Why No Adsorption with Vacuum Pump of CNC Wood Router?

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Why No Adsorption with Vacuum Pump of CNC Wood Router?

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CNC wood router vacuum pump

In the use of CNC wood router, if you encounter wood CNC router table does not adsorb, vacuum pump does not work, no suction or reverse, STYLECNC will tell you how to solve:

1. The first detection of motor line voltage is normal.

2. The water circulating pump is less water, the motor is stuck rust remove motor fan protective net rotation axis.

3. Vacuum pump filter clogging.

4. Mesa or pipe leakage phenomenon dressing.

5. Reversing the motor UVW any two lines to change the direction of motor rotation.

CNC wood router is mostly using vacuum adsorption plate fixed, such not only can firmly fixed does not occur mobile sculpture dislocation, and the relative splint fixation, can save planks carved into the edge of the plates. This requires customers to understand the vacuum adsorption system, the better use of wood CNC machine for production.

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