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Affordable 4x8 CNC Router for sale with Multi-spindles changing automatically

Affordable 4'x8' Feet CNC Router for sale with Multi-spindles changing automatically

Model: S1-IV
Category: CNC Wood Router
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Rating: 4.6 /5 based on 19 ratings and reviews
Standard Price: $11580.00 / Set
Price Range: $11580.00 to $14380.00 / Set according to configuration
The price will float according to the configurations of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router for sale with Multi-spindles changing automatically
Supply Ability: 10 Sets / Month In stock! From - Jinan Style Machinery Co.,Ltd
Payment Terms: L/C(Letter of Credit), T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, Alibaba

Product Introduction

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Affordable 4x8 CNC Router adopts 4 feet by 8 feet table size, which has multi spindles changing automatically, now the best 4x8 CNC router for sale within your budget.

Demonstration Video

Product Descriptions

Affordable 4x8 CNC Router

4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles

Advantages of Affordable 4x8 CNC router with Multi-spindles:

1. The 4x8 multi-spindles CNC router bed structure using generous walled tube T-type structure,tempering and vibration aging treatment with import 5 axis metal milling precision machining centers.

2. The whole structure with side mount rails, with high performance and precision, dust-proof design of the whole structure of the rack rails with sub-type structure, rail replacement without professionals,more convenient.

3. Multi-spindles can automatic change to save time and only set origin one time, avoid tool marks.

4. Perfect design, top quality accessories, to minimize the machine’s failure rate.

5. High-performance drive motor to ensure the machine’s high speed and accuracy.

6. Imported high-precision ball screw, which moving smoothly, to ensure the machine’s high precision.

7. Two motors for Y-axis, high speed.

8. Breakpoint specific memory to keep the carving status when power off, processing time forecast and other functions in case of the accidental power outages.

9. The 4x8 CNC router machine’s body is strong, high-precision, reliable and durable.

Technical Parameters of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles:





Working Area


Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Table Surface

Double layer vacuum table


Welded Structure

X, Y Structure

Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings

Z Structure

Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw

Max Power Consumption

3.0KW (Without Spindle)

Max Rapid Travel Rate


Max Working Speed


Spindle Power

6KW + 4.5KW

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

Servo System

Working Voltage

AC380V/50/60HZ, 3PH (Option: 220V)

Command Language

G Code

Operating System

NC studio control system

Computer Interface


Flash Memory

128M (U Disk)



X, Y Resolution


Software Compatibility

Type3/UcancameV9 Software (Option: Artcam Software)

Running Environment Temperature

0 - 45 Centigrade

Relative Humidity

30% - 75%

Packing Size






Price Range

$11,580.00 - $14,380.00

Features of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles:

Multi-spindles 4x8 CNC Router is mainly designed for changing tools easily while it is working. For example, when you make a workpiece by two, three or four tools to make different patterns, the Multi-spindles CNC Router can short the time of adjusting and checking the tools. After turning on the CNC router machine and once adjusting the tool, the CNC router machine can complete all the work absolutely at the same time and you can choose a horizontal side spindle to process keyhole slot, which can increase the accuracy and the additional time

Separated Multi-Spindles 4x8 CNC Router, the power and quantity of the spindle and motor can be properly increased, because each motor has its own drive current with strong cutting effect and adjust tools conveniently. The cost of Multi-spindles 4x8 CNC Router is more expensive than Multi-heads CNC routers.

1. Top Brand Square Linear Rail, high accuracy, heavy burthen.

2. High accuracy Rack Rail travel method with high speed.

3. Lathe bed adopts strong welded steel tube to avoid distortion.

4. Advanced international technology vacuum with double cavity.

5. Y axis adopts double motors to keep stable moving.

6. Intelligent protecting working fable.

7. Humanization design of lathe bed vacuum and easy to work.

8. Two, three or four spindles change automatically with higher performance.

4x8 CNC Router with four spindles

Multi-spindles CNC Router

4x8ft CNC Router with Multi-spindles Features

4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles Features

Applications of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router:

Plate processing: Insulation part, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner body of car, bowling tracks, stairs, anti bate board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixed compounds.

Wood products: Voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines table,instruments.

Decorate industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic and soft metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling process.

Furniture: Wooden doors, cabinets, plate, office and wood furniture, tables, chair, doors and windows.

Optional Parts of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles:

1. Air Cooling Spindle or Water Cooling Spindle.

2. Dust Collector.

3. Vacuum Pump.

4. Rotary System.

5. Mist-cooling System.

6. 850W Yaskawa/800W Panasonic Servo Motors.

Toolbox of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles:

Toolbox of 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles

4x8 CNC Router Toolbox

Affordable 4x8 CNC router projects:

4x8 CNC Router Applications

Projects of 4x8 CNC Router with Multi-spindles

4x8 CNC router samples

Packages of Affordable 4x8 CNC Router Machine:

4x8 CNC router package

FAQs of 4x8 CNC Router:

Q1. how to get the most suitable 4x8 CNC router and best price?

Please tell us the material you want to working on.

How to working on it? Engraving? Cutting? or others?

What’s the MAX size of these material? ( length? Width? Thickness?)

Q2. Do you have the manual of 4x8 CNC router?

Yes, we have.

Q3. If we donot know how to use the 4x8 CNC router,can you teach us?

Yes, we will, if you come to China, we will offer you free training until you can use machine freely. And if you are busy, we will have the special engineer to your country, but you need to bear some fee, like tickets and hotel and meal.

Q4. How about your 4x8 CNC router after-sales service?

We offer you 24 hours service phone, skype or whatsapp.

Q5. How about your 4x8 CNC router guarantee period?

One and half year, and during the time,if you have any questions, we will solve it for free.

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