3000.00

2021 best desktop CNC router with 4th axis rotary table is an entry level CNC router kit designed for for craftsman, home shop, hobby, small business, advertising, woodworking, arts, gifts, crafts, sign making and mold making, now the affordable 4th axis CNC router machine for sale at cost price.

No. 22022 Best 4x8 Wood CNC Router Machine for Sale


$5380.00 - $10180.00

2022 top rated 4x8 CNC router machine with 48x96 inches table size is used for wood door making, cabinet making, sign making, furniture making, decorations, 3D arts, 3D crafts, and more 2D/3D full sheet woodworking projects & plans. Now the best 4x8 wood CNC machine for sale at affordable price.

No. 3Cheap CNC Wood Router Kit for Sale at Low Price


$4580.00 - $5500.00

STM1325 Cheap CNC wood router kit is a type of flatbed wood CNC machine for beginners with 4x8 combo vacuum and T-slot table top. Let us review and start making an offer at the lowest price for affordable 4x8 wood CNC router kits which make as standard.

No. 44th Rotary Axis Hobby CNC Router for Sign Making with Wood, MDF, Aluminum


$2800.00 - $3500.00

4th rotary axis hobby CNC router for sign making is the best hobby CNC machine for small shop, home business, and craftsman. The rotary 4th axis CNC router machine is used for custom signs & signage or DIY signs with wood, acrylic, PVC, MDF, plastic, foam, copper, aluminum.

No. 5Low Cost 3 Axis CNC Router Machine with 4x4 Table Size


$3680.00 - $4500.00

Low cost 3 axis CNC router kit with 4x4 table size (STG1212) is used for flatbed carving and cutting wood furniture, gifts, boxes, models, arts and crafts, signs, logos, jewelry carving, now the best 4x4 CNC router table for sale at an affordable price.

No. 6Affordable 4x8 CNC Router Table for Sale at Cost Price


$11580.00 - $14380.00

Multi-spindles 4x8 CNC router table is the best wood CNC machine kit with 4 feet by 8 feet working table (48x96 inches or 1300x2500 millimeters) for custom woodworking. Now the affordable 4x8 CNC wood router table for sale at cost price.

No. 72022 Top Rated 5 Axis CNC Router for Sale at Cost Price


$100000.00 - $110000.00

2022 top rated 5 axis CNC router is designed for 3D modeling, cutting, and mold making, including automotive foam mold, ship model, building model, metalloid moulds, 3D carving and 3D cutting of large-scale instruments. Now the best five-axis CNC router for sale at cost price within your budget.

No. 84x8 ATC CNC Router with Rotary Automatic Tool Changer Kit for Sale


$18000.00 - $23000.00

4x8 ATC CNC router machine features rotary automatic tool changer kit with a tool magazine of 10 router bits, the tools will change automatically to fit different works. The 4x8 CNC router table with ATC spindle kit is suitable for cabinet making, door making, decorations, signs making, crafts making, and more woodworking projects & plans.

No. 92021 Best 4 Axis CNC Router for Sale at Affordable Price


$22800.00 - $38000.00

2021 best 4 axis CNC router machine is designed for 3D curved surface carving, 4 axis is refer to X-Y-Z-A, X-Y-Z-B or X-Y-Z-C, 4 axis are linked, the four axis can work at the same time. Now the affordable 4 axis CNC router for sale at cost price.

No. 102021 Best Multi Head CNC Router Machine with Multi Spindle for Sale


$15000.00 - $20000.00

Multi head CNC router machine with multi spindle and rotary table is used for 3D CNC machining of cylinders, stair balusters, stair spindles, statue, buddha, furniture feet, table legs, newel posts, corbel, baseball bats, arts & crafts, and more rotary woodworking projects. Now 2021 top rated multi spindle CNC router machine for sale at affordable price.

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