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Woodworking CNC Router Safety Operation Tips

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Safety Operation Tips for Woodworking CNC Router

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In the using of woodworking CNC router, you often encounter some safety problems, then how to safely operate woodworking CNC router, It's a matter of extra importance.

Woodworking cnc router

1. Do not adjust and maintain the machine during the operation of the machine.

2. woodworking CNC router in the work process in general, spindle speed is very high, operating personnel in the operation never wear gloves, if accidentally touched the spindle tool easily the glove hand together inside and hand injuries.

3. Woodworking CNC router, although in operation is fully automated equipment, but in the loading and unloading materials or manual work, so when in the feeding must pay attention to the hand and the blade contact and cause damage.

4. Woodworking CNC router spindle speed, and by processing the wood is not very uniform, in the process of cutting noise, vibration, great labor intensity of workers, it is easy to fatigue; the objective reason is also very easy to cause accident to the machinery.

5. Is the most important point is that customers are not familiar with Woodworking cnc router performance and safety operation technology, or to save not in accordance with the rules of safe operation processing operations, resulting in the accident occurred.

6. Do not repair the control cabinet of electrical appliances, a lot of electrical appliances have high pressure, you must find the CNC Router Manufacturers to repair.

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